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ROUGH TREATMENT (Andrzej Wajda, 1978)
For close to three decades it seems that no film festival has been complete without a new film by Andrzej Wajda, Poland's greatest director and a film-maker with a seemingly inexhaustible capacity to… Read more

Round Robin (Hugh Miles, 1978)
The Robin is better known to most of us as a carrier of Christmas messages than as a wild bird. But dispensing peace and goodwill is not part of the Robin's life — it spends most of its time ar… Read more

Satiemania (Zdenko Gasparovic, 1978)
Starting out from the music of Eric Satie, the film creates a whole world. ... Read more

Satiemania (Zdenko Gašparović, 1978)
The film is based on the music of Eric Satie. The animator conjures up the fauna of the megalopolis (its bars, hotels, markets) and of the countryside — all accompanied by the satirical and lyr… Read more

SCHOOL WALTZ (Pavel Lyubimov, 1978)
The film shows a year in the lives of three students: from high school graduation day to their first school re-union. ... Gosha and Zosya, in love for a long time, have become lovers. Both have serio… Read more

Screentime (Leidulv Risan, 1978)
A young woman breaks into a television studio during a news transmission, and takes the newscaster hostage, demanding transmission time so that she can relay a message to the viewers. ... Read more

Shut Down (Curtis Clark, 1978)
Shut Down, in a combination of documentary and fiction film techniques, covers two aspects of Drag Racing, the organised competitive races and the casual encounters on urban streets. ... Read more

Silent Forest (Lew Trusty, 1978)
A giant kelp forest beneath the surface of the ocean and a unique community of marine life it supports, are threatened by pollution. ... Read more

SIMPLICIO (Franco Rubartelli, 1978)
This film is the second feature by an Italian now living in Venezuela, whose former jobs include fashion photography for Vogue in Europe and America and a feature starring Verushka. ... Simplicio is … Read more

SIMPLICIO (Franco Rubartelli, 1978)
This is the story of an eight year old and an old man, both called "Simplicio". ... The old man ekes out a lonely, meagre existence, living in a sunken ship which has been washed ashore a short dista… Read more

SKIN DEEP (Geoff Steven, 1978)
In the small town of Carlton, the Businessmen's Progressive Association is endeavouring to make the area more attractive to city people. Colourful events are held, such as an axeman's carnival and a … Read more

Small is Beautiful - Impressions of Fritz Schumacher (D. Kiefer, B. Howells, D. Brittain, 1978)
An exploration of I. T. Schumacher's approach to intermediate technology and its potential application in Canada. ... Read more

So Long to Run (Charles Lapp, 1978)
This dramatised story gives an insight into the problems a woman separated from her unstable husband has to face when put on welfare. The small community in which she lives has no sympathy for the wi… Read more

Solution (Abbas Kiarostami, 1978)
Synopsis not available Read more

A documentary about the new currents of political and philosophical thought in France. The debate centres on people interviewed at the time of the French elections, which the Left was slated to win. … Read more

SONG OF THE CANARY (Josh Hanig, David Davis, 1978)
A probing documentary about the growing epidemic of occupational disease, told through the experiences of the workers themselves. The filmmakers play a unique role in uncovering a national scandal co… Read more

Song of the Paddle (Bill Mason, 1978)
Filmmaker and conservationist Bill Mason's lyrical account of his family's canoeing holiday. ... Read more

Special Delivery (John Weldon, Eunice Macaulay, 1978)
What happens if you don't clean the snow off your front steps . . . ... First Prize, Zagreb. ... Read more

Station (David Woolcombe, 1978)
Following the break-up of his marriage, a man finds solace in the cathedral security of a main line station. The noise of the station somehow expels the throbbing he feels in his head. His wife and f… Read more

STEADFAST IN FIRE (Walter Heynowski, Gerhard Scheumann, 1978)
On September 11, 1973 at about 7.30, Salvador Allende enters La Moneda, his seat of office. In the early afternoon he leaves it, wrapped in a blanket - dead. What happened in the intervening period i… Read more

Tarzan (Zoran Cakuljevic, 1978)
An animated cartoon about Tarzan leaping. ... Read more

The Artisan (Steve Marts, 1978)
Alone in his studio a young craftsman makes a guitar. ... Read more

THE ASYLUM (Hans-Rudiger Minow, 1978)
In 1975 articles appeared in the American and German press about psychiatrists who disguised themselves as patients to enter mental institutions in California and Illinois, to uncover evidence that s… Read more

The Baby in Arms (Barbara Chobocky, 1978)
The film highlights the baby's need for close communication with someone during the first few months of life. ... Read more

The Beach (Suzanne Gervais, 1978)
A brief, animated fantasy about an accident. ... Read more

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