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The Adman (Mike Alexander, 1979)
John, a successful advertising executive, leads an outwardly full and satisfying existence: at work with his partner Andrew, and assistant Julie — at home with his friend Anna. But his well-ord… Read more

THE BOGEYMAN (Aravindan, 1979)
The Bogeyman is a film version of an Indian folk-tale about children and can ... be appreciated by children of all ages. ... "The Bogeyman must be accounted the most fully-achieved work from G. Aravi… Read more

The Bum's Rush (David Grotenstein, 1979)
A comedy with music about the chance meeting of a tramp and a street musician, and their subsequent triumph over their self-imposed isolation. ... Read more

Hong Kong's film industry continues to throw up surprises and new talents, and few in recent years have been as surprising and talented as Tsui Hark whose first feature The Butterfly Murders has been… Read more

Ben Lewin (whose Welcome to Britain was shown in the 1976 Festival) made a lighthearted television comedy from an actual court case in Scotland, which attracted attention from newspapers ranging from… Read more

The Cedars of Lebanon (Ferenc Olasz, 1979)
The film presents the two most well-known paintings, "The Lonely Cedar" and "Pilgrimage to the Cedar Tree" by the famous Hungarian painter, Csontváry. ... Read more

The Chinese Word for Horse (Kate Canning, 1979)
This film shows how some Chinese letters are in the shape of the words they represent. ... Read more

THE CUENCA CRIME (Pilar Miro, 1979)
A shepherd disappears from a small village in the rural province of Cuenca. Charges are trumped up by a local right-wing politician and an ambitious district judge. The Guardia Civil rounds up two lo… Read more

THE ELEPHANT GOD (Satyajit Ray, 1979)
Each new film by Satyajit Ray brings with it fond memories of earlier privileged moments from this master of cinema. Ray has now been at the height of his powers for some years, and his work in the s… Read more

The Fragile Sea (John Stoneman, 1979)
The film examines the marine environment as a fragile and perhaps endangered world It also shows some of the great beauty to be found beneath the waves including sequences on the Coral Reef, sharks a… Read more

The House of Flame (Kihachiro Kawamoto, 1979)
Long ago. in the village of Ikuta, there was a maiden loved by two suitors. She did not know which to choose and so chose death instead Though her intentions were good, after her death her soul was s… Read more

This is the film that firlmy established Ruiz at the centre of debates on the avant-garde of the last ten years. It started off as A documentary on Parisian intellectual, Pierre Klossowski,who had ju… Read more

THE LAST OF THE BLUE DEVILS (Bruce Ricker, 1979)
The film tells the story of the music that came out of Kansas City in the twenties and thirties. Many of the major jazz innovators of the day played in a travelling band called the Oklahoma City Blue… Read more

The Log Driver's Waltz (John Weldon, 1979)
A short cartoon dedicated to the graceful and artistic Canadian log driver. ... Read more

THE LONG VACATION OF LOTTE EISNER (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1979)
"When, on April 1 st, 1933,1 travelled for the last time on a sleeper to Paris, my sister and brother-in-law awaited me at the station. It was like an April-fool's joke. My brother-in-law said to me,… Read more

THE MAN YOU LOVED TO HATE (Patrick Montgomery, 1979)
Erich Von Stroheim is one of the eccentric masters of American film and his career as director and actor is examined in this film. Von Stroheim was a flamboyant showman and in his life and work, he e… Read more

THE MYSTERY OF ELCHE (Gudie Lawaetz, Michael Dodds, 1979)
The film presents an abridged version of the only surviving Mystery Play still performed annually by local amateur performers, set in a context of local lore and everyday life. Dating back to the 14t… Read more

The Orator (Branko Ranitovic, 1979)
A cartoon about a man speaking in public. ... Read more

The generation which lived through the protest movements of the sixties has been served up cinematically in a variety of films which rarely strike an authentic note Whether it was the heavy righteous… Read more

The Robots Are Coming (Hilary Henson, 1979)
... ... A look at what part robots play in the world today (as of 1979) and what research into robot technology is likely to produce in the future. Present day robots are used in industry to perform … Read more

The Robots Are Coming (Hilary Henson, 1979)
... ... A look at what part robots play in the world today (as of 1979) and what research into robot technology is likely to produce in the future. Present day robots are used in industry to perform … Read more

THE SECRET (Ann Hui, 1979)
Hong Kong is well represented at the 1980 festival, and one of its three features is a debut film by a young former TV director, Ann Hui. She demonstrates here the new stylistic and technical awarene… Read more

The Seven Islands of Frigg (R. Enrico, P. de Roubaix, 1979)
To develop one of the most important underwater gas fields, seven, man-made, artificial islands of concrete and steel have been built ashore and anchored in the North Sea, half-way between Scotland a… Read more

THE SONG OF THE SHIRT (Susan Clayton, Jonathan Curling, 1979)
"The Song of the Shirt" grew out of a video project on women and the Welfare State. It examines why the status of working women had deteriorated from the time of the Industrial Revolution, and how it… Read more

The Spirit of Giant Mountain and a Shrew (Zdenek Vins, 1979)
An animated puppet film featuring the magical character Krakonos. ... Read more

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