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QUINTET (Robert Altman, 1979)
First, a peek at the initial events of the film. The seal he hunts now being extinct, Essex is persuaded by his girl. Vivia. to return to the city he left ten years ago with the Earth paralyzed by a … Read more

Rainbow Acres (Russell A. Murphy, 1979)
A documentary about a ranch home for mentally retarded adults and the people who live there. The film shows the growth and development of people thought incapable of learning. ... Read more

Recluse (Bob Bentley, 1979)
A true story based on the last day in the lives of two elderly eccentric brothers and their sister, living on a remote West of England farm. The elder brother and sister have conspired to sell the fa… Read more

Redonda Y Viene en Caja Cuadrada (Rolando Diaz, 1979)
A satiric look at Cuba's national sport, baseball ... Read more

Robin Campbell - Old Fella Now (Alec Morgan, 1979)
Robin Campbell, an old man of the Murrawarri tribe of the far north west of New South Wales, lives out his days on the fringe of a white town. Although he is now an "old Fella", he still has his memo… Read more

Rosc - the Poetry of Vision (Ciarin Scott, 1979)
The film is an introduction to, and impression of, the "Rose" International Exhibitions of Ancient and Modern Art, which have taken place in Dublin over the past ten years. "Rose" is an Irish word me… Read more

S.O.S (Guido Manuli, 1979)
A comical, but scathing indictment of man's age-old exploitation of woman. A giddy, rather bawdy romp through the historical theories of a mad professor who is convinced that women are temporary visi… Read more

Sandbags and Trenches (Barry Bliss, 1979)
Illustrates a traditional song of the Irish Revolution. ... Read more

Saturday (Dean Semler, 1979)
Semler (who won this year's Best Cinematography Oscar for Dances With Wolves) was an important part of Film Australia during the 70's, shooting numerous films and directing two shorts. Saturday is hi… Read more

Self-Portrait in the Studio (David Muir, 1979)
In Australia no painter has more self-consciously and brilliantly investigated self-portraiture, than Brett Whiteley. In this film, Whiteley has integrated portrait and environment, reflecting Easter… Read more

Sexy Lola Automatic (Ryszard Antoniszczak, 1979)
An amusing story of a painted doll doing a strip-tease with the use of a huge machine. ... Read more

Sigmund Freud's Dora (Anthony McCall, 1979)
In 1899 Sigmund Freud began treatment with an 18 year-old girl who was brought to him for analysis by her father after she had written a suicide note. Freud was eager to use this case to demonstrate … Read more

SISTERS OR THE BALANCE OF HAPPINESS (Margarethe von Trotta, 1979)
After working as an actress and script-writer, Margarethe von Trotta has now directed two features. The first The Second Awakening of Christa Klages is currently in distribution in Australia and her … Read more

Sketches from ‘The Tempest' (George Dunning, 1979)
The film, as it stands, is all that was completed by George Dunning, the great British animator, before his tragic death last year. Much of it is in pencil form (done on paper to check the animation … Read more

Ski Peru (Arthur Makosinski, 1979)
A group of inexperienced Canadians attempt to be the first to climb and ski the 22.000 foot mountain. Mt. Kuascaran. in the Peruvian Andes. ... Read more

SQUIRE'S LOVES (Wilfried Bolliger, 1979)
This film offers continuing evidence that Swiss film-making is still maintaining the high standards first achieved by Alain Tanner and Claude Goretta in the late sixties. Wilfried Bolliger is a new d… Read more

Stained Glass (Larry Trinkaus, 1979)
Shows the artistic developments of stained glass windows from artist's sketches to finished product. ... Read more

Stanley (Thalma Goldman, 1979)
The adventures of an erotic cat. ... Read more

STANLEY SPENCER (David Rowan, 1979)
This film sets out to tell the story of Spencer through his work. By marrying his words to his pictures, by showing his work from the smallest sketch to the Burghclere Chapel, by filming Cookham and … Read more

STRANGULATION (Kaneto Shindo, 1979)
Kaneto Shindo has been represented at previous Melbourne Film Festivals by such diverse works as The Island and Kuroneko and his latest film again veers off into a new area, the high-powered domestic… Read more

Survival Run (Robert Charlton, 1979)
This is the story of a blind runner and his partner running in a gruelling race over rugged Californian terrain. It is a film about friendship, love, motivation and teamwork. Harry Cordellos, who is … Read more

Taking A Part (Jan Worth, 1979)
A documentary about the experience of two girls who both came to London at an early age from working class backgrounds, one of whom has a child. Both are involved in prostitution; one decides to give… Read more

TAPDANCIN' (Christian Blackwood, 1979)
"Tapdancin' " explores the art of American tap dance through stage performances, candid interviews, and vintage film clips. Old timers such as John Bubbles, the Nicholas Brothers, and Chuck Green are… Read more

Ten Commandments of Love (Cordelia Swann, 1979)
Two people in an impassioned embrace on an ocean pier Harvey and the Moonglows start singing "The Ten Commandments of Love": ... Oh how happy we will be ... if we keep ... the ten commandments of ...… Read more

THE 5.48 (James Ivory, 1979)
A New York advertising executive has fired his secretary after a passionate affair. She has recently been released from a mental hospital (she had a breakdown after her dismissal) and now lies in wai… Read more

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