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The Eye of the Glasses (Geoffrey Clifton, 1980)
A mugger kills a passing stranger and inherits a pair of spectacles with magical properties. The glasses reveal the physical world to him as his subconscious self perceives it. ... Read more

THE FALLS (Peter Greenaway, 1980)
Peter Greenaway (born 1 942) may well be the most original talent unearthed by the cinema in many years. His short films have been the subject of considerable, often infuriated debate. In them he has… Read more

The Fauves (Ross R. Campbell, 1980)
An examination in detail of paintings which contributed to Fauvism, the brief , explosive development in modern art characterised by violent colors and simplified forms. the 'wild beasts' are represe… Read more

The Fly (Ferenc Rofusz, 1980)
Sensing the approach of autumn, the fly takes shelter in a house hoping for safety we see the surroundings through the eyes of the fly. ... Read more

The Girl Who Met Simone De Beauvoir in Paris (Richard Wherrett, 1980)
An adaptation of the Frank Moorhouse short story - a bourgeois comedy of manners. ... Read more

THE HANDYMAN (Micheline Lanctot, 1980)
Micheline Lanctot has served a solid apprenticeship as an actress before making her debut as director on this modestly-budgeted little comedy. That has not stopped the film going on to be a major suc… Read more

THE HUNGRY I REUNION (Thomas A. Cohen, 1980)
The Hungry i Reunion is loosely structured as a history of the nightclub The feature combines anecdotes from luminaries and friends of the "Hungry i", along with performances from the stars who made … Read more

THE KING AND MISTER BIRD (Paul Grimault, 1980)
In the kingdom of Takicardie. a cross¬eyed, pinched-face tyrant. King Charles V + 111 = V111 + V111 = XV1, loves a charming shepherdess. But she loves and is loved by a little chimneysweep. Aided… Read more

THE KINGDOM OF DIAMONDS (Satyajit Ray, 1980)
"It is an ironic comment that the major audiences for Satyajit Ray's mature works are in the West, whilst commercial interests in India limit them to a small coterie: yet his children*s films have a … Read more

Touching on three decades of history, the film chronicles the brief career and sudden eclipse of Rosie the Riveter — symbol of millions of women who worked in the skilled industrial trades duri… Read more

THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (John MacKenzie, 1980)
Harold Shand is a big-time Cockney capitalist thug; he runs pubs, casinos and restaurants and has the local police under his thumb. A Rolls, a luxury yacht, and a 'classy' mistress all point to his p… Read more

THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (John Mackenzie, 1980)
MIFF has tracked down a new 35mm print to celebrate the 21st anniversary of this British crime classic. Bob Hoskins is chilling as super thug Harold Shand. A self-made mob leader, Shand harbours gran… Read more

THE LOVERS' EXILE (Marty Gross, 1980)
The film is a record of a Bunraku puppet theatre performance of the classic play by Monzaemon Chikamatsu. In Bunraku, storytellers perform with elaborate human-scale puppets to give expression and so… Read more

The Music of Erich Zann (John Strysik, 1980)
The film is based on a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, American master of Gothic horror tales Set in late 1 9th century Paris, Zann follows the efforts of Charles Dexter Ward, a young American studen… Read more

THE MYSTERY OF OBERWALD (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1980)
A widowed queen, living aloof from her people, restlessly travels from one castle to another. The people know little of her. Her enemies send a young poet to assassinate her. The plot is uncovered an… Read more

THE PATRIOT (Alexander Kluge, 1980)
Alexander Kluge is the leading polemicist of the German cinema and his searching examinations of modern German society which also seek to find new forms and methods of expression have placed his work… Read more

The Practical Princess (Sam Weiss, 1980)
When Princess Bedelia was born, the fairies gave her three gifts: beauty, grace and common sense. Her father thinks beautiful princesses don't need common sense, but Bedelia makes good use of her bra… Read more

The Quick Brown Fox (Malcolm Robertson, 1980)
Another in the series sponsored by the Australian Film and Television School of films by Australian Theatre Directors. Malcolm Robertson demonstrates a sense of deft touch in his story of the outland… Read more

The Rift (R. McCubbin, G. Adorna, 1980)
Albert is not happy with his lot and decides to change it after a visit to the National Gallery His life changes all right, but into what? ... Read more

This is no science-fiction film, but scientific fiction with strong historical elements, and it covers more than one hundred years of our recent history, leading to the essential question whether the… Read more

"Leonard Cohen is the city. He is the French and English Canadian. He is the searching youth. He is the confused Canadian He is the voice of loneliness. He is religion. He is a lyric. He is a sound H… Read more

THE STORY OF AN UNKNOWN MAN (Vitautas Zalakjavicjus, 1980)
"Every intellectual, every artist uses, sooner or later. Tchekhov's work, and looks for Arianna's thread in his own life, in his own work. Tchekhov's classical realism represents a good school. This … Read more

THE STUBBORN MULE (Franz Antel, 1980)
Austria has had a low profile on the world festival scene for some time. The Stubborn Mule comes as a surprise for it truly captures and reflects that term applied to Nazism by Hannah Arendt about th… Read more

The Three Inventors (Michel Ocelot, 1980)
Three inventors create attractively useful machines... but the public is uncomprehending and intolerant. ... Read more

The Tom Machine (Paul Bamborough, 1980)
A science fiction comedy. 100 years in the future. Tom is both bored and worried in the humdrum, violent times and. unable to remember what his job is. decides to leave. But everyone keeps telling hi… Read more

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