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The Vacuum Cleaner (Pavao Stalter, 1980)
A bird whose wings are too weak to take it up into the air, longingly watches a group of happy fliers, among them a flying snail. However, the bird gets an idea and quickly constructs a flying machin… Read more

The Wedding (Kerry Dwyer, 1980)
The story of three men and their search for a bride... or an object? ... Read more

Toothache (Abbas Kiarostami, 1980)
Synopsis not available Read more

TWO LIONS IN THE SUN (Claude Faraldo, 1980)
Paul and Rene, two men in their forties. weary with life. One. a widower, has a 23 year-old daughter who hopes to become an actress The other is divorced and pays alimony to his ex-wife. ... They liv… Read more

Until She Talks (Mary Lampson, 1980)
Judith Ashe is in jail She has not been accused of any crime She has not been tried She has refused to testify before a federal grand jury, and she is in jail until she talks The film reveals the leg… Read more

Urban Spaces (Paul Winkler, 1980)
The film deals with close environmental spaces within the city limits of Sydney ... fragmentation of spaces between people and their immediate surroundings The filmic images create artificial spaces … Read more

Warrah (Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill, 1980)
Warrah, a three-color separation film set in coastal bust: rock pools, movement of shadows, water, clouds and reflections. ... Read more

WE ARE THE GUINEA PIGS (Joan Harvey, 1980)
"We are the Guinea Pigs" is a feature-length anti-nuclear documentary on the effects of the Three Mile Island nuclear catastrophe. In interviews with farmers, working-class and middle-class parents o… Read more

Winning (David Morgan, 1980)
Winning is about two mentally handicapped people who decide to get married Each small step we would take in solving our problems and coping with life is a major step for them Life is no bed of roses … Read more

Winter's Harvest / Raccolto D'Inverno (Brian McKenzie, 1980)
A documentary account of a community of italian families who have made an interesting combination of Southern Italian provincial customs and Western consumer culture. The events symbolising this are,… Read more

The print that is being sent to the Festival is the only one available and has French subtitles An English subtitled version is not yet obtainable. ... "At every festival, there is always one film wh… Read more

In Journeys from Berlin/1971, there are five characters a man, a woman and an adolescent girl who "appears" on the sound track, a female psychoanalytic patient in her early fifties, and a therapist, … Read more

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