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ROADGAMES (M) (Richard Franklin, 1981)
“This is one of the best Australian films ever made: a gripping, frightening, rollicking ride.” - In Film Australia ... The late Richard Franklin proudly wears his genre influences on his sleeve … Read more

SALLY AND FREEDOM (Gunnel Lindblom, 1981)
Gunnel Lindblom's second feature is about women and for women. ... To free herself from his domination, 30-year-old Sally, a social worker, decides to leave her husband, Jonas, and sets out to create… Read more

SAMSON AND DELILAH (John Vernon, 1981)
The opera tells the story of the Israelites and their oppression by the Philistines, and is set in ancient Gaza. Samson, the victorious hero of the Israelites, has killed the overseer, Abimelech, at … Read more

SHILLY-SHALLY (Filip Bajon, 1981)
Michal Szmanda, a sick young man, is haunted by nightmares. He recalls a Christmas that he spent at a sanatorium being treated for asthma; then, flashes of a visit paid by Korean children. The night … Read more

Shine So Hard (John Smith, 1981)
The film ambitiously, humorously and precisely attempts to convey a day in the life of each member of the pop group, Echo and the Bunnymen, culminating in their coming together for the evening's perf… Read more

Solomon's Nightmare: A Study in Grey (C. F. Shelton, 1981)
A parable about spiritual corruption and insanity, told entirely through images and music. ... Read more

Some Of Our Airmen Are No Longer Missing (Douglas Stanley, 1981)
During World War 2, the most ominous ending to the broadcast reports on raids on the enemy was “Some of our aircraft are missing". And during the War, Holland was for ... military aircraft, German … Read more

The relationship between Anna and Robert, and Vietnam. Love and war are two points in a system of coordinates. Vietnam is seemingly very distant. Through pictures and their work, Anna and Robert let … Read more

Speed of Light (Brian Hanson, 1981)
Synopsis not available Read more

Speleogenesis (Lindsay Dodd, 1981)
For a million years rainwater has eroded the limestone of the Yorkshire Dales. Forever penetrating crevices in the rock, it has created an underground world — a realm of darkness. This is the d… Read more

STAGEFRIGHT (Jon Jost, 1981)
Stagefright is an essay-film which examines the nature of theatre, of language, of magic and of 'acting'. Through purely cinematic means it moves, step-by-step, through the layers of human expression… Read more

Stiletto (Melvie Arslanian, 1981)
In Stiletto, a woman, Nadja Vidal, searches for the murderer of her sister. This search goes through differing moments of reality, or unreality, that are imbricated within each other in facets of a b… Read more

Still Lifes (Lisa Roberts, 1981)
A study of dance movement and the movement qualities special to film, in relation to a theme of highly stylized. unnatural movement, moving towards a freer sequence in real time. Uses re-photography,… Read more

Stoney Knows How (Bruce Tane, 1981)
Stoney Knows How is a sensitive portrayal of the life of Leonard “Stoney" St. Clair, West Virginia-born master tattoo artist. Stoney is a unique representative of at least two subcultures: hillbill… Read more

Storm (Stephen French, 1981)
An animated ballet concerning love, war, pain and ecstasy. ... Read more

T.G. Psychic Rally in Heaven (Derek Jarman, 1981)
T. G. Psychic Rally in Heaven marries abstract images of a performance by Throbbing Gristle with the ferocity and intensity of their music to brilliant effect on both eyes and ears. ... Read more

TAKE THE MONEY AND BEAT IT (Mahmoud Zemmouri, 1981)
The film tells the story of an Algerian immigrant family that decides to return to Algeria after the promulgation of a new law offering 10,000 francs to immigrants who agree to return to their countr… Read more

TENDER HOURS (Carlos Saura, 1981)
Juan comes home late one evening and must listen to his parents' accusations of always being late. Nobody believes his excuse that he had stayed late at school. In fact, his uncle immediately grabs t… Read more

THE ANIMALS FILM (Victor Schonfeld, Myriam Alaux, 1981)
Made over a period of two years, in the U.S. and Britain, The Animals Film is the first film to examine society's mass exploitation of animals — in factory farms, on the streets, in the wild an… Read more

THE AVIATOR'S WIFE (Eric Rohmer, 1981)
A young boy, Francois, working during the night, loves Anne who works in daytime. They never see one another. He gets into a fight with Anne because he saw her going out one morning with an aviator. … Read more

THE BIG RACE (Jerzy Domaredski, 1981)
Shot in 1981, The Big Race was understandably shelved during martial law, being an extremely frank criticism of Communism in Poland in the early 50s. As scripted by Feliks Falk, it's a relentless and… Read more

THE CASABLANCA CIRCUS (Erik Clausen, 1981)
The Casablanca Circus is a story about three people's drive for happiness. Laila, Charles and Sylvester belong to the proletariat of the streets. In a happy-go-lucky way they move from town to town, … Read more

The story of a petty clerk in the Veteran Administration who was fired in 1948 because of his membership in the Socialist Workers' Party. James Kutcher, who left his legs on a World War 2 battlefield… Read more

THE COMING (Craig Lahiff, 1981)
Technology is breaking down. Is it just a temporary disturbance caused by unusual solar activity? A man struggles to come to terms with his fear and anxiety. A medium length narrative filled with cat… Read more

The Easter Rebellion began in Dublin on Sunday, April 24th, 1916. The following evening, Francis Sheehy Skeffington, journalist, nationalist, pacifist was arrested in the street. This action by an of… Read more

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