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Little Queen (Peter Wells, 1984)
A child's impression of a small country town in New Zealand during a visit by Queen Elizabeth II. ... Read more

LOUISE, THE REBEL (Charlotte Silvera, 1984)
Louise is a teenager. Her parents are Tunisian Jews and settled in France shortly after Tunisia achieved its independence. The family lives in a suburb of Paris and although they're not exactly poor … Read more

LOVE ON THE GROUND (Jacques Rivette, 1984)
LOVE ON THE GROUND (L'AMOUR PAR TERRE) is probably the most important film Rivette has made since L'AMOUR FOU. the first film in which his opposition to conventional narrative was clearly expressed. … Read more

Love Stories (Robert Randall, Frank Bendinelli, 1984)
Love Stories presents representations of love and sex. ... Read more

Lucy (Verena Rudolph, 1984)
Lucy, my mother's sister, emigrated from a little Bavarian village to the United States in 1934. From that date she did not give any more news of herself. Fifty years later I went to New York (with a… Read more

Making A Splash (Peter Greenaway, 1984)
Currently involved in filming the long awaited follow-up to The Draughtsman's Contract, Greenaway has been filling more commissions than he could handle. After the Channel Four series 4 American Comp… Read more

Mamasuncion (Chano Pineiro, 1984)
A beautiful and passionate story from Galicia, the poorest region of rural Spain, from which most of the able men have emigrated in waves many years ago. The story of a woman who waits forty years fo… Read more

Masquerade (Co Hoedeman, 1984)
Master animator Hoedeman. who won an Oscar In 1979 for his lilm THE SAND CASTLE gives each ol the puppets in this film a distinctive personality Human foibles are easily discernible behind Ihe papier… Read more

MEMORIES OF PRISON (Nelson Pereira dos Santos, 1984)
Directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos, the founding figure of South American 'cinema novo', Memories of Prison has been hailed as the greatest Brazilian film of recent years. And like his early class… Read more

MISSISSIPPI BLUES (Bertrand Tavernier, Robert Parrish, 1984)
A musical portrait of the American South as seen by outsiders, and filmed in the town of Oxford, Mississippi in 1982. The standard documentary approach is jettisoned in favour of a film 'diary which … Read more

More TV Stories (Ilene Segalove, 1984)
Five episodes titled: ... I. The PASTRAMI SANDWICH ... II. DIAL 116 ... iiI. ANATOMY IN MOTION ... IV. HOTEL SUITE ... V. THE FORBIDDEN CHANNEL ... Read more

MR WONG (Gaylene Preston, 1984)
After suffering a long-winded sales pitch, Meg buys a Jaguar that will help her make the regular visit to her parents in the country. Meg. however, soon realises that the car is haunted by a ghost &m… Read more

Musical Lantern (Pavel Koutský, 1984)
Experimental animation elaborating a musical theme We begin with mundane BCW reality In all its drabness move into colour with the creation of the composition and See the vivid colours and wild shape… Read more

My Kyushu, My Korea (Noriaki Tsuchimoto, 1984)
A documentary that investigates the Japanese government s compulsory requisition of Korean labour during World War II Tsuchimoto is a veteran director of social issue documentaries who is best known … Read more

N.Y., N.Y. (Raymond Depardon, 1984)
Raymond Depardon is in some ways the Don McMullin of French photography having covered assignments in South East Asia and most other trouble spots in the world at one point or another. What is howeve… Read more

Inspired by a 12th century folk tale about'a princess who could talk to insects, Nausicaa transposes that idea of a human's hypersensitivi­ty to the natural order of life into a futuristic world … Read more

New England Fiddles (John Bishop, 1984)
A documentary which presents seven or. the finest traditional musicians in the north-eastern United States as they play in their homes at dances and at contests passing on their styles to younger fid… Read more

NEXT OF KIN (Atom Egoyan, 1984)
Canadian 'wunderkind' Atom Egoyan, a guest at last year's MFF with his breakthrough film Family Viewing, made his first feature in 1984. Invited for last year's festival but lost en-route from Cannes… Read more

Night of a 1000 Eyes (Sandra Goldbacher, Kim Flitcroft, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Night of a Thousand Eyes (Sandra Goldbacher, Kim Flitcroft, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Nothing Is Thrown Away (Mariama Hima, 1984)
In Bnkoki Niamey there is a market where craftsmen collect old trash to recycle Into useful and artistic creations. A ... fascinating documentary, this film observes such a craftsman in action. ... Read more

A film that addresses the possibilities of employing the characteristics of the short story to the medium of cinema. "Stands out as both theoretically informed and visually intriguing. Its six chapte… Read more

On Locations: Alphabet City (Christoph Dreher, Ellen El Malki, 1984)
During the shooting of Amos Poe's Alphabet City a camera on the set records all the bits between the takes. ... Read more

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (Sergio Leone, 1984)
*Due to forces beyond MIFF's control we are going to have to pull Once Upon A Time in America from this program. ... “The movie has a pulse; it's alive. But not now. It's alive in some golden-brown… Read more

One Dubb (Zip Collective, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

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