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BAD BLOOD (Leos Carax, 1986)
A youthful, anarchic film from 26-year-old French director Leos Carax, a crime thriller that turns into a tale of unrequited love. ... "Paris, a few years before the beginning of the 21st century. No… Read more

BAD BLOOD (Leos Carax, 1986)
“In many ways [Carax's] most purely delightful work - bittersweet, haunting, and as original and eccentric as homage movies get, infusing arch neo-Godard poetics with grace notes cribbed from Griff… Read more

Bananen (Hans Peter Boffgen, Harry Reinen, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Beethoven's 5th (Christine Mehner, 1986)
A fantasy about the time Beethoven spent composing his 5th Symphony. ... Read more

Before I Die Forever (Harry Hook, 1986)
An old man returns from the grave on a final quest. ... Read more

BLACK AND WHITE (Claire Devers, 1986)
Described as "the ultimate male bonding film" and "an understated example of a good modern gothic narrative", Noir Et Blanc marks Claire Devers' remarkable directorial debut. The story deals with Ant… Read more

Bleeding Star (Bertrand Fevre, 1986)
Recalling the mythic encounter between Ulysses and the Siren, a series of men become imprisoned by the projections of their own desires. "I felt that Fevre's sensitivity and imagination would bring t… Read more

By Attrition (Jeanne Crépeau, Stephen Fortin, 1986)
Having met, two women discuss their relationship. One compares their time together with a pair of old socks; one wonders whether lips wear out from kissing the same person. They are still in love. A … Read more

By Bread Alone (Kirk Lavine, 1986)
A young priest returns home on vacation tries unsuccessfully to convert his mother returns to church and has a kind of vision Bizarre comic iconoclastic short fiction. ... Read more

Cadence (Jan Wouter Van Reyen, 1986)
An impressionistic look at a block of flats somewhere in the Netherlands. ... Read more

Celebrate (Joanne Lane, 1986)
The Ouantet Video Paintbox with Mirage effects and 3D animation meets ... the filmic dose-up. ... Read more

Chickens (Michiko Amali, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

CHILE: HASTA CUANDO? (David Bradbury, 1986)
An account of current political unrest in Chile. 12 years after murder of Allende and installation of military dictatorship under General Pinochet. David Bradbury's most powerful film up to date, not… Read more

Chinavision (Paul Wong, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Club Video (Philip Brophy, 1986)
A dual monitor Installation designed to steal the show. ... Read more

COMING UP ROSES (Stephen Bayly, 1986)
This funny, observant and charming film earned the distinction of being the first Welsh-language production selected for an official section at Cannes. It screened there last year in the Un Certain R… Read more

Contract With Debt (Tony Wright, 1986)
A highly stylised production featuring Krystal and Amanda in their travels through contemporary consumer culture. The visual look graphic design and the narrative pitch all combine to construct a vid… Read more

Cosmic Sperm (Kees de Groot, Frank Morssinkhof, 1986)
Swirling shapes in the sea of tranquility. ... Read more

Cutting Like The Ocean (Peter Callas, 1986)
A 'didactic' document, tracing events concerned with the creation and dismantling of a video installation in Japan. ... Read more

Czechs and Balances (Debra Epstein, 1986)
Czechs and Balances is the story of a down and out Japanese woodworker living in New York City. In desperation he resorts to purse snatching. ... Read more

D.U.I. (Spike Stewart, 1986)
DUI (Driving Under The Influence) originated as a benefit concert for a member of the Los Angeles band Severed Head In A Bag who was picked up by the Los Angeles Police Department for alcohol consump… Read more

Dance Ex Machina (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

DEAD END DRIVE-IN (M) (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
"There is topless nudity aplenty - shower shots, dressing shots, undressing shots - anything and everything the hormones of a raging horror/sci-fi fan could long for." - DVD Verdict ... Faced with a … Read more

Dear Me (Cathy Vogan, 1986)
A sound poem that traces the rhythm of mediaphrenia and contrapuntal expressionism within a tight harmonic and temporal framework. A tribute to television: garbage with a lot of thought put into it. … Read more

Deo Bernique (Celia Canning, Raymond Gourrier, 1986)
A film which attempts to separate the sheep from the monks. One to flock to. ... Read more

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