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Fortunately (Christos Christodoulides, 1984)
In the last, almost empty, night subway an exhibitionist is looking for a; suitable opportunity to satisfy his passion and he finds it in a compartment with three lone women. One of these women, a be… Read more

FOUR DAYS IN JULY (Mike Leigh, 1984)
Two couples, one Catholic, one Protestant, are near neighbours in Belfast. They have nothing in common, save the fact that both women are expecting their first babies, which will be born on the same … Read more

Frame on Dreaming (Josko Petkovic, 1984)
"... It is an Art Festival - one is told. The aboriginals sing, paint, dance...perform, this I suppose is the 'Art' aspect of it. Behind the label, however, we know that these activities are connecte… Read more

FULL MOON IN PARIS (Eric Rohmer, 1984)
The fourth in writer-director Eric Rohmer's "Comedies and Proverbs" series, Full Moon in Paris, like all his earlier comedies, is an enjoyably witty creation with an unashamedly literate script, stud… Read more

Fury is a Feeling Too (Cynthia Beatt, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Gaby's Ass (Killian Dellers, Gaby, 1984)
A stylized "happening" with a difference: a woman's—shall we say, posterior?—is subjected to an onslaught of ornamental ... improvisations, including paint, fruit and confectionery. ... Read more

Gasherbrum: The Dark Glow of the Mountains (Werner Herzog, 1984)
Before Reinhold Messner's name inspired a Ben Folds Five album title he was known principally as a fearless, and possibly reckless, mountaineer who had lost a brother and six toes in his endeavours t… Read more

Getting Wet (Paul John Hogan, 1984)
Alex is 15, he, his parents and his older brother Michael and the woman he loves embark on an action packed beach ... holiday. When Alex returns he has aged considerably. ... Read more

Go For It, Mike (Michael Smith, 1984)
A parody of a video clip. Mike, stylishly dressed and dapper, moves ... quasl-nonchalantly like a star through a wild west environment. As a Malboro cowboy, Mike ridicules the seamless soulless video… Read more

Graffiti (Matthew Patrick, 1984)
In a Latin American city under strict military control, a young ... man obsessed with sketching graffiti plays cat-and-mouse with the authorities. When he discovers he has a kindred spirit, he sets o… Read more

GREMLINS (1984) (Joe Dante, 1984)
Never expose them to light. Never let them get wet. But, most of all, never, ever let them eat after midnight. ... E.T. goes Alien. Simple rules get easily broken in Dante's most famous horror-comedy… Read more

Grey Moments (Grey Organisation, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Hard Contact (Hiroya Sakurai, 1984)
Alchemy in the medieval ages attempted to create medicine for an eternal life by chemical reaction. This work is the first attempt to creat alchemy today through an electrical reaction with time. ... Read more

Harold of Orange (Richard Weise, 1984)
A satiric comedy which explores the symbiotic relationship between Native Americans and philanthropic foundations. The screenplay draws on trickster myths common to many Native American tribes to dis… Read more

HARVEST OF DESPAIR (Slavko Nowytski, 1984)
It is called the forgotten holocaust — a time when Stalin was dumping tons of wheat on Western markets, while in the Ukraine men. women and children were dying of starvation at the rate of 25,0… Read more

HAUNTERS OF THE DEEP (Andrew Bogle, 1984)
The setting is Cornwall, where an abandoned tin mine is about to be reopened. Old Captain Tregellis, whose boyhood friend was killed in a mining disaster there at the turn of the century, warns again… Read more

HEART, BEATING IN THE DARK (Nagasaki Shunichi, 1984)
"A key film from the Japanese new wave of the early-mid 80 s, Nagasaki's brilliant Heart, Beating in the Dark, reinvents the languages of cinema, sexuality and identity to come to terms with the prob… Read more

HEIMAT (Edgar Reitz, 1984)
Edgar Reitz' Heimat is more than just the longest film ever made, more even than the apex of the New German Cinema: It is a true landmark in the history of world cinema. At over 15 hours, Heimat cove… Read more

Hell (Ardele Lister, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Hey Marcel . . . (Peter Tammer, 1984)
Descending faces, descending feet, descending bodies. A cascade of nude flesh on a staircase: separate identities ... merging, unravelling and descending continuously. Hey ... Marcel? ... Read more

HOME OF THE BRAVE (Helena Solberg-Ladd, 1984)
Documentary exploring contemporary problems facing Indians of North and South America. The effects of modernisation on an ancient culture are documented exclusively through the eyes of Indians themse… Read more

HOMECOMING (Yim Ho, 1984)
Shan Shan, a young businesswoman tired of the materialistic life in Hong Kong, returns to the small village in southern China to visit the grave of her recently deceased grandmother. She meets her ch… Read more

Homunculus (Vaclav Megl, 1984)
Through the use of animated relief and puppets, questions to do with human creation and creativity are vividly suggested. The story of medieval alchemist Homunculus. who created a "man", is developed… Read more

Hostage (Aisling Walsh, 1984)
A tense drama about a terrorist group holed up in a remote farmhouse in the Irish Republic. Veronica Quilligan plays the odd woman out who gradually assumes control in the war of nerves that ensues w… Read more

HOTEL NEW YORK (Jackie Raynal, 1984)
This is the final version of "New York" shown by Jackie Kaynal in 1980 as a work-in-progress. It is now the story of Loulou Blanchot, a French filmmaker who decides to live and work in New York after… Read more

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