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Tory Stories (Peter Savage, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

TOSCA'S KISS (Daniel Schmid, 1984)
Giuseppe Verdi's "finest work" (Verdi's own opinion) still stands on the Piazza Buonorotti in Milan. The Casa di Riposa was founded in 1896 for people "less fortunate than I". People who never accomp… Read more

There's no point in claiming that this enjoyable film is, in its entirety, representative of any of the many trends of Indian cinema, be they of stylistic, linguistic or political foundations For thi… Read more

TYPHOON CLUB (Shinji Somai, 1984)
Veteran film directors Imamura and Bertollucci, judges of the 1985 Tokyo Film Festival special award of $1.5 million to a young director (designed to help finance his next feature). praised this film… Read more

UNSER NAZI (Robert Kramer, 1984)
Ostensibly a documentary about the making of Thomas Harlan's. Wundkanal: Execution for Four Voices - a film about the kidnapping of Alfred Filbert, Deputy Head of the Nazi Secret Service - Unser Nazi… Read more

Up (Mike Hoover, 1984)
Photographed on spectacular locations, UP aims to present a film poem about a hang-glider and his adventures in Alaska, the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas. ... The film follows the hang-glide… Read more

VICTORY OVER THE SUN (Robert Benedetti, 1984)
A recreation of a 1913 Russian avant-garde opera - an extraordinary collaboration piece that influences performance art to this day. The original script by poet Alexsei Kruchenykh is written in the s… Read more

Waterfall (Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, 1984)
Internationally renownedMelbourne experimental filmmakers Arthur and Corinne Cantrill have for many years explored the possibilities of three-colour separation. Their latest study, WATERFALL, uses th… Read more

We All Know (Zip Collective, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

WE THREE (Pupi Avati, 1984)
The brief sojourn of 14 year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Bologna, to sit for a musical composition exam, is the starting-point for Avati's high-spirited, whimsical, 18th C. "teen-pic". Set against… Read more

Why'd The Beetle Cross The Road? (Jan Skrentny, 1984)
This "bug's eye" view of the world aims to depict a beetle s epic journey across the beach. His treacherous trip is littered with obstacles: joggers roller skaters dogs children. He survives a close … Read more

WITH BURNING PATIENCE (Antonio Skarmeta, 1984)
In the seaside village of Isla Negra (Chile) lives an old and much respected Nobel Prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda. The villagers are poor people who live simply and ordinarily. Pablo is the only li… Read more

Women of Utopia (Keith Gow, 1984)
The traditional Aboriginal women of Utopia cattle station near Alice Springs show, with jokes and good humour, how they make their beautiful batik fabrics. They also share some of their daily lives i… Read more

An old man is kidnapped and interrogated by his captors. In the process, the biography of a mass murderer is laid bare: the eighty-year-old man formerly held a high-level command post in the SS and w… Read more

YELLOW EARTH (Chen Kaige, 1984)
Director Chen Kaige was only 32 when he made Yellow Earth, his debut feature. During the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), like many of his contemporaries, Chen had been sent down to the countryside to … Read more

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