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Hollywood Ten, Melbourne One (Daryl Dellora, 1985)
The death of a communist author, shot dead In his hotel room, begins a playful probe into the world of literature and politics, where fact and fiction teasingly merge. ... Read more

Hommage (Jean Marie Teno, 1985)
Two friends from the same village meet again after a long separation and recall their childhood, the village, the town. the traditions and the emigration to the cities. One of them has remained in th… Read more

House Without Walls (Kumiko Kushiyama, 1985)
Just as papier mache buildings are similar to the face of a familiar city, so there is a moment when a lie becomes a reality more than a truth. ... Read more

HOW YOUNG WE WERE THEN (Mikhail Belikov, 1985)
American Fifties nostalgia has reached saturation point. HOW YOUNG WE WERE THEN is a welcome change of perspective: the fifties Russian style ... Here, drainpipe pants and American dance music is unc… Read more

HURLEVENT (Jacques Rivette, 1985)
Based on Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights Jacques Rivette sets a drama laced with hatred, love, revenge and depravity. Although Catherine is in love with Roch, a foundling brought up by adoptive pare… Read more

I'll Be Here For All Time (Sheila Owen-Jones, Deirdre Beddoe, 1985)
The film traces a tradition of Welsh women's protest, and by doing so. helps explain the contemporary Greenham Common Peace Camp. Made by women about women, this documentary supplies a new historical… Read more

If Then (Jean-Marc Le Pechoux, 1985)
Stylish transitions of original photography treated with Paintbox Imaging ... to achieve lyrical movement and the texture of depth. ... Read more

If Then (Jean Marc Le Pechoux, 1985)
Some of the Images presented are a cross section between facial surgery ... and the electronic disfiguration of the truth. ... Read more

IN HER OWN TIME (Lynne Littman, 1985)
Anthropologist Myerhoff investigates the ultra-orthodox Jewish ghetto of Fairfax, Los Angeles, and asks questions about the lifestyle and values of its inhabitants. Her academic pursuit of knowledge … Read more

INDIA CABARET (Mira Nair, 1985)
The double standard is shown to be alive and well, through an investigation of the experience of strippers and their patrons in Bombay. ... Read more

INSIGNIFICANCE (Nicolas Roeg, 1985)
1953. New York hotel room. Sweaty summer night. A professor has been summoned to the Big Apple to testify in the communist witch hunt hearings. He meets a slightly daffy actress with an exceedingly d… Read more

Ironage (Peter Forgacs, 1985)
Four women and a blind man take a trip. By playing the home movie in slow motion and by adding an imaginary sound to it we enter an alien age. ... Read more

Is It Working? (John Hughes, 1985)
This film considers the influence of George Seelaf, whose commitment to labor movement ideals has provided crucial support for radical artists and writers since the 1930's. ... Read more

Jiwan's Uncle (S. Endresen, A. Dundhale, K. Sanders, 1985)
An uncle in Norway is the emotional focus of three children living in an Indian village, liwan's planned journey home becomes a subtle study in the spiritual passage through memory and culture. ... Read more

Joshua Cooks (Penny Robenstone, 1985)
The making of a cake becomes the symbol of a child's growth towards independence and free choice The animator evokes a child's vision through the use of pencil scribblings and colour blotches as well… Read more

Karin's Face (Ingmar Bergman, 1985)
The director's photographic tribute to his dead mother. ... Read more

Karma Oblivious (Christopher Lang, 1985)
A young woman gets involved with characters who affect her against her will and an accident makes her appear guilty of a crime. Thanks to her diary in the form of a video recording she manages to fin… Read more

Knife in the Head, Spooky (Catherine Lowing, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Land (Robert Wyatt, 1985)
Through the use of time lapse, animation and other single frame techniques the landscape image and the lilm image are explored Pineapples dance lamb chops sunbake and the spirit of Queensland inlects… Read more

Le Froid De La Vie (M. Raskin Stichting Ensemble, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Le Pont De L'Amour (Sylvain Roumette, 1985)
A man recollects the object of his desire while talking to a group of people about his private life. ... Read more

Legion (Mark Titmarsh, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Life on TV (Janis Lesinskis, 1985)
Video clip as allegory. ... Read more

Little Brother Watches Back (Tom Thibault, 1985)
"I read the slogans painted on the walls and they reminded me of other truths. I reached the roots of this politic and discovered that all I had known about it were lies and misconceptions. I began t… Read more

LIVING AT RISK (Alfred Guzzetti, Susan Meiselas, Richard Rogers, 1985)
A documentary which takes us inside Sandlnista Nicaragua where five siblings of the upper-middle-dass Barrios family choose to remain and work with the revolutionary government. ... Read more

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