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Ear Responsibility (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1985)
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Edge of Nowhere (The Marine Biologists, 1985)
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EGON SCHIELE (Herbert Vesely, 1985)
The Austrian painter Egon Schiele entered the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1906 aged 16. Coming into contact with the avant-garde he exhibited at the second Kunstclmu of 1909. Schiele met Gustav Kl… Read more

Either/Or in Chinatown (Gabor Body, 1985)
The question of seduction (Kierkegaard) is combined with the theory of cosmetics (Gabor Body] and the old Chinese philosophy of the rainbow death. ... Read more

EXTRAMUROS (Miguel Picazo, 1985)
Miguel Picazo. best known for his 1964 neo-realist classic, AUNT TULA, returns to the international limelight with his latest feature, set in a Spanish convent during the inquisition. ... It is a sto… Read more

FACES IN A FAMINE (Robert Lieberman, 1985)
Filmed at the height of Ethiopia's disastrous drought FACES presents the people always present at such events — television producers, nurses and doctors, relief workers, priests and disaster gr… Read more

Far Away (Georges Bollon, 1985)
Jean and Paul have both worked for the Michelin Factory. Paul lives in a town in France dominated by Michelin and recalls his friend Jean working for the same company in Vietnam. ... Read more

Farm (Dirk De Bruyn, 1985)
Time lapse photography illuminates the many moods of a Dutch landscape over a four month period. ... Read more

FIRE FESTIVAL (Mitsuo Yanagimachi, 1985)
A port in southern Japan, in 1980. Inspired by a news item, the film describes how a hero violates all the taboos of his community by his loving relationship with the mountain goddess. During the Fir… Read more

First Mate (Jane Karslake, 1985)
Clarrie and Lex are mutually supportive old mates. However. the onset of senility threatens and finally destroys their independence Good performances and sensitive portrayal of problems of aged men. ... Read more

Fish From Holland (Servaas, 1985)
The movement of the image is coupled with the alluring trailer sound from Jaws 2 ... . ... Read more

Five Fingers for El Pueblo (Bruce Krebs, Mireille Boucard, 1985)
Animated charcoal drawings tell the story of the last moments in the life of a Chilean singer. A film full of hope. ... Read more

Flugsand (Hanno Baethe, 1985)
Abstract transparent photo-images of sand and multi-coloured mica inserts, set to the rhythm of minimal music. ... Read more

Fluke (Emily Breer, 1985)
A barrage of images and scenes connected, in some sense, by nonsense. Fish fly onto the heads of men riding camels in a desert. A bear that can't get out of the frame by force of an optical printer. … Read more

Fortunate Son (Harry Killas, 1985)
A draft dodger living in Montreal during the Vietnam War secretly returns to Brooklyn New York, to visit his dying mother in hospital Briefly visiting his home, he spends an uncomfortable evening wit… Read more

GEESE MATE FOR LIFE! (Virginia Rouse, 1985)
A time of reflected images in Elizabeth Keeble's life. Looking at the future but trapped by her past a marriage, two children and the traditions of the class system that she sees as inane, insane, or… Read more

Glimpses of Old Calcutta (Swapan Sahan, 1985)
A documentary which lovingly portrays the lost architectural glories of old Calcutta tracing their links with the historical and social evolution of the city. It ends with an appeal for the preservat… Read more

GOD'S COUNTRY (Louis Malle, 1985)
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GOD'S COUNTRY (Louis Malle, 1985)
God's Country starts as it doesn't mean to go on. We see a typical American small-town community going about its cheerful business, mowing the grass, raising children and singing hymns. Has, one asks… Read more

GONZA THE SPEARMAN (Masahiro Shinoda, 1985)
Shinoda's second adaptation of an 18th century puppet play by Chikamatsu is very different from the earlier DOUBLE SUICIDE (1969) — more realistic, less flamboyant, less experimental in that th… Read more

HALF LIFE (Dennis O'Rourke, 1985)
Most of us imagine the Pacific as a place of idyllic tropical islands, beautiful palm-fringed beaches and sparkling azure seas, where carefree islanders live contentedly in Paradise. In the Nuclear A… Read more

Hard Scratch (Diazaburo Harada, Haruhiku Shono, 1985)
A promotional video of a miniature band called the G.I. Joe Robot Band. The dolls' movements are produced by graphic computers, rather than traditional pixilation. ... Read more

HERE WE GO (Richard Anthony, 1985)
Yorkshire miners and their supporters make a grass roots assessment of the 12 month British miners' strike. ... Read more

HI. RAN. GUN. SHIN. (Ko Nakajima, 1985)
A computer graphic work based upon the theme of Japan's symbolic Mt. Fuji. An experimental treatment of a traditional Japanese icon. Mt. Fuji is a common element in traditional woodprinting, sumi-e p… Read more

HITCHCOCK: THE THRILL OF GENIUS (Francesco Bortolini, Claudio Masenza, 1985)
This is a fascinating documentary about Alfred Hitchcock, made for Italian television. Some interviews deal with Hitchcock's intellectual approach to the creative process, but more revealing and intr… Read more

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