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HOKUSAI MANGA (Kaneto Shindo, 1981)
The film describes the life of Hokusai, the famous woodblock print artist well known for his "36 Views of Mt Fuji", who lived during the latter half of the Edo period of Japan Among all his woodblock… Read more

Home From Home (Simon Heaven, 1981)
This film depicts the tensions and frustrations facing a small, depressed and racially mixed community called Spitalfields Home from Home is a part of a series and this episode concentrates on the Ba… Read more

HOME ON THE RANGE (Gil Scrine, 1981)
Home on the Range is a documentary in two parts, explaining firstly the role that U S bases such as Pine Gap, Nurrungar and North West Cape would play in a nuclear war, their strategic value as part … Read more

HOTEL OF THE STARS (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1981)
A documentary comedy on extras played by extras: Their dreams and American society is reflected in these dreams. ... The film takes place in "Hotel of the Stars", a hotel in the centre of Hollywood. … Read more

I Have Rights Over My Body: . . . Sterilisation (Lucienne Lanaz, 1981)
The film deals with the difficulties encountered by responsible, mature young men and women who are not married and have no children, yet decide to get sterilized ... Read more

IN OUR WATER (Meg Switzgable, 1981)
South Brunswick, New Jersey; Spring, 1975. Frank Kaler and his family are convinced there is something wrong with their water: vegetables cooked in it change color, skin lesions appear after bathing … Read more

Interruptions (, 1981)
A study of six handicapped individuals whose employers gave them the opportunity to become capable employees. ... Read more

Iron Horse (William VenDerKloot, 1981)
Iron Horse is a film about public sculpture and its human impact The story concerns a steel sculpture that caused a not in 1954, when it was placed on a university campus It is a film about intoleran… Read more

It's a Hobby for Harvey (Barry Lank, 1981)
It's a Hobby for Harvey will take you from the carnival like atmosphere of Carson City, Nevada, the home of the World Whistling Championship, to the stage of the Winnipeg Convention Centre as Harvey … Read more

Japanese Houses (Steve Gerrard, 1981)
Synopsis not available Read more

KNIGHTRIDERS (M) (George Romero, 1981)
“The last film of the 60s. So sincere it takes your breath away.” - film critic Kent Jones ... Ed Harris leads a carnival troupe whose specialty is medieval jousting on motorcycles. In Romero's a… Read more

Koko Pops (Antoinette Starkiewicz, 1981)
A fully-animated film on the history of music, hosted by a little female character called "Koko", who represents the muse of music. "Koko" dances and clowns her way through a breathlessly short histo… Read more

L.A. Suggested by the Art of Edward Ruscha (Gary Conklin, 1981)
A compendium of Los Angeles icons, from class to kitsch. Edward Ruscha's paintings, drawings and photographs are the point of departure for this impressionistic study of Los Angeles' buildings, apart… Read more

LA FERDINANDA (Rebecca Horn, 1981)
La Ferdinanda is a Medici villa in Tuscany near Pisa, inhabited by a group of people who have nothing in common, apart from being slightly crazy. A doctor who experiments with peacock eggs, a nurse w… Read more

Le bunker de la dernière rafale (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1981)
A group of soldiers is locked up in a bunker, facing an unknown future. But it seems that the enemy comes from within. Jeunet and Caro actually play leading roles in this film, and fans will also rec… Read more

LONELY HEARTS (Paul Cox, 1981)
Lonely Hearts is the irresistible story of an unlikely romance between a sexually repressed bank clerk and an eccentric, kleptomaniac, piano tuner who has recently escaped the clutches of a domineeri… Read more

LOOKS AND SMILES (Ken Loach, 1981)
"Looks and Smiles is, quite simply, Ken Loach's best film since Kes — a marvellously sympathetic study of two Sheffield teenagers leaving school to face the spectre of unemployment. One of the … Read more

Lost Love (Cathy Zheutlin, 1981)
An off-beat comedy about how to survive the break-up of a love affair. ... Read more

Loved, Honoured and Bruised (Gail Singer, 1981)
A documentary about a woman who has been beaten constantly by her husband over the years until she finally decides to leave him. ... Read more

Luna Luna Luna (Viviane Elnecave, 1981)
A child sleep walks into the forest. A black vastness inhabited by night creatures throbs and chirps, croaks and gurgles. The air is alive with magic. ... Read more

MAD MAX 2 (MA15+) (George Miller, 1981)
Eric Bana presents the action-packed Aussie thriller that had a profound impact on him as a youth - George Miller's Mad Max II. A Q&A session with Eric Bana follows the screening.---D George Miller P… Read more

MAEVE (Pat Murphy, John Davies, 1981)
Maeve has a multi-layered narrative structure because it moves through a series of flashbacks of Maeve, the heroine, as a young girl, a teenage schoolgirl and a young woman. This use of flashback is … Read more

Making Weekend of Summer Last (David Poltorak, Paul Leadon, 1981)
A parapsycomical look behind the scenes at the production of Australia's latest biggish-budget feature film. A film, in fact, which at last deals realistically with the power of the indigenous supern… Read more

Mind Comp (Mike Patterson, 1981)
A homage to Eisenstein utilising found library footage and original footage of "commutensed" Chicago today. ... Read more

MODERN ROMANCE (Albert Brooks, 1981)
“You've heard of a no-win situation? Vietnam. This. They're around. I think we're in one of them.” ... Comedian and filmmaker Albert Brooks - a comedic precursor to Larry David - directs, co-writ… Read more

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