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LAME DUCKS (Hervé Lièvre, 1982)
Human relations have a history: a beginning, a main part, and an ending and this ... is what this film is about. ... Antoine, a quiet, slightly disabled ... man, has cut himself off from the world, .… Read more

Last Breakfast in Paradise (Meg Stewart, 1982)
After attending a conference in Surfers' Paradise, a scriptwriter asks his girlfriend to join him for a brief holiday in this glamorous setting. ... Read more

Last Stone (Jaroslava Havettová, Július Hučko, 1982)
A bitter animated joke about the frustration of being an artist in pay of the bureaucracy. ... Read more

Late Curtain (Laurence Jacobs, 1982)
A short story about an actress who is ... asked to stand in for the lead at the last ... minute. ... Read more

The first in-depth interview ever given ... by the greatest living English actor, Sir ... Laurence Olivier. ... Read more

Leon's Case (Daniel Attias, 1982)
A 1960's anti-war activist, who has been ... living as a fugitive, discovers that in ... 1983 no one seems to care who he is or ... what he did. ... Read more

Let Them Not Alone (Knut W. Jorfald, 1982)
Two organisers of the Turkish trade union Disk tell of the maltreatment and torture of hundreds of their members since the military coup of September, 1980. ... Read more

Level (Christine F. Koenigs, 1982)
A short fiim expressing the maker's feelings, at the time and place of filming. ... Read more

LIVE A LIFE (Maxim Ford, 1982)
In November of last year, as unemployment in Britain passed the three million mark, a Concert for the Unemployed was staged at the Rainbow with a line-up that included Tom Robinson, The Beat, Black S… Read more

Macaroni Casserole (Alex Seligman, 1982)
A garbage collector, living in the atomic age of nuclear paranoia, envisions his job becoming an Edgar Alan Poe nightmare. ... The film is based on Ray Bradbury's short story, “The Garbage Collecto… Read more

MAD RIVER: HARD TIMES IN HUMBOLT COUNTY (Mark Freeman, Claire Schoen, 1982)
Unemployment. Plant Closures. Environmental Pressure. MadRiver is a portrait of a rural community facing environmental and economic disaster. Humboldt County is in the middle of the richest timberlan… Read more

Man Versus Man (Shashi Anand, 1982)
Man-pulled rickshaws in Calcutta face extinction due to legislation introduced by the State Government in 1981. The film analyses the situation and investigates the consequences of such a step. ... Read more

Marathon - The Ultimate Challenge (Alan Jacques, 1982)
In attempt to answer the question: What motivates someone to run mile after mile experiencing loneliness, pain and self-doubt? ... Read more

MARY STUART (Peter Butler, 1982)
The story of the opera depicts the conflict between two Queens. Queen Elizabeth, who claimed the throne as daughter of Henry VIII, and Mary Stuart, who claimed it as daughter of James V of Scotland, … Read more

Memories of War (Pierre Hebert, 1982)
A father's intimate and passionate plea for a peaceful world in which to raise his new born son. Employs innovative animation techniques. ... Read more

Recorded in the year of the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth, Haydn's Mass conducted by Rafael Kubelik at the Baroque Basilica at Ottobeuren, performed by the Bavarian Symphony Orchestra and… Read more

MONKEY GRIP (Ken Cameron, 1982)
An indisputable Australian classic, based on the novel by Helen Garner and featuring music performed by the Divinyls. Starring Colin Friels and Noni Hazelhurst in her AFI award-winning role, Monkey… Read more

Morning After (Cort Tramontin, CK Studios, 1982)
A short narrative film which portrays a man's waking moments in the interval between the first and second buzzings of his alarm clock. ... Read more

This is a portrait of Moses Pendleton, choreographer-dancer, presenting the artist at home, alone on his 33rd birthday, The film includes excerpts from "Philopolus" and Pendleton's own "Momix." ... Read more

MY COUNTRY MY HAT (David Bensusan, 1982)
Piet has lost his clothes and hat in a robbery. One day he sees a black cyclist wearing his hat, and, chasing him, runs him down with his garbage truck. Meanwhile James, an urban black without passpo… Read more

Lin Yingzi, a little girl from the south of China, marvels about the wonders of the big city: Its busy streets, the dilapidated walls of the ancient buildings, the ringing bells on a camel's neck. Sh… Read more

Nick Mazzuco: Biography of an Atomic Vet (Richard Kurt Schmiechen, 1982)
In 1955, Nick Mazzuco watched 18 atomic bomb blasts from trenches as close as 2300m while a G.I. at the U.S. Atomic Proving Grounds in Nevada. In this film, Nick, now a building super in New York Cit… Read more

No Place To Hide (T. Johnson, L. Bird, 1982)
No Place to Hide is made up of the vintage films, newsreels, cartoons and television programmes (many featuring celebrities) which attempted to sell Americans on family (and later public) fallout she… Read more

Once There Was a Dog (E. Nazarov, 1982)
delightful Ukranian folk tale with matching graphics. ... Read more

One Word of Truth (Peter J. Sisam, 1982)
When Solzhenitsyn was given the Nobel Prize for Literature, he was unable to leave the Soviet Union to receive the award. He wrote a speech for that occasion, but it was never delivered. Later it was… Read more

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