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THE TERRORISER (Edward Yang, 1986)
A man lies dead in a suburban street, armed police surround a fiat, an Eurasian girl escapes from the scene of the crime, a young photographer snaps the proceedings. The setting is Taipei but it coul… Read more

THE WEST (Geoff Weary, 1986)
The West attempts to produce a conjunction of images, anecdotes scenarios, historico-social information and sounds culled from two contrasting urban spaces. The synthesis of these two spaces - certai… Read more

The Wordy Rappinghood (Nicholas Elliot, 1986)
The Wordy Rappinghood is four and a half minutes of titles to the music of Tom Tom Club. The song celebrates the play of language and the film shows the language of play. ... "I loved it!", (Rollo Cr… Read more

THE YOUNG MAGICIAN (Waldemar Dzicki, 1986)
The Young Magician is the fourth feature film in Rock Demar's ongoing series of family films. A truly international production, this multi-award winning film is a delightful story about youthful disc… Read more

TO SLEEP SO AS TO DREAM (Kaizo Hayashi, 1986)
A low budget, 16mm, black and white debut feature that indicates not only an interesting new talent but also an extraordinary love and feeling for the silent cinema. The picture is shot like a Japane… Read more

To Wait (Mauricio Farias, Luiz Fernando Carvalho, 1986)
An experimental narrative inspired by Roland Barthes Fragments d'un Discours Amoreux. Andre has a date with Silvia, the girl he loves. He arrives punctually at the bar chosen for the rendezvous and w… Read more

TOBY MCTEAGUE (Jean-Claude Lord, 1986)
Shot on location in northern Quebec, the film deals with the relationship between a widower and his teenage son. Their lives in the tiny community of Silver Creek are dominated by "mushing" or dog sl… Read more

Transitive Four (John Goff, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Triple Sec (Yves Thomas, 1986)
A dry French comedy set in a restaurant where we eavesdrop on a number of separate conversations. A witty, cleverly structured film with a twist in its tales. ... Read more

TWO MOON JULY (Tom Bowes, 1986)
Two Moon July is a lyrical collage of performance music media and visual art made for television. The viewer joins two technical directors as they conduct a rehearsal for a live performance. Performa… Read more

Um Dia . . . Maria (Marco Antonio Simas, 1986)
The film shows the daily life of a young music student whose routine, as well as that of most Brazilians, suffers a sudden and violent interruption when the military forces take hold of the governmen… Read more

Une Minute Video (Jean-Pierre Trudel, Mario Bedard, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Untitled (Michael Buckley, 1986)
A baby, a woman and a romantic sound track combine and form a hypnotic and emotive film. Untitled is a hand-processed film which has been rephotographed through a faulty optical printer and includes … Read more

Video Album 3 (George Kuchar, 1986)
George Kuchar, renowned avant-garde filmmaker based in California creates a day-in-the-hfe style of video documentary (the third in the series). ... Read more

Video Through the Ages (Herbert Wentscher, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Vision (Dirk De Bruyn, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Visual Shuffle (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Volveran Las Naves (Gianfranco Annichini, 1986)
"This beautiful Peruvian film captivated me with the simplicity of its concept and its beautiful imagery which betrays a personal visual style. A grandson asks his grandfather about the old days then… Read more

War in Flowerland (Byron Black, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Watching Out (Nan Hoover, 1986)
A colourful black-and-whlte tape without sound. A portrait in a landscape of expressions. The Images are recognisable, both emotionally and visually, whilst the conscious silence is audible. ... Read more

Waterfall (Fiona Eagger, 1986)
A bored middle-aged housewife and mother rebels against the banality of her life by going for a swim at the local baths. Life ... briefly assumes the glamour of an Esther Williams movie. This film ha… Read more

WEAPONS OF THE SPIRIT (Pierre Sauvage, 1986)
It's been said that there were three ' sparks ' of goodness among the evil of the Holocaust that of an individual, of a community and of a country. The individual was Raoul Wallenberg, the country wa… Read more

When We get the Money (Jinks Dulhunty, 1986)
An offbeat madcap comic romp, the film follows the struggles of two Inner-city blue-eyed modern girls, Clovebox and Cardoor, who need an impossibly large sum of money to get a project off the ground.… Read more

Wladislaw Starewicz (Wadim Berestowski, 1986)
A 1986 examination of the master animator, his life, times and work. Long overdue, this documentary covers his pioneering and dedicated work. From his initial scientific films animating insects to hi… Read more

Yes Frank No Smoke (George Barber, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

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