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Cafe of Love (Jinks Dulhunty, 1982)
Cafe of Love is a humorous drama about superficial love in Darlinghurst's cafe society. The central couple, Steve and Penn, decide their fate over a game of space invaders. ... Read more

CHANGING THE NEEDLE (Martha Ansara, Mavis Robertson, Dasha Ross, 1982)
A quarter of a million drug addicts — that was one of the most serious consequences of the Vietnam War. But these addicts are not American servicemen; they are the citizens of the South, and of… Read more

CHICKEN RANCH (Nick Broomfield, Sandi Sissel, 1982)
Chicken Ranch is a documentary film about the women oft he best known brothel in America. Situated in the barren ... desert 60 miles outside of Las Vegas, the ... Chicken Ranch is one of 38 legal hou… Read more

Con Amor (Santiago Villafuerte, 1982)
The traditional methods of making building materials are compared to the new ones introduced since the Revolution. ... Read more

Concerto in E.A.T. (Andrew Field, 1982)
A musical celebration of the most exquisite food in the world - from E. A .T., New York's famous food emporium. ... Read more

CORPSE (James Clayden, 1982)
Corpse is a new experimental drama by James Clayden. It has taken him several years to complete. It represents a major addition to that small body of work of the Australian film avant-garde, and is d… Read more

Coupe De Monde (Geoffrey Shea, 1982)
Part One in a series on sporting figures. ... Read more

Courage to be Happy (Rahel Huggel, Kilian Dellers, 1982)
An imaginative abstract film using a pattern of coloured forms over a blue evening scene with four bare trees. ... Read more

DAISY: THE STORY OF A FACELIFT (Michael Rubbo, 1982)
Daisy feels she needs a facelift. ... The film follows her through all the stages, from the preliminary visit with the surgeon, to the actual operation. Interspersed with Daisy's story is an examinat… Read more

DANTON (Andrzej Wajda, 1982)
Andrzej Wajda's latest film, a French and Polish co-production, is based on a Polish play of the 1930s by Stanislawa Przybyszewska,' 'The Danton Affair'', which attempts to dramatise the emotional, i… Read more

DARK CIRCLE (Chris Beaver, Judy Irving, Ruth Landy, 1982)
Dark Circle is a contemporary portrait of the nuclear age told through the lives of those directly affected by it. Shot on location at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility near Denver, the Diablo… Read more

DIARY FOR MY CHILDREN (Marta Meszaros, 1982)
Diary For My Children is very possibly Marta Meszaros' best film; it is certainly her most personal work since the short documentary, Binding Sentiments, which she made about her father in 1969. In 1… Read more

Dimensions of Dialogue (Jan Švankmajer, 1982)
The possibilities, and the impossibility, of dialogue are explored in this brilliant animated film. ... Read more

Dissipative Dialogues (David Ehrlich, 1982)
An animated short expressing the difficulties of communication. ... Read more

Do It Yourself (Erich Langjahr, Walter Marti, 1982)
A documentary about the destruction of consumer goods. Still serviceable television sets are withdrawn from the market in order to sell new ones... ... Read more

Australia owes its claim of 40% of Antarctic territory to Douglas Mawson, who led scientific expeditions to the Antarctic and was the first to identify uranium in Australia. ... During an expedition … Read more

Dream Flight (Phillippe Bergeron, Danielle Thalmann, 1982)
Computer-animated fantasy of a lonely dreamer from another planet who journeys to earth, but receives an unfriendly ... welcome. ... Read more

Dreamland Express (David Anderson, 1982)
An animated student film about a small boy who is roused from his dreams by a train whistle. ... Read more

Ernie & Rose (John Huckert, 1982)
Ernie Newman and Rose Washington are two older people facing the greatest challenge of all—how to die with dignity. ... Read more

EUREKA (Nicholas Roeg, 1982)
A very complex film composed of a series of interlocking pieces which all have a significance beyond just being part of ... the story—obsession, destruction, the many facets of the human condit… Read more

FIRE ON THE WATER (Robert Hillman, 1982)
Fire on the Water is an exploration of the confrontation between Texas fishermen and industrious Vietnamese refugees ... who have moved in on their fishing grounds. Jim Craig, an extremely sympatheti… Read more

FIREBIRD (Thomas Grimm, 1982)
In Glen Tetley's newly choreographed version of the classical story, the Firebird, a beautiful girl, is kept in an enchanted garden and is guarded by a Victorian family. Gradually, she liberates hers… Read more

FIRST CONTACT (Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson, 1982)
First Contact is a documentary about the experiences of initial contact between white explorers and the people of the New Guinea highlands in the 1930' s. ... Read more

Fla. Me (Ted Lyman, 1982)
A personal diary collage mixing live footage and animation, together with images of water. These personal images question the permanency of memories. ... Read more

Flank Breeder (Currie, 1982)
Flank Breeder leads an isolated life in a small house. The isolation is partly due to the predatory nature of some of the large birds that roam the neighborhood. ... Read more

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