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Loisaida Lusts (Ela Troyano, Uzi Parnes, 1985)
The- plot of the film is a bit opaque Three old women fondle a young love-slave or art ob| ... Read more

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Sandra Goldbacher, Kim Flitcroft, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Luminare (John Sanborn, Dean Winkler, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Magnificent Desolation (Jill Scott, 1985)
In 1969 Armstrong lands on the moon only to find that there is a woman ... there before him. When he recognises his fate, his famous speech is mutilated. ... Read more

Magnificent Desolation (Jill Scott, 1985)
In 1969 Armstrong lands on the moon only to find that there is there before him When he recognises his fate his famous speech is mutilated. ... Read more

Manhattan Love Suicides (Richard Kern, 1985)
New York City 1985 - A churning world where the realities of poverty and sex among the desperate musicians, artists and scene markers dictates a mutated parody of normal lifestyles. Consumed with bit… Read more

Manufraktur (Peter Tscherkassky, 1985)
Crafted in his childhood dark room in just six days, Peter Tscherkassky's mezmerising choreography fashioned from car tyre and women's pantyhose advertisements marked his debut using the contact copy… Read more

Mary and the Feathered Nights (Eleni Alexandrakis, 1985)
Mary's brothers are determined to marry her oil. She has no intention of marrying until she is ready. Her gesture of independence begins 10 cause some problems. ... Read more

MEMENTOS (Teguh Karya, 1985)
Beautifully designed and photographed, with exquisite use of colour, this stylish and atmospheric film is set in West Java in the early 1930s at a time of particularly right-wing and repressive Dutch… Read more

Mexico Mexico Manuel (Kjersti Alver, 1985)
The film documents the life of Manuel Rodriguez a 12-ycar-old garbageman working in Mexico City. ... Read more

Mirror (Pavao Stalter, 1985)
A gently amusing animated film about a group of forest animals struggling for possession of a mirror The film could be seen as depicting the rising menace of vanity and selfishness in the community. ... Read more

Misty Space (Jill Scott, 1985)
On six planets six ordinary women metamorphose by association with ... six animals and dispute the truth of some past myths and fairytales. ... Read more

Mongrel's Funeral (Peter Maguire, 1985)
A young man returns home to the country to attend a mate's funeral A mist of nostalgia clears to reveal an authentically rambling study of rural survivors. ... Read more

The musical thread which runs through the Andes extends for thousands of years, its roots lie with the ancient Inca culture, and have been strong enough to resist the Spanish conquest and the forces … Read more

MsTaken Identity (Karen Alexander, Helen Petts, 1985)
Made to coincide with International Youth Year. A fast-moving video in which seven young women's groups use an engaging combination of Raps, Skits and Songs - all written and performed by the women i… Read more

Mulheres da Terra (Marlene Franca, 1985)
The daily life of women sugar cane workers, emphasising the emotional side of the women's lives. After back-breaking work on the plantations all day, they return home to the drudgery of household cho… Read more

MY LIFE FOR ZARAH LEANDER (Christian Blackwood, 1985)
Zarah Leander was a Swedish-born singer who was extremely popular in Germany during the Third Reich and became the premier star of UFA. Her deep, dark voice, great beauty and tailor-made roles establ… Read more

Nameless (Alexander Rosler, 1985)
An intense and claustrophobic fiction about a man locked up in prison The lilm tea psychological study of a man in total isolation, deprived of all his human rights It is dedicated in prisoners of co… Read more

Nederland (Jaap Drupsteen, 1985)
These images are designed as transitions between different items in the television programme “Nederland C”. At times, these designs take on a recognisable form but more often they arc pioneering … Read more

Negative Man (Cathy Joritz, 1985)
A scratch film which foregrounds the superficial self-importance of male authority figures. As the anonymous Negative Man indulges in the endless sermon, he undergoes a series of mutations directly s… Read more

NEW DELHI TIMES (Ramesh Sharma, 1985)
A political mystery thriller that centres on a chain of events in the troubled Pujab, Ramesh Sharma in his tightly crafted first feature is looking into the repercussions of political corruption and … Read more

Nightsoil (Richard Fueglistahler, 1985)
Sound and images are so inseparably connected in this tape that it is ... impossible to regard them as independent element. ... Read more

Ninjazz (Eric Metcalfe, Ed Mowbray, Kou Nagajima, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

No Dance (Philip Brophy, 1985)
'An experimental documentary on dancing and its part in subcultures from punk to electro." Philip Brophy ... Remade from 1982 Super 8. ... Read more

Nocturnals (Hi-Tech / Vritti Opera, 1985)
A mix of fashion music painting and computer graphics shot in a 16th century Roman pavilion, during a parade of Roberto Capucci's collection. A fashion video compilation of material from the Mecca of… Read more

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