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NOT ALL IS TRUE (Rogerio Sganzeria, 1985)
A genuine oddity - a full length Brazilian documentary about Orson Welles' uncompleted It's All True, filmed by Welles with a crew of 40, and 12 cameras in Brazil and Mexico in 1941. For a variety of… Read more

O Panama (James Benning, Burt Barr, 1985)
One man's longing to escape the confines and boredom of his life In this piece, we follow Willem Dafoe as he travels from the room he inhabits to an imaginary space. ... Read more

Obsession (John Cumming, 1985)
A high performance film about the mechanics of desire and socialisation stasis and motion The relationship between a man and his machine initiates a journey through the social sexual and spiritual de… Read more

ON THE RUN (Karin Viesel, Michael McLernon, 1985)
Set on the remote east coast of New Zealand, this visually stunning film charts 36 hours in the life of a group of Maori shearers. They are seasonal workers whose average quota is 300 sheep per worke… Read more

One Hundred and Fifty Goals (Michael Nicholson, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

ORNETTE: MADE IN AMERICA (Shirley Clarke, 1985)
Saxophonist-composer Ornette Coleman is one of the truly significant innovators in the history of jazz. Coleman's childhood in the black ghetto areas of Fort Worth where trains ran past his house (an… Read more

OUR FATHER (Francisco Regueiro, 1985)
A Spanish Cardinal in Rome learns that he has only one more year to live. Taking leave of the Pope (who is informed his Cardinal has a daughter and granddaughter), the Cardinal returns to the small C… Read more

OUT OF THE DARKNESS (John Krish, 1985)
A ghost story with a twist, this mystery is highly recommended for the 8-10 age group. shot in Derbyshire, the film takes its tale from the famous self-sacrifice by the villagers, who during the plag… Read more

PATTERNS (Margaret Haselgrove, 1985)
PATTERNS is a documentary which explores issues to do with politics work art and women s history A number of threads are woven between the sweatshop and the art gallery the glory box and the politica… Read more

Percussion Movie (Heinz Pramann, 1985)
A visually dynamic experimental film produced frame by frame and consisting of lour parts Action shots penguins moons and figures march, jump and dance in time to the rhythmic pulsing of the music. ... Read more

Picture This (Julian Rex, 1985)
A film which asks, "Does St. Kilda s lowlife equal a dog's afterlife?" Animal astral tripping by the beach! ... Read more

Pinball Cha Cha (Yello, 1985)
The image is no longer the slave of the container in the music video. It is more related to the art of painting than to the movie, and shall develop itself into the tradition of Ferdinand Leger and i… Read more

Pit Women: We'll Never Be The Same Again (Amanda Richardson, 1985)
The film explores the experiences of a number of women who through the organisation of Women Against Pit Closures and their own Women s Action Croup picketting and strike support activity fought the … Read more

Pitjiri - The Snake That Will Not Sink (Karen Hughes, 1985)
This documentary explores the relationships between nursing ... sister Ruth Heathercock and the aboriginal people of Ngukurr Between the wars Ruth worked with aboriginal leprosy patients and fought f… Read more

Preoccupied (Solrun Hoaas, 1985)
Documentary filmmaker researching film on motherhood faces personal decision on whether or not to have a child of her own This film blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction and develops i… Read more

Since Masters and Johnson laid the groundwork in the early seventies, therapists have engaged in a radical form of therapy for clients with severe sexual problems. ... PRIVATE PRACTICES follows two m… Read more

Programme Music (Diazaburo Harada, Haruhiku Shono, 1985)
Ginza Music Festival 1985. Starting from the sounds of nature (thunder and waves), and then to those of dinosaurs, primal peoples, classical music, and finally to computer music. Visually tracing a h… Read more

Pulz (Martin Kissener, 1985)
Collapsing new and old buildings. ... Read more

Pygmalion (Eric Lanz, 1985)
The rain in Switzerland falls. ... Read more

Pyrotechnics (Bradley Eros, Aline Mare, 1985)
Tesla & pPomethea in the ecstasy of transmissions. Fire knows and never sleeps. ... Exploded myths. Visionary tricksters. ... Nikola tests radiated a blue light.Electric/power and the dangerous firew… Read more

Quiz Games (The Duvet Brothers, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Rachel Dustbin's Dog and the Law (Murray Reece, 1985)
This colour animation, aimed at the 8-10 year olds, traces the law-making process through the example of Rachel and her noisy dog. When the neighbours complain about the vocal canine, the film follow… Read more

Rapunzel in Suburbia (Particia L'Huede, 1985)
Rapunzel in Suburbia is a portrait of Dorothy Hewett, Australian poet and playwright. The film explores the links between the artist, her work and the major influences on her writing as well as her p… Read more

RE-ANIMATOR (Stuart Gordon, 1985)
Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, RE-ANIMATOR concerns a crazy scientist in a Massachusetts University who invents a serum that can bring dead bodies back to life. The bodies, however, turn nasty a… Read more

RED MATILDAS (Sharon Connolly, Trevor Graham, 1985)
Stories of three women who grew to adulthood in the 1930s, a decade of depression, the rise of fascism and the threat of war. In these years the three, like many Australians, developed beliefs which … Read more

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