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Seaside Woman (Oscar Grillo, 1980)
A simple story of a fishing village in the Caribbean The film follows the daily activities of a local family and contrasts their life with that of the rich tourists on holiday. ... Read more

Self Portrait Blood Red (Ivan Durrant, 1980)
A dream that gives a hint to the creative thought processes of Ivan Durrant: he allows the subject of meat to wander at random, taking in and giving out information that has been built up over time. ... Read more

SITTING DUCKS (Henry Jaglom, 1980)
A pair of crooks figure out a way to steal three quarters of a million dollars They shift the loot into the tyres of a Cadillac and set off for Florida and a plane for Costa Rica. However, they fall … Read more

Sky Dance: Reaching for Life in the Cosmos (Faith Hubley, 1980)
Without using narrative this film combines animated dance images drawn from prehistoric and primitive art with songs, chants and rhythmic and ethnic music in an exploration of man's search (or knowle… Read more

SLOW ATTACK (Reinhard Hauff, 1980)
Nik Dellmann is released from prison after serving eight years. In the meantime his former girlfriend, Eva, has acquired a new man and a child and now wants to help him. Finding this new situation ju… Read more

SOLDIER GIRLS (Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill, 1980)
A documentary depicting the lives of women army recruits in a camp at Fort Gordon, Georgia. The filmmakers picked out four privates — two black and two white — and followed them closely t… Read more

SPACE FIREBIRD 2772 (Sugiyama Taku, 1980)
Space Firebird 2772 is loosely based on certain futuristic aspects of Tezuka's sprawling Hi No Tori (Phoenix) series of manga, regarded by many as his most outstanding work. Firebird. is a simi­l… Read more

STAGES (Martin Rooke, Macau Light Company, 1980)
This film examines the work and philosophy of the Centre for international Theatre Creations and their director, Peter Brook, during their 1 980 Australian tour and their meeting with tribal performe… Read more

Stations of the Elevated (Manny Kirchheimer, 1980)
New York s elevated trains are splattered with graffiti Messages like Earth is Hell", "Slave" and "Crime" reflect the lives of their young authors, the life of the poor — hopelessness prisons a… Read more

Stepping Out (Chris Noonan, 1980)
In November 1979 forty institutionalized mentally handicapped people staged an extraordinary series of mime and dance performances at the Sydney Opera House The film tells the story of this event, co… Read more

Still Life (Richard Wolff, 1980)
The film starts out appearing to be a documentary about the artist Lawrence MacConi. using art work, animation and photographic effects. But by the later stages of the film the audience may suspect t… Read more

SUN RA: A JOYFUL NOISE (Robert Mugge, 1980)
A portrait of the legendary jazz keyboardist, bandleader, poet and philosopher. Sun Ra. Ra and his avant-garde big band called the Arkestra are shown rehearsing, discussing their communal lifestyle, … Read more

Sydney-Bush (Paul Winkler, 1980)
A confrontation between the city of Sydney and its environment... seductive bush images of native animals and fauna trying to fight off encroachment by man. A matter of Lebensraum'. or living space'. ... Read more

THE ARTIST WAS A WOMAN (Suzanne Bauman, 1980)
A re-discovery of 400 years of paintings by women, from the Renaissance to mid-20th Century. Filmed in Europe and the U.S., it uses diaries and letters of the artists to help tell the story. ... Read more

The Babysitter (Casper Verbrugge, 1980)
One evening, a man is looking after the six-year-old daughter of friends. He starts playing innocently with the child only to discover latent paedophile tendencies in himself. His response disturbs h… Read more

The Beloved (Michel Bouchard, 1980)
The action of this erotic film takes place at the turn of the century. Before her funeral, the body of a beautiful young girl has been laid out on a bed in the parlor of a private home. At midnight a… Read more

THE BLACK HAND (Fernando Colomo, 1980)
Manolo Falceto has just had this thirty-third birthday He lives with his parents and has finished a degree, but does not want to practise. He has a girlfriend to whom he does not want to be engaged H… Read more

THE BOAT IS FULL (Markus Imhoof, 1980)
A group of refugees have managed a dangerous escape into Switzerland in the Second World War. They include: Judith, a young Jew whose husband has been in a Swiss refugee camp for some time, her broth… Read more

THE BODYGUARD (Ali Khamraev, 1980)
The scene is the rugged, mountainous terrain of Tadzhik, formerly a part of Uzbekistan, directly on the border with Afghanistan. The time is the early 1920s during the Civil War, but also the period … Read more

The Cat (Tibor Hernadi, 1980)
Protagonists of the film are two mice who are engaged in complicated scientific debate and keep arguing until they are unceremoniously swallowed by a cat. All things are relative. ... Read more

THE CHILDREN OF NUMBER 67 (Werner Meyer, Usch Barthelmess-Weller, 1980)
The Children of Number 67 is a debut feature co-directed by Usch Barthelmess-Weller (born 1940) and Werner Meyer (born 1 948). ... The idea for the film came from a favorite children's book of one of… Read more

THE CONTRACT (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1980)
Zanussi's latest film is a departure for him in two ways. Firstly, it is a comedy, a lighter and more sprightly film that the intense dramas of conscience for which he is best known (Camouflage, Illu… Read more

The Day Off (Sidney Goldsmith, 1980)
Daily, the communications media inundate us with scenes of horror. Minds become haunted by images conjured up by screen and newsprint. There is little respite from the shock waves of turmoil and suff… Read more

The Discovery (Arthur Joffe, 1980)
The story of a painter who sets out to paint an immense picture of New York right across Paris. ... Read more

The Empire Makes a Nuisance of Itself (Michael Nicholson, 1980)
Darth Fraser versus the Troika. ... Read more

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