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Reinforce (Andrew Scott, 1985)
A series of role plays that examine the rights of residents in institutions. ... Read more

Rendez-Vous (Erik Gustavson, 1985)
An elderly lady living alone passes ihe time reliving in memory the love affair of her youth She receives an unexpected visitor. ... The story is largely told by the camera in low-key poetic black an… Read more

Rotorama (Ingo Guenther, 1985)
Existing images from news broadcasts and commercials revolve across the screen at high speed. The barking dog and whining accordion add to the suggestion of the threat. ... Read more

Roy Smeck: The Wizard of the Strings (Peter Friedman, 1985)
A portrait of Roy Smeck. veteran star of vaudeville early sound ... films and radio and a pioneer in the popularisation of fretted ... musical instruments (banjo, guitar etc). Includes scenes of 82-y… Read more

Running from the Ghost (Nick Torrens, 1985)
This film is about the street-level living of Hong Kong hawkers Of the 220 000 hawkers in Hong Kong it is estimated that 200 000 are unlicensed and illegal It is their world that is explored in this … Read more

SATYAJIT RAY (Shyam Benegal, 1985)
This documentary is Shyam Benegal's tribute to his peer Satyajit Ray. Benegal allows Ray to tell his own story, that of his life and work, without interference. ... Ray outlines the story of his life… Read more

Scarecrow (Hu Jinquing, 1985)
When waterfowl steal from his pond of fish, an old man devises a means to scare them away. In doing so he learns a lesson about nature and work. ... Read more

SEACOAL (Amber Films, 1985)
Lying somewhere between the naturalism of Mike Leigh and the working class concerns of Ken Loach, Seacoal, a unique collaborative project, is an astonishing doco-drama that demolishes the lines betwe… Read more

SECRETS, SECRETS (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1985)
Generally acclaimed as the best — and most important — Italian film of the year. SECRETS, SECRETS confirms the talent of ... Giuseppe Bertolucci (younger brother of Bernardo and co-writer… Read more

Senza Titolo (Alfredo Pirri, 1985)
Within the held of rotating green, a circle is filled with ever-changing signs and letters. ... Read more

Sexo Macumba (Xavier Villaverde, 1985)
The images show close -ups of the mouth and eyes of a man. On closer inspection this seems to be double-take of a couple. A thrilling rhythm is mixed with a sense at despair. ... Read more

Shadows of the Present (Rainer Kirberg, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

SHOAH (Claude Lanzmann, 1985)
Without using a single frame of archival footage, this film relentlessly and rigorously investigates the implementation of Hitlers Final Solution for the Jews of Europe. Lanzmann interviews survivors… Read more

Sinerama - Part 1 - A Taxi To Temptation (Randelli, 1985)
Vivien Leigh a fragile neurotic schoolteacher comes to live with her sister, who is married to Marlon Brando. Ann Margaret provokes Treat Williams into revealing her more intimate past. After some ta… Read more

Sinerama - Part 1 - A Taxi To Temptation (Randelli, 1985)
Vivien Leigh, a fragile, neurotic schoolteacher, comes to live with her sister, who is married to Marlon Brando. Ann Margaret provokes Treat Williams into revealing her more intimate past. After some… Read more

Sister Suzie Cinema (John Sanborn, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Skipping Girl (Anna Grieve, 1985)
The narrative centres on a young Melbourne woman trying to come to terms with s ... Read more

Sleepers (Antoine Lopez, 1985)
An old woman travelling by train. But is it also a journey through her memories? ... Read more

SOFT AND HARD (Jean-Luc Godard, Anne-Marie Meiville, 1985)
This ‘soft conversation on a hard subject between two friends' presents a dialogue between Godard and his collaborator, Anne-Marie Mieville. They talk about Cinema, Television and their work togeth… Read more

Solo for Tuba (Arik Kaplun, 1985)
In a civil war in an unspecified country a tuba player tries to remain aloof from the conflict that surrounds him. The film is an allegory spoken in an invented language. It was nominated for an Acad… Read more

SOMSRI (Chatrichalerm Yukol, 1985)
When a corrupt land development company tries to evict 20,000 dwellers from their homes, Somsri, a charismatic local teacher leads the fight to save his community. 'Tiger Temple Community' is the nam… Read more

Stereo-Gnosis (Jean MIl, 1985)
The filmmaker enters into the spiritual world of Jacky de Maeyer and probes into the spirit hidden behind the visible exteriors of the sculpture. He works without words, with Images and musk alone. ... Read more

STONE YEARS (Pantelis Voulgaris, 1985)
Pantelis Voulgaris' epic is set during the "stone years" of recent Greek history (I954-1974) when membership of the Communist Party was illegal, and repressive governments punished members with impri… Read more

Vivid reconstruction through interviews and dramatic sequences of the mass observation movement of the 1930s which conducted opinion surveys in Britain on everything from sex to the abdication the Mu… Read more

SUBWAY (Luc Besson, 1985)
Fred, a punk-coiffed eccentric, gatecrashes Helena's classy birthday party, stealing some compromising documents that belong to her influential husband Pursued by the husband's henchmen. Fred finds r… Read more

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