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LAND OF PLENTY (Morten Arnfred, 1983)
The film describes how the economical, ... social and agricultural problems ... influence a Danish farmer's existence. ... In his struggle to cope with the high ... interest rates, Knud stakes everyt… Read more

In the twenty years of fighting in Indochina, Vietnam's neighbours went through profound changes; Laos was handed over to the communists without much fanfare, while Cambodia was torn apart by the war… Read more

LAST DAY OF SUMMER (Derek Banham, 1983)
A shy, unattractive young woman comes to live in a commune in a large house by the river. She is out of place in the relaxed ... atmosphere of the group, and wins only an amused tolerance from its me… Read more

Le Cygne (Dominique Delouche, 1983)
With Yvette Chauvire, Dominique Khalfouni. In Le Cygne no one speaks, transmission occurs in silence; it's less about transmitting a role or shape, than an intensity, the naked intensity of the swan … Read more

LIFE IS A NOVEL (Alain Resnais, 1983)
"Life is a Novel"—Gothic novel, fairy tale and philosophical puzzle all in one seeming reputation of Napoleon's truism "la ... vie n'est pas un roman" (probably his version of "life wasn't mean… Read more

Little Bits (Mandy Walker, 1983)
This film represents two moods through the presentation of contrasting visuals and music. Images of confinement are disrupted by the intrusion of the other seemingly bizarre and conflicting scenes. T… Read more

Lullaby for Lakshmi (Helene Stork, 1983)
Director Helene Stork is a medical doctor specialisms in psychology This short documentary without dialogue was realised when she was researching the interactions between mothers and babies in a trad… Read more

MAN WITH A SUITCASE (Chantal Akerman, 1983)
Akerman's Man With a Suitcase, starring herself, is an unexpected mixture of Chaplinesque comedy and poignant self-mockery. ... Returning home to write a film script and desperately needing the freed… Read more

MAN WITHOUT MEMORY (Kurt Gloor, 1983)
The police pick up a seemingly neglected man who has no identification papers, who cannot speak, and who appears to ... have lost his memory. ... Examinations by doctors and the police ... both fail … Read more

MEANTIME (Mike Leigh, 1983)
Though beautifully made and acted, "Meantime" is definitely I minority-audience film. It concerns an East End family Husband, wife, two grown sons, Mark a cynic, and Colin, a bit simple-minded. The t… Read more

MEANTIME (Mike Leigh, 1983)
Leigh's best-known film in Australia is the most sophisticated of his television-films and one of the great British films of the decade. Made not for the BBC but for Central Television, the film was … Read more

Memento (Liz Alexander, 1983)
A boy's relationship with his mother is strained with the arrival of a stranger. ... Read more

Memorial Day (Michael Ackerman Ulick, 1983)
A touching record of how a small American town annually commemorates its fallen soldiers and sailors from past wars ... Read more

Meta-Ecology (Sardono Kumoso, Gotot Prakosa, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

Metropolitan Cats (Robin Lehman, 1983)
A journey into a unique world of art, depicting four thousand years of cats as they appear in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ... Read more

Minimalet-Minimalot (Jordi Torras, 1983)
A performance art piece that deals with confrontation and dance, as well as dance as a confronting experience. ... Read more

Miraj - Through The Hudson Hotel (Molly Burgess, 1983)
Uses mirrors, superimposed images, moving cameras, optical printing and split screen to capture the features and ... atmosphere of a derelict hotel building. ... Read more

Miss Savidge (Witold Stok, 1983)
In 1969 in order save her medieval house, May Savage dismantled it, numbering all the separate pieces. With the use of eleven lorries, she moved from Ware, Herts., Wells-next-to-the-sea, Norfolk, whe… Read more

MONEY (Robert Bresson, 1983)
For his first film in six years, Robert Bresson has been inspired by a short story by Leo Tolstoy, "The Counterfeit Note". When making a delivery of fuel oil, a young Parisian workman is given a fake… Read more

Muscle (Barry Lank, 1983)
A fascinating look at the Manitoba Women's Provincial Body ... Building Championship both from backstage and up front ... . ... Read more

My Belle (Peter Tammer, 1983)
A performer prepares... ... Read more

Narcissus (Norman McLaren, 1983)
Norman McLaren's 59th film, which opened the 1983 World Film Festival in Montreal, is one of the most ambitious in his ... long career, which started in 1933. The film is based on the Greek myth of t… Read more

Ned Wethered (Lee Whitmore, 1983)
Ned Wethered was a family friend who died when Lee Whitmore was 15. In trying to remember him, she wrote down her own recollections; she went looking for ... photographs of him, but found only one; s… Read more

John Pilger presents a documentary impression with interviews of Nicaraguan society under the present Sandinista ... Government, relates a brief history of the events of this century, and returns to … Read more

Night Club (Jonathan Hodgson, 1983)
An animated examination of some of the seedier night clubs ... in Liverpool and the people who inhabit them. ... Read more

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