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I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (Brian McKenzie, 1984)
I'll be Home for Christmas cuts through social taboos to explore the subculture of people commonly dismissed as ‘derelicts'. In its portrayal of five homeless men, the film challenges conventional … Read more

I'm Only There . . . (When I Can't Get Away) (A. Dean Bell, 1984)
Seventeen-year-old Stephen Shem, diagnosed as suffering from existential neurosis', looks at life through a pair of binoculars. This is a brilliantly black comic treatment of suburban teenage malaise. Read more

Imagination (Richard Hefti, 1984)
Paintings placed on a transparent flounce surface turn to the right as their mirror-images disappear to the left of the screen. As they meet in the middle, they form a collage of more or less recogni… Read more

Imago (J. Doubrava, M. Macorek, A. Born, 1984)
Team of well-known Czech animators have produced a succinct Czech variation on the theme of Bliss. With wit and verve, they draw their little everyman. oppressed by henpecking wife and haranguing bos… Read more

Impressions of the Blockade (Anthony Lawrence, 1984)
An experimental film on the Franklin River Dam issue using visual manipulations to heighten the emotional and political involvement of those concerned. ... Read more

IMPROPER CONDUCT (Nestor Almendros, Orlando Jimenez Leal, 1984)
Improper Conduct has raised storms of controversy wherever it has been screened. The general thesis is quite simple: consolidating his power in Cuba, Castro systematically proceeded to stamp out poli… Read more

Improvisations on the Theme of Self-Portrait (Norbert Zauner, 1984)
A demonstration of the relationship between film and photography, with the author as "object matter' — not without self-irony. ... Read more

As versatile an ethno-musicologist as Mr Blank is, his approach to his material involves at least as much warmth as scholarship. The music, as depicted here, becomes a natural unfiltered reflection o… Read more

Incongruous (Paul Winkler, 1984)
Ordinary city images of our daily city environment are photographically reshaped to produce a new set of seemingly incongruous images, revealing a black humour: after all, it's all just water off a d… Read more

INDECENT EXPOSURE (Masato Harada, 1984)
People, it is said, get the press they deserve. This production deals with the question of sensationalism in the press ... what is. and what should be allowed?' ... Young Nobi Namekawa arrives in Tok… Read more

Industrial Park (Paul Elliott, 1984)
. . . the plump hands of lunching businessmen, the stored barrels of toxic waste, the child's vain escape from the bleak ... silhouettes of the housing estate, the roar of the automated warehouses, t… Read more

Insomnia (Gyorgy Romvari, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Jean Marie Straub & Danielle Huillet at Work (Harun Farocki, 1984)
This film was shot over four days during the making of Straub-Huillet's Class Relations, in which Farocki was involved as an actor. The Straubs' literary reference was Franz Kafka's Amerika and their… Read more

JOURNEY TO CYTHERA (Theo Angelopoulos, 1984)
The latest film from the great maverick of Greek cinema is both an affirmation of his tremendous talent and a marked development in his career. Still passionately concerned with the socio-political h… Read more

Jump Start (Tim Roper, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Jumping (Osamu Tezuka, 1984)
A tour de force of technique and the imagination. Influenced by the experimental hungarian animation, The Fly, Jumping utilizes the point-of-view gag to convey a breathtaking view of how powerful a c… Read more

Keep Moving (Roheesia Hamilton-Metcalfe, 1984)
In a succession of still photographs and live footage images, two characters walk, run and gaze across an industrial-looking suburban street-end, over which trains pass constantly. ... Read more

Kitchen Sync (Maree Woolley, 1984)
A mixed media animation dedicated to the dance of life. ... Read more

La Boucane (Jean Gaumy, 1984)
The photo-genuis of Jean Gaumy comes packaged in this trilogy of his work: La Boucane (The Smoking House) looks affectionately at a group of women in Normandy, completing the repetitious chore of fi… Read more

Laughing Girls (The Duvet Brothers, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Learning About the World (Andrej Warchal, 1984)
Doll water egg mama — these are words a deal mute and blind child has to learn with great effort This documentary uses the hands of the teacher as the central motif in exploring the greatness a… Read more

LIGHT PHYSICAL INJURIES (György Szomjas, 1984)
When Csaba, a rowdy quick-tempered labourer, is released from gaol for having stabbed a man in a drunken brawl, he ... finds his wife, Eva, living with another man, Miklos. A quick divorce follows, b… Read more

Light Play (Dirk de Bruyn, 1984)
Part of the direct-on-film series a series ol films made without a Camera but by working directly on the film's surface by scratching, dyeing bleaching drawing with fell pens This film is a kaleidosc… Read more

Like the Fingers on a Hand (Eric Rochant, 1984)
There were always five boys with her. Maybe she was born with them. She left me the day I asked her, and only her, to marry me. She was the woman of my life, but the five other guys were part of hers. Read more

Lily (Julie Money, 1984)
Lily, a young Chinese Malay student studying in Australia encounters deep-rooted and often well-disguised racial intolerance. ... Read more

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