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Etching (Serge Viallet, 1983)
The subject of this short film may be summed up in a sentence birth, life and death of an imaginary tempest on the ... sea side. For the "tempest" part of the film, a special effect has been ... done… Read more

Every Day, Every Night (Kathy Mueller, 1983)
Every day somewhere in Melbourne a Vietnam veteran suffers breakdown. often violent, sometimes suicidal. The widow of the veteran devotes whatever time is leftover from job and children to counsellin… Read more

Expectations (Edward Yang, 1983)
Considered to be an early study for what would become Yang's masterpiece - A Brighter Summer Day - the short film Expectations (made as part of the omnibus film In Our Time) was responsible for estab… Read more

EXPOSED (James Toback, 1983)
James Toback's third film is a breathless, dazzling see-saw between illusion and obsession, love and death, role and ... self—the major themes of Bunuel and Godard, with a dash of Fuller—… Read more

Fiesta (David Marconi, 1983)
A small boy, from a remote coastal village in Spain, learns the nature of life and death through a chance encounter with a shipwrecked sailor. ... Read more

Fire (Dara Birnbaum, 1983)
With the proliferation of drive-ins and drlve-thrus, the American car ... culture has reshaped our notions of consumption. Human relations are ... also consumed as quickly as possible. ... Read more

First Sight (Richard Keith Wolff, 1983)
“Fight Sight” is a journey through the personal daydream of one Augusta September using vehicles of words, animation music and innovative cinematography . At the heart of the daydream is a river,… Read more

Flamenco at 5.15 (Cynthia Scott, 1983)
The extraordinary dancer, teacher and choreographer,Susana, and her husband, Antonio Robledo, come from Spain to teach flamenco to Canadian ballet students. "You must put your whole being behind it a… Read more

FORBIDDEN RELATIONS (Zsolt Kézdi Kovács, 1983)
Juli, whose husband has committed suicide, falls in love with Fodor, a newcomer to the village. When she learns that he is her half-brother (from her mother's first marriage), she tries to keep away … Read more

Freeze Frame (Peter Tscherkassky, 1983)
A cacophony of horns, alarms and multiple images that freezes and hence burns in the projector gate. Originally presented as a live performance in 1983 under the title The End of Film History. ... Pe… Read more

From a Letter (Adam Rish, 1983)
A recently-married young woman is neglected by her ambitious husband. ... Read more

Frozen Music (Michael Eaton, 1983)
Frozen Music is an examination of the thoughts and aspirations of Victorian ruling class thought as revealed through the Albert Memorial, a monument of pure signification. The soundtrack consists of … Read more

FUNNY, DIRTY LITTLE WAR (Héctor Olivera, 1983)
Taking place in a small rural town, Colonia Vela, in 1974, the film illustrates how rivalries between right and left-wing factions within Peronism led to merciless civil strife which threatened the c… Read more

Fury is a Feeling Too (Cynthia Beatt, 1983)
Prize winner at 1984 MFF returns as part of the competition's 30th anniversary, with director Cynthia Beatt (The Party) Eluding easy catagonzation, this film is both a documentary on the city of Berl… Read more

G. P. - Medical Practioner (Michael Nicholson, 1983)
A doctor and a nurse have a child in ... secret, then abandon it in a large ... Melbourne, hospital. We see this child ... grow up as a wild doctor in a medical ... jungle. ... Read more

Galapagos - My Special Island (Simone DiBagno, 1983)
Ecudor's Galapagos is a group of 48 small Pacific Ocean Islands, 600 miles off the coast of continental South America. Darwin called the islands a world in itself, a Garden of Eden for wildlife and o… Read more

Games, Toys and Players (Enrique Gracian, 1983)
Parent's buy children toy's displayed in advertisments. Children play while developing a fantasy of their own. Other parents make toys themselves. ... Read more

GESUALDO (Colin Nears, 1983)
The tragic story of Carlo Gesualdo, a composer and madrigalist, recognised as one of the great musical names of the late 16th century. Set in the year 1613, when Gesualdo discovers his wife and her l… Read more

Ghost Sonata (B. Geduldig, Tuxedo Moon, 1983)
From the homonymous Ibsen drama this version features Winston Tong. With almost no dialogue, the structure of this tape concentrates mainly on emotions, movements and music. ... Read more

Give Us A Smile (Leeds Animation Workshop, 1983)
A witty, challenging coverage of various forms of harassment encountered daily by women—-from street "humour' and ... media stereotypes to actual assault. ... The Leeds Animation Workshop is a … Read more

Glacial Tango (Mario Martone, 1983)
First television experience and exposure of the post-modern theatre group Falso Movimento. Dancers jump from one New York rooftop to another and eat in non-existent kitchens. ... Read more

Gomer Pyle is God (Tim Hablin, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

Gotta Serve Somebody (John Wilson, 1983)
Everybody has to serve somebody, Bob Dylans life theme, sung by him in this animated parable. ... Read more

Gravity (Ferenc Rofusz, 1983)
Desperately, a vigorous apple tries to disengage itself from the branch. The apples around it have shrivelled and dried up long ago. but perhaps they are also wiser. ... Ferenc Rofusz has been workin… Read more

GUNMAN (Chatrichalerm Yukol, 1983)
Best friends are forced to face each other in a violent confrontation when one joins the police force and the other becomes a criminal. An action-packed adventure film which is also an indictment of … Read more

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