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Board and Care (Ron Ellis, 1980)
This sensitive short story focuses on the brief effort to break through to a meaningful relationship on the part of two retarded teenagers. The film's two Down's Syndrome stars give the story a poign… Read more

Boolean Procedure (Nichola Bruce, Michael Coulson, 1980)
A film about change and crisis in the face of micro-chip technology facing blank walls and finding a way out of a vacuum. An analogy is made between computer and human functioning. ... Read more

BROTHERS AND SISTERS (Richard Woolley, 1980)
Brothers and Sisters is the latest and most ambitious production of the British Film Institute Production Board It marks the feature debut of Richard Woolley (born 1948) after a career in radical the… Read more

Bushed (Stephen French, 1980)
A displaced aboriginal meets a misplaced kangaroo Together they "travel the bush of Australia like true-born native men." But the bush has changed and they discover that "you can't go home again." ... Read more

Buzz Wray and his Telephone (J. Wayne Sterloff, 1980)
This is "the first film ever to use the Aniscope Process, a newly invented system of comic-book-like animation originating from live-action footage". Th estory is set in a distant and eclectic future… Read more

By Night (Rex Cramphorn, 1980)
John meets Catherine in a hotel in suspicious circumstances. He is attracted to Catherine and tries to help her, but seems unable to... ... Read more

CHANCE, HISTORY, ART . . . (James Scott, 1980)
Using as its starting point a series of interviews with five artists recorded on videotape, this film examines the legacy of surrealism and its quest for a meeting point between the concrete world of… Read more

CHILDREN ON STRIKE (Filip Bajon, 1980)
In 1901, when part of Poland was subject to German rule, a group of ... schoolchildren (abetted by a local priest) refused to recite the catechism in German. This film recounts the tale of the childr… Read more

Choreography (Margaret Craig, 1980)
The design of dance, like movement, brings to life a gallery of paintings. This is an animated film drawn directly on to film by the artist's hand. ... Read more

Cocktail Canape (Paul Schneller, 1980)
A parody of a nightclub entertainer. ... Read more

CONFIDENCE (István Szabó, 1980)
Szabo's newest Hungarian film is yet to be seen here. However, in a recent interview published in Hungarofilm Bulletin, he explained what he wanted to communicate - ... "It was in these past few year… Read more

CRAZY THUNDER ROAD (Ishii Sogo, 1980)
Crazy Thunder Road draws its inspiration from the Speed Tribes, real life gangs of bikers and car nuts constantly at war in Japan's colourful subculturai milieu. ... In an unnamed near future Ken, th… Read more

Four successful professional people. ... representative of the self-admiring “new" Ireland and proud of their image in society, are trapped for one night into acting out the truth about themselves … Read more

Dancing (George Whaley, 1980)
Nicko, a young Greek boy, growing up in urban Australia and caught between two cultures. He does not know which way to turn. ... Read more

Dawson, J. (Don Mason, Nicky Malleson, 1980)
Dawson, J. is an original and penetrating assessment of the power of the media in misrepresenting trade union struggles and a frightening image of the threat to social democracy posed by state survei… Read more

Death of Television (Mark Lewis, 1980)
He was bored and the telly was bad. It all became just too much. ... Read more

DEEP HEARTS (Robert Gardner, Robert Fulton, 1980)
"Deep Hearts" is a film about the Bororo Fulani of the Niger Republic in Africa. The Bororo are a nomadic people who move with their beloved cattle across the infelicitous Sahel. The film was made du… Read more

DEMON LOVER DIARY (Joel DeMott, 1980)
There are too many occasions when we are forced, either in films or on television, to sit through documentaries about the making of a film. Directors, it seems, like to add their own modest contribut… Read more

Desire (Alan Ingram, 1980)
A commercial fairytale about sex and jealousy. ... Read more

Dinosaur (Will Vinton, 1980)
A look, in three-dimensional animation, at pre-history through the eyes of a fifth-grade wizard, and through the funny, fantastic imagination of his classmates. ... Read more

Dollar Bottom (Roger Christian, 1980)
Dollar Bottom is based on a short ... story written by James Kennaway, the distinguished Scottish writer noted for the acclaimed Tunes of Glory. This is a gentle and humorous story set in Scotland in… Read more

DONNA (Yvonne Scholten, 1980)
This film raises several subjects: the gap between feminists and women in the farmers' and workers' movement at the beginning of the century; women and fascism; the partisans' fight; present-day femi… Read more

Down and Out (David Sproxton, Peter Lord, 1980)
Another film in a series whose starting point is the sound track, made by pinning a radio microphone to the central character. The resulting "natural conversation" was edited to five minutes and the … Read more

DREAMLAND (Oz Scott, 1980)
Dreamland labels itself a film based on "the new sound of Gospel Rock" and is the true story of Joanne Crayton Joanne is the star of the Gospel Soul Children and she has the power to send her congreg… Read more

Eight Minutes to Midnight is a ... documentary portrait of pediatrician, author and nuclear activist, Dr Helen Caldicott. The film is the story of Dr Caldicott's struggle to inform and arouse the pub… Read more

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