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Depictions (Philip Brophy, 1986)
Depictions are the evidence of acts of depiction. From cartoons of J.R. to B.B.C. weather maps of Ireland, to pages from Zora comics to 'Wildstyle' Letraset - what is centred on in this tape is the a… Read more

DESERT BLOOM (Eugene Corr, 1986)
Set in Las Vegas in 1950 where an A-Bomb test is planned. Jack, a World War Two veteran, runs a gas station with his wife Lily and his three stepdaughters. The family is visited by Lily's sister, Sta… Read more

Dhaka Tokai (Filmmakers Collective under direction of Christoph Hubner, 1986)
Documentary on an eight-year-old boy who earns his living by collecting waste paper and working as a coolie, and lives in a slum hut on the border of the city. The film is the result of a workshop ru… Read more

DIARY FOR MY LOVES (Marta Meszaros, 1986)
In 1982 Marta Meszaros made Diary For My Children, an autobiographic account of her childhood in the USSR and her return to Hungary after the war following the death of her mother and the imprisonmen… Read more

Dienstag (Volker Anding, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

A compact, exemplary study of one of Hollywood's premier directors, Aviva Slesin's affectionate portrait is built around an interview with William Wyler filmed three days before his death. It is an i… Read more

DOGS IN SPACE (1986) (MA15+) (Richard Lowenstein, 1986)
Back in 1986, Dogs in Space condensed an era, immortalised a rock star and stepped straight into our collective unconscious.To celebrate its digital restoration, MIFF is proud to reawaken this disson… Read more

DOUBLE MESSIEURS (Jean-François Stevenin, 1986)
Jean-François Stevenin is best known in France as an actor. Double Messieurs, his second film as a director, is a personal, idiosyncratic work, hailed for its evocative presentation of situati… Read more

Double Trouble (Peter Callas, 1986)
A tape which uses a two frame animation technique developed on the Fairlight CVI. This technique emphasises body movement as a 'decoder' of culture. ... Read more

Easter (Geoff Clinton, 1986)
A hellish vision or dream, which wanders through a collection of historical events, attitudes and outcomes. It compares the '1824' Wiradjuri Aboriginal massacre (in NSW) with a motorcycle carnival he… Read more

Elephantrio (Paul Driessen, Graeme Ross, John Weldon, 1986)
Three earthlings embark on the journey of life, soul firmly in hand. Dangers moral and physical strew their way. An animation film about love, rejection, greed, endurance, honour and ignominy. ... Read more

Eloquence (Radio Robotnik TV, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Entr' Acte (Yann Piquer, Jean Marie Maddeddu, 1986)
A depiction of the almost surreal scenes in a theatre toilet during intermission. ... Read more

EVENING DRESS (Bertrand Blier, 1986)
The surprise of this year's Cannes festival, TENUE DE SOIREE (EVENING DRESS) marks a much-awaited return of veteran ... writer/director Bertrand Blier. ... It is a black comedy in which Gerard Depard… Read more

Fabrizio Plessi (Felice Pesoli, 1986)
First issue of the video magazine devoted to Bip Bip video art. A monography of the most important Italian video artist and a unique document on the poetics of video and water. ... Read more

Fahrenheit 625 (Frank Graf, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Falling Disk (Dieter Kiessling, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

FATHERLAND (Ken Loach, 1986)
Ken Loach's uncompromising brand of cinematic 'realism' - documentary camera style, use of non-professional casts, improvisation, realistic unfolding of time within fictional narratives - has cast hi… Read more

Fifty-Fifty (Carole Sklan, 1986)
Flashing back and forth between the Fifties and the Eighties. the film explores with wit and panache the political and social connections between the two eras, converting a potential nostalgia trip i… Read more

Fire Demon (Werner Klett, 1986)
A parable without dialogue summed up by the final title. "Cineasts are people who rob themselves of the present and others of a future." ... Read more

Flash Information (Jean-Claude Ruggirello, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Flaubert Dreams of Travel but the Illness of His Mother Prevents It (Ken Kobland, 1986)
"The material used in this tape was shot on film during the rehearsal period of the Wooster Group's new theatre piece which is based on Gustav Flaubert's The Temptation of St Anthony, as well as the … Read more

Flying Insects (Taeko Kitajima, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Forgotten Fictions (David Finch, 1986)
Some forgotten stories re-invented around the single fragment that remained in the memory. Shot over 12 months in London, Liverpool, Karlsruhe and the Cambrian mountains. ... Read more

Fractured Variations (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

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