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Breath (Margaret Dragu, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Brian Eno - Crystal Conversation (Studio Azzurro, Soft Video, Balkuh, 1985)
An interview with Brian Eno in the San Carpoforo church in Milan about his videosculpture installation. Topics range from the current to the future state of video, art and music. A few hypotheses on … Read more

BRITISH ROCK: THE FIRST WAVE (Patrick Montgomery, Pamela Page, 1985)
An American documentary tracing the origins of the British Invasion in the 1960s - particularly the rise of The Mersey Sound in Liverpool and the growth of the hard-edged white rhythm and blues scene… Read more

Broken Down Film (Osamu Tezuka, 1985)
A string of gags based on 20s-style animation and the self-reflexiveness of Windsor McCay's surreal comic strips from the same period. While the gags are familiar, the extent to which Tezuka pushes t… Read more

BUTTERFLY AND FLOWERS (Euthana Mukdasnit, 1985)
Euthana Mukdasnit's film (winner of the Grand Prix at last December's Hawaii Film Festival) was a dream project that he waited years to make, and the result is very far from the melodramatic mainstre… Read more

Cabaret (Andrzej Baranski, 1985)
While attempting to utilise the conventions of cabaret, Cabaret juxtaposes the social and economic conditions of Germany under the Third Reich, and the stylistics of popular cultures at the time. ... Read more

CAME A HOT FRIDAY (Ian Mune, 1985)
Wes and Cyril are smooth operators ... a master criminal and his side-kick....they are common living on their collective wits. They travel the rural byways in some sort of Laurel and Hardy picaresque… Read more

Camera Natura (Ross Gibson, 1985)
A film on the history of white Australian landscape fantastic protections, fields of vision, crash sites, proving grounds Tracing 200 years of images of the continent it charts the contours of a myth… Read more

Cannonball (Gary Templeton, 1985)
A small stray dog called Cannonball befriends a circus clown . The clown is facing the unemployment office unless he can give his act some sparkle... Cannonball saves the day. ... Read more

Captain Boomerang (Nina Barbier, 1985)
Barnaby Ruhe likes throwing the boomerang in New York City First of all. it's illegal, second of all it can be done third of al! its fun1 Ruhe the star of this film holds a number of world records in… Read more

Carbon Culture (Steven Moni, 1985)
A young Afrikaaner finds himself alone in the Roman countryside just before dawn. As he stalks through military debris and symbols of Roman and Fascist Italy he is confronted with his past and his ad… Read more

Carumba (Nick Meyers, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Caught (U. Roberto Romano, 1985)
Music specially written for images to be retained be the camera retina. ... Read more

Change of Place (Kathy Smith, 1985)
Kathy Smith animates her own drawings and paintings to ... construct personal journey into her memory and back to the earth. ... Read more

Changing Schools (John Hughes, Penny Robbins, 1985)
An archival to present day compilation from existing film and video produced on the Victorian education system and issues of ... concern at various periods. ... Read more

Chicken Kitchen (Vincent Hachet, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Children at War (Kjersti Alver, 1985)
Following an introductory sequence showing children from different countries playing war games, we are shown stills of children in real wars. The film focuses on the war experiences of three children… Read more

CHURCH OF LIBERATION (Silvio Da-Rin, 1985)
The film moves from a sparsely populated region of the Amazon to the urban centres of Sao Paulo and Rio and traces church activism, ranging from efforts of individuals to improve agricultural conditi… Read more

COUNTDOWN (Pal Erdoss, 1985)
Gritty, black and white photography, contribute to the documentary feel of this contemporary drama. This is a tense ... political tale about the problems being caused by the encroachment of private e… Read more

Crossing the Line (Karen Jane Borger, 1985)
First 16mm film by graduate of Sydney College of the Arts. The co-existence of past and present in an old lady's life is recreated through fine manipulation of photographic language. ... Read more

DAX'S CASE (Donald Pasquella, 1985)
A disturbing documentary which forces us to confront the issue of euthanasia unsentimentally. It examines the case of Dax Cowart. badly burned, blinded and disfigured by an explosion whose reasoned a… Read more

DAY OF THE DEAD (R) (George Romero, 1985)
Gore becomes almost conceptual art in this third (and unduly underestimated) chapter of the ‘Dead' series. ... Written as a colossal finale to the series, but downsized at the last minute due to bu… Read more

DETECTIVE (Jean-Luc Godard, 1985)
Godard's plot involves four groups of people, or "families", whose paths intersect in the lobbies, dining rooms and bedrooms of the Hotel Concorde in Paris. A hotel detective. and his manic assistant… Read more

Double Time (Jill Scott, 1985)
A woman water-bearer is saved from her task by two mythological women from another planet's moon and she disappears with them into space. ... Read more

Drawing Lesson #2 (Bill Plympton, 1985)
The bittersweet story of the ill-fated romance between the tragic hero - a line - and his model. ... Read more

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