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The Brace (George Viscas, 1978)
"The Brace" deals with fantasy in a young family, both the romantic fantasy as expressed by the young child, and the unhealthy, expressed by the father. Only the mother is unaffected, until the end. ... Read more

THE BRENDAN VOYAGE (Alan Scales, 1978)
This is the true record of an epic and dangerous voyage across the North Atlantic in a leather curragh a replica of a 10th century boat used by the legendary St Brendan on his voyage of discovery. ..… Read more

The Bridge (Robert N. Hatch, 1978)
A bridge turns to let passenger trains cross a river safely. A malfunction occurs and the bridge will not lock in place, so, the operator has to hold it manually. At the worst possible moment, his yo… Read more

The Bronswik Affair (Robert Awad, André Leduc, 1978)
A cautionary tale about the 'Bronswik' TV Set, marketed all over the world by a multi-national, which manipulates viewers to buy consumer goods in quantities that grossly exceed their needs. ... Silv… Read more

THE CIRCUS TENT (G. Aravindan, 1978)
A circus with its young and old, tired performers, arrives in a small town and erects its tent. They run into some licence trouble which is smoothed out when they persuade a wealthy resident to help … Read more

The Joycelin Shrager Story (Barton Weiss, Mark Block, 1978)
The filmed biography of Joycelin Shrager, a mythical, appallingly incompetent woman director, whose obsession with film pervades her whole existence. ... Gold Medallion, Miami. ... Read more

The Jump (Daniel Szczechura, 1978)
A black joke about a day that starts as any other. . . ... Read more

THE KINGDOM OF NAPLES (Werner Schroeter, 1978)
Werner Schroeter, the celebrated German avant-garde filmmaker, who studied in Naples, made his first narrative film in The Kingdom of Naples. ... This is a chronicle about a poor family and their nei… Read more

THE LAND WHERE THE BLUES BEGAN (Alan Lomax, John Bishop, Worth Long, 1978)
A documentary shot on location in Mississippi which presents the musical and sociological roots of Blues music It Includes footage of prison work songs railroad work gangs a Baptist revival service c… Read more

THE LAST TASMANIAN (Tom Haydon, 1978)
The extermination of the Tasmanian Aboriginals is the only case in recent times of genocide so swift and total. This film examines the causes and the events which led to this tragic episode in Austra… Read more

The Magic Arts (Bruce Petty, 1978)
Without a commentary, the film sets out to show how art relates and intertwines in our daily lives. Each art form is looked at: weaving, sculpture, painting, live theatre, with quotations from writer… Read more

Juraj Herz is Czechoslovakia's chief creator of fables, fairy stories and parables. His previous works seen at the festival include the grotesque joke called The Cremator and the mordant and elaborat… Read more

The Making of Anna (Robert Francis, 1978)
Designed for teaching purposes, the film gives an insight into the less public aspects of the production of a low budget film in Australia. It observes the director, cast and crew, on the 2000-mile j… Read more

THE MEETINGS OF ANNA (Chantal Akerman, 1978)
In 1975, Chantal Akerman made Jeanne Dielrnan, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, and since then, she has been in the forefront of a developing feminist cinema. Les rendez-vous d'Anna Chantal Akerm… Read more

THE MEETINGS OF ANNA (Chantal Akerman, 1978)
In 1975, Chantal Akerman made Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, and since then, she has been in the forefront of a developing feminist cinema. Les rendez-vous d'Anna continues her … Read more

The Mom Tapes (Ilene Segalove, 1978)
Segalove employs a hybrid form of scripted documentary through which ... mother and daughter create a series of ironically witty skits. ... Read more

The Moment of Truth (Jenő Koltay, 1978)
An animated film about bull-fighting, in which the animated hand — representing the torero — is seen 'controlling' the paper, cut-out bull. ... Read more

THE MURDERER OF PEDRALBES (Gonzalo Herralde, 1978)
One morning in 1974, the butchered bodies of an upperclass couple were found in the bedroom of their house in Barcelona. Jose Luis Cerveto, their one-time chauffeur and butler, when questioned next d… Read more

The Oriental Nightfish (Ian Emes, 1978)
An animated film about the Oriental Nightfish that is 'everything we know, and all that we cannot comprehend'. ... Read more

The Punter (Ivan Gaal, 1978)
A pithy portrait of a small punter. ... Read more

THE REEF (John Heyer, 1978)
The Story of the Great Barrier Reef from man's ancient awareness of it to his realisation that its beauty, dangers and diversity make it a world wonder of great value to mankind. (An excerpt of 10 mi… Read more

The Resistance (Boro Pejćinov, 1978)
Animation of domestic hand-tools creates a metaphoric vision of human dignity. ... Read more

THE REVELATION (Vibeke Loekkeberg, 1978)
A woman takes stock and decides to change her life. With her son grown up and away from home, she feels lonely and useless, and begins to took for part-time work. Lacking confidence, she inevitably f… Read more

THE SCORE (Christer Dahl, 1978)
The Score is based on an autobiography written by an ex-convict, describing his prison experiences. ... A group of youths, high on drugs, steal a car and try to hold up a bank with a toy pistol. Thei… Read more

The Secret Miracle (Anthony N. Fragola, 1978)
Based on a Jorge Luis Borges story, the film tells about the fate of an author, Jaromir Hladik, who is sentenced to death by the Nazis. His request to them to complete his unfinished play, 'The Enemi… Read more

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