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EXCHANGE AND DIVIDE (Margaret Dickinson, 1980)
Exchange and Divide takes a popular contemporary theme and develops it in unexpected directions. The effect is to ... bring under scrutiny both social relations and some of the conventions which cond… Read more

Exits (Pat Laughren, Carolyn Howard, Paul Davies, 1980)
A dramatic semi-fictional account of the effect of the Whitlam sacking on a handful of peopfe wandering the streets, cinemas, pubs and public transport of Melbourne. Exits uses a mix of radio voice-o… Read more

Filling Time (Andy Walker, 1980)
Another in the series of films whose starting point is the sound track, made by pinning a radio microphone to the central character The resulting "natural conversation" was edited down to five minute… Read more

Filminuto #2 (Juan Padron, 1980)
A series of 1 minute animated jokes ... Read more

Fisheye (Joško Marušić, 1980)
!n a small fishing village, people have been living the same life for generations. The life of the people is only slightly above that of the countryside in which they live. All that they have, and th… Read more

FOREVER YOUNG (Robin Lehman, 1980)
Ranging in age from 66 to 1 00. active older people discuss their views on life. death, sex love, on being active, and on age itself We learn what good things are in store for us as we grow older ... Read more

Fox, Bat and the Mimi (John Skibinski, 1980)
A storm forces a flying fox to take shelter in a cave, something he regrets when cave spirits attempt to capture him ... Read more

Foxbat and the Mimi (John Skibinski, 1980)
A storm forces a flying fox to take shelter in a cave, something it regrets when cave spirits attempt to capture it. ... Read more

Fragments (Paul Davies, Robert Antoniades, 1980)
"Fragments" is the story of Mick Georgiou, a 17 year old casualty of life in the industrial suburbs of Melbourne. Unable to cope with school, he leaves early, and after a brief stint of work, is soon… Read more

FREE VOICE OF LABOR: THE JEWISH ANARCHISTS (Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher, 1980)
This film paints a dramatic portrait of immigrant life in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. as seen through the eyes of the sweatshop workers who made up the Jewish anarchist movem… Read more

Frieze (John Skibinski, 1980)
A short animated work which examines the gift of fire ... Read more

Gary's Story (Richard Michalak, 1980)
" 'Gary's Story' is about transition: from lust to compassion, compassion to escape, and escape to Sydney. Truth plays a very small part." (Richard Michalak) ... Read more

Godard ‘80 (Jon Jost, 1980)
The famous French film director Jean-Luc Godard is interviewed by British film theorist Peter Wollen and the editor of Framework Don Ranveaud He talks of the developments in his work, the change in s… Read more

GROWN UPS (Mike Leigh, 1980)
No Mike Leigh film better illustrates the unique blend of comedy and drama that have come to be a trademark of his work than Grown Ups, which moves from heart-rendering pathos to hilarious, chaotic s… Read more

Guesswork (N. Hamlyn, 1980)
Nicky Hamlyn's Guesswork explores the meaning and space as implied through juxtaposition and editing Saturated colors and snatches of images are punctuated by darkness. whilst silence is punctuated b… Read more

Hangovers (Bill Mather, 1980)
Another film in the series whose starting point of the film is the sound track, made by pinning a radio microphone to the central character The resulting "natural conversation was edited to five minu… Read more

Harvest (Roger Plant, 1980)
A documentary about a dairy farm intended to explode some of the myths about the pace and texture of country life. In particular the haymaking season is a period of frantic energy when the farmer rel… Read more

HEALTH (Robert Altman, 1980)
Health is Robert Altman in one of his broad fresco satires of American conventions. And here his subject is a convention — a health food convention in Florida. The script was written by Frank B… Read more

Hearts in Paradise (Judith Hewitson, 1980)
The lifestyle of Jo. a new wave singer. is compared and contrasted with that of Teresa, a would-be mothercraft worker. This is viewed against the background of an uncomprehending society s resistance… Read more

History of the World in Three Minutes Flat (Michael Mills, 1980)
Flat uses vignettes from the past and animators' licence to provide a humorous account of history as seen through the eyes of "The Creator" ... Read more

IMAGE BEFORE MY EYES (Josh Waletzky, 1980)
Image Before My Eyes is a uniquely intelligent and sensitive portrayal of the vitality and diversity of Jewish life in pre-World War Two Poland. Through the use of rare documentary footage. "home mov… Read more

In Search of the Japanese (Solrun Hoaas, 1980)
An Australian businessman hopes to increase his exports to Japan if only he can master the enigmas of the oriental mind. ... Read more

IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN (Derek Jarman, 1980)
Set designer, art director and maker of the highly successful Sebastiane. Jubilee and The Tempest. Derek Jarman has recently returned to Super 8 to produce his new films. Using a combination of old a… Read more

Invasion of the Aluminium People (David Boone, 1980)
Synopsis not available Read more

Jacob - Everybody's Allowed to Cry (Lyn Budgen, 1980)
A documentary about technology and pain. Jacob, aged six. has his sixth gut operation in six years. He is alive because of our society's commitment to advanced medical technology and his parents' lov… Read more

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