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The Cutting Press (Bogdan Zizic, 1981)
After a hard day's work in the factory a woman spends her evening at home, lonely and full of desire. ... Read more

The Day After Trinity is about the scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) and his role in producing the first atomic bomb. The film uses newly-declassified government footage, woven together wit… Read more

The Decision (Vera Neubauer, 1981)
Using a mixture of animation and live action, the film contrasts the fantasy and romantic ideals of the traditional fairytale with the life of an ordinary woman confined to her home. Events and incid… Read more

Seven Los Angeles bands are profiled in Penelope Spheeris' film, a provocative mix of at-home interviews and live-concert footage which attempts to pinpoint a sociological and musical phenomenon. ...… Read more

The Diary (Will Vinton, 1981)
Subtle clay animation brings to life Mark Twain's classic, "The Diary of Adam and Eve". ... Read more

From the imaginative and ever popular brilliance of Tezuka comes an endearing animation told akin to a fable. Unico the young Unicorn discov­ers life, friendship and loyalty, fights against the f… Read more

THE FIRE OF A CITY (Carlo di Carlo, 1981)
This film runs along two parallel lines: the "signs" of the city deciphered by the music, determining the rhythms and the editing, and the musician's "signs'' while elaborating sounds in counterpoint… Read more

THE FRAGILE MAN (Claire Clouzot, 1981)
This is the first feature film by Claire Clouzot, formerly a film critic who has contributed to Cinema, Ecran and Sight and Sound, as well as writing for various French newspapers. ... Her first film… Read more

THE GIRL WITH THE RED HAIR (Ben Verbong, 1981)
May 1945 The Netherlands has been liberated and the war in Europe is drawing to its close The jubilant Dutch strike up their national anthem But Ann does not share the joy of her compatriots She thin… Read more

THE GRASS IS SINGING (Michael Raeburn, 1981)
" 'Mary Turner, wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi, was found murdered on the front verandah of their homestead yesterday morning. The houseboy who has been arrested, has confessed to the crim… Read more

The film tells of the everyday life of a young man employed in the taxation department who one day, while riding to work, ... falls in love with a young woman. Their love affair coincides with the be… Read more

The Iced Hopes of Dr Calastein (John Evan Hughes, Bruce Currie, 1981)
Calastein returns to his underground laboratory to continue work on his beloved virus. ... A day not unlike any other and yet, today is different. Somehow things have gone too far, and those outside … Read more

The Is/Land (Michael Oblowitz, David Goldberg, 1981)
An 'anti documentary', it investigates the formal apparatus through which language and meaning are made and communicated in documentary cinema and television The film applies an ideological position … Read more

The Liceu: An Opera House That Looks to the Future (M. C. Ferrer, X. J. Gurgui, 1981)
The story of Barcelona's Liceu Opera ... House is told in terms of operas produced there. The documentary also links cinema and opera by including extracts from opera shown in films. ... Read more

The Little Players (Robin Lehman, 1981)
This film enables the audience to enter and experience the world of The Little Players, a five-member theatrical troupe created by Bill Murdock and Frank Peschka. it is a fascinating glimpse at the c… Read more

THE LOGIC OF EMOTION (Ingo Kratisch, 1981)
Georg, a self-assured man of 40, is shattered when his wife, Anna, leaves him. For so long he was the superior one until she, with the speechless and growing contempt of the weaker one, rebels for a … Read more

The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough (Peter Rose, 1981)
An experimental film about a man who examines the act of vision by proposing a number of ways of seeing. ... Read more

The Man With No Cold Drinks (Robert Howard, 1981)
After a 25-year absence from a popular soap-opera, Walter Logus returns to the screen to save his aged widow from her cruel housekeeper, Kenny. Meanwhile, at the Limbo Club, 'resting' actors follow t… Read more

The Monument (Tomasz Lengren, Marian Terlecki, 1981)
A woman whose son was killed in December 1970 in Gdansk relates how the news reached her and how her son's funeral took place. ... Read more

The Order (Nilo Manfredini, 1981)
A parody of that film genre whose purpose is the depiction of sexual violence upon captive women. The Order, contrary to the films it satirizes, results in 'order out of chaos', as the victim rises a… Read more

THE PARTY'S OVER (Pier Giuseppe Murgia, 1981)
Matteo, Sara, Luca, Maddalena and Giovanni meet in Rome in 1977 during a clash between police and college students. They set up a communal house and take part in demonstrations. The police move in an… Read more

The Phans of Jersey City (Abbie H. Fink, Stephen L. Forman, John N. Fraker, Dennis Lanson, 1981)
The Phans of Jersey City is a ... documentary that estranges the U.S. by presenting it through the immigrant eyes of an upper-class South Vietnamese clan, who use menial jobs and family solidarity to… Read more

The Primal Scene (Christine Noll-Brinckmann, 1981)
Visualising an essential aspect of film experience, the pleasures of secret observation, the film also provides a survey on the stylistic varieties of German bedroom interiors. ... Read more

The Puppet - The Friend of a Man (Ivan Renc, 1981)
Three short episodes involving puppets and their relationship with man. ... Read more

The Same Old Story (Paul Driessen, 1981)
The bell rings three times. Each time it signals the beginning of a new story. Each story brings one closer to a disquieting reality. ... Read more

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