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The Silence and the Night (Henri Lievre, 1978)
A mime on the street is performing his usual show Some people stand watching him. some go by giving him a vacant look. A girl walks through the crowd and passes by without stopping not looking at him… Read more

THE SPIRAL (Krysztof Zanussi, 1978)
Tomasz arrives at a ski resort, locks his car, and throws the keys down a ravine. He tries to make contact With the guests, but his boorish behaviour, his strange hysterical, insulting manner repuise… Read more

THE SWISSMAKERS (Rolf Lyssy, 1978)
This film may well turn out to be the sleeper of the decade. An unprepossessing story, an unfamiliar cast and crew, a gently comic tone — all these are the basic ingredients of a film that has … Read more

The Third Front (Peter Wyeth, 1978)
Erwin Piscator's work as a producer/director in the Berlin of the 20's moved theatre away from the confines of domestic drama to the play of forces in world politics. ... To equip the stage for this … Read more

The Czechoslovak film industry celebrated its 80th birthday in 1978. Material preserved in film archives provides ample evidence that Czech filmmakers were in the vanguard of European cinematography … Read more

Till When . . .? (Bella Ventura, 1978)
A study in contrasts between the lives of the rich and the poor in Colombia, by the makers of the Melbourne Film Festival Grand Prix winning film, Bullfight in Sincilejo. ... Read more

Traces (N. Ghazarian, 1978)
The surreal world of a man caught within traces of his experience: reality becomes subverted by a dream. ... Read more

Travel Log (Donald Winkler, 1978)
This is the story of a woman who sets out on an automobile trip with her husband. Her diary entries and snapshots reveal how the travellers first lose their way; then, gradually, lose each other. ...… Read more

Ubu (Geoff Dunbar, 1978)
'Ubu Roi' was written by Alfred Jarry as a schoolboy in 1888 and performed amongst his friends as a puppet play. The first public performance was in 1896, in Paris, with the collaboration of such peo… Read more

WILMINGTON 10 - USA 10,000 (Haile Gerima, 1978)
During racial disorders in Wilmington, South Carolina, in 1971, a group of black militants, led by Ben Chavis, according to witnesses, had organised armed forays, sniping and firebombings from a chur… Read more

Wimshurst's Electrostatic Generator (Erik Van Zuylen, 1978)
A man is called to his grandmother's deathbed. As he waits for her to die, he recalls his youth: electrostatic generators were his best friends. ... Read more

Wimshurst's Electrostatic Generator (Erik van Zuylen, 1978)
A man is called to his grandmother's deathbed. As he waits for her to die, he recalls his youth and the electrostatic generators that were his best friends. ... Read more

Working Women (Piotr Szulkin, 1978)
In sketchy outlines the film refers to the everyday life of working women and ends with an allegorical tableau. ... Read more

YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Lasse Nielsen, Ernst Johansen, 1978)
The story is set in a special boarding school for boys. The headmaster is friendly and liberal, but has no real understanding of the boys, while the teachers are clumsy and hypocritical in their hand… Read more

You'd Have to be Mad to Like Opera (Karl McPhee, 1978)
The film shows the wide range of activities and disciplines that go toward the making of an opera, centering on preparations for Don Pasquale and on the young soprano, Isobel Buchanan, a leading arti… Read more

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