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For a Woman (Carol Salter, 1982)
Synopsis not available Read more

FORTY DEUCE (Paul Morrissey, 1982)
Director Paul Morrissey, long-time associate of Andy Warhol and creator of such films as Trash, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Heat, takes us on a journey through a different sort of jungle: the streets … Read more

Four Steps to Glamour (Anne Harding, 1982)
An easy-to-follow, simple-to-use guide that puts one on the path to beauty, love and ultimate vulnerability. ... Read more

Foxbat and the Demon (John Skibinski, 1982)
An animated film about a flying fox that is taken captive by a demon. ... Read more

Frankie and Johnny (Were Lovers) (John Hillcoat, 1982)
A satirical view of the B-grade Western, loosely based on Australia's “Frankie & Johnny". ... Read more

Frida and Tina (Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen, 1982)
This film is about two women artists, Frida Kahlo (1907-54) and Tina Modotti (1896-1942), who lived and worked in Mexico during the period of the "Mexican Renaissance". Kahlo was a painter who develo… Read more

Fur in Ice (Schonbeck, 1982)
The old fur hunter hunts again ... Read more

Gift of Love (Meera Dewan, 1982)
Documentary on the sufferings of two young Indian brides whose dowries were considered insufficient by their husbands and in-laws. ... Read more

GOING DOWN (1982) (M) (Haydn Keenan, 1982)
"A remarkable landmark in Australian independent filmmaking. Unfortunately, it is a landmark that few people noticed.” - Marcus Breen, Australian Film 1978 - 1992One of the first films to show the … Read more

goodbye paradise (Carl Schultz, 1982)
On its 1982 release, [Goodbye Paradise] earned the AFI Award for Best Actor and Best Screenplay. Ray Barrett plays Michael Stacey, a disgraced former Queensland assistant police commissioner, in a fi… Read more

HAMSIN (Daniel Wachsmann, 1982)
Hamsin is the hot desert wind that periodically blows through the countries of the Middle East, causing extreme temperatures and affecting the moods and tempers of the people. ... In an old farming v… Read more

HERO (Barney Platts-Mills, 1982)
The story is set in the mythical Scotland of the past. The actors are young people from the streets of Glasgow, playing the kind of characters they might have been centuries ago - outlaw bands who li… Read more

Hmong (Jean Noel Delamarre, 1982)
Hmong people belong to an ethnic group of Laos that is today uprooted by the political overthrows of South East Asia .This ... film proposes an observation of the different steps of an exodus that st… Read more

HOME SWEET HOME (Mike Leigh, 1982)
Leigh's melancholy variation on 'Postman's Knock' centres on three postmen whose domestic lives on a suburban estate are more loosely (and painfully) entangled than they realise. The sexual conquests… Read more

Hooker and Son (Philip Alderton, 1982)
A big-time building contractor whose professional and personal life is unfulfilling, becomes obsessed with a prostitute to escape his problems. Finally, the prostitute and her son become members of h… Read more

Hopedope (Jochen M. Cerhak, 1982)
Hopedope shows parabolically a man's decay of orientation. Climbing higher and higher hoping to reach the very top, he fails. Unable to cope with his situation, his hope turns into dope. ... Read more

If You Love This Planet (T. Nash, 1982)
This powerful documentary records a lecture to American students in 1981, by the outspoken nuclear critic Dr. Helen Caldicott, National President of Physicians for Social Responsibility. ... Dr. Hele… Read more

In Our Language (Edgar Heap of Birds, 1982)
Synopsis not available Read more

IN THE KING OF PRUSSIA (Emile de Antonio, 1982)
" King of Prussia " is the name of a General Electric nuclear plant near Philadelphia, and in a way, the connotation of the militaristic regime that the name evokes, is not far from reality. In Septe… Read more

INSIDE OUT (Eric Sherman, 1982)
A film about the largest and most controversial prison system in the US — the Texas Department of Correction — with 32,000 inmates No film has yet been made about the TDC and the system h… Read more

INTERROGATION (Richard Bugajski, 1982)
WITH THE UPHEAVALS in the former Eastern bloc countries, there has emerged a large body of films that until recently were banned from exhibition Interrogation, like Jin Menzel's Larks On A String (sc… Read more

JOURNEY TO THE END OF NIGHT (Peter Tammer, 1982)
Peter Tammer is a Melbourne ... filmmaker who has been making films, mostly from within his own resources, for nearly two decades His last completed film, Mallacoota Stampede, won the Erwin Rado priz… Read more

A film about the efforts of the Kampuchean people to rebuild their lives after the tragedy of the past ten years, and about the efforts of the international aid agencies to help them. ... Read more

Know Your Friends, Know Your Enemies (Peter Gray, Garry Lane, 1982)
The LaTrobe Valley power workers' ... strike in 1977 seriously crippled the ... State of Victoria. This film analyses the ... causes of the collapse of a just and ... seemingly invincible strike. ... Read more

LA BALANCE (Bob Swaim, 1982)
An excellent, engrossing crime drama which interweaves action and character interest with contemporary Paris as its ... background. ... By incorporating quasi documentary elements in a fictitious sto… Read more

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