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Galia's Wedding (Rami Kimchi, 1986)
Nati, a sensitive 24 year old, decides to attend the wedding of his girlfriend Galia. His journey to her kibbutz is plagued with the psychological trauma of lost love and separation. ... Read more

Girl is a Gun (Apres Luc Moullet) (Rolando Caputo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Girls in Suits at Lunch (Ruth Charny, 1986)
Shot on a budget of $5,000, Girls In Suits is a controversial comedy about two women who come together to celebrate milestones in their careers - but whose discussion ends up revolving totally around… Read more

God Bless America (Mark Titmarsh, 1986)
What i saw in the burning bush. The teaming hoards of America. ... Read more

GOLDEN EIGHTIES (Chantal Akerman, 1986)
Chantal Akerman's Golden Eighties is an exuberant witty tongue-in-cheek musical for the modern age. The inescapable comparison is with the light-opera musicals of Jacques Demy, but Akerman's touch is… Read more

GOLDEN EIGHTIES (PG) (Chantal Akerman, 1986)
“Like Jacques Demy on speed.” - Time Out ... Chantal Akerman's candy-coloured musical is set entirely in a Parisian shopping mall, in an unashamed celebration of 80s French pop, young love and fr… Read more

GONDOLA (Chisho Itoh, 1986)
In his highly accomplished, self-financed, first feature, Chisho Itoh focuses on the friendship that develops between Kagau a lonely, neglected Tokyo schoolgirl and Ryo a window cleaner, recently arr… Read more

GRANDEUR & DECADENCE (Jean-Luc Godard, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Graven Angst (TV Bob, Dave McIntosh, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Great Mother Cyumiko (Mako Idemitsu, 1986)
A narrative that explores the relationship between a talented intellectual mother (who is self-sufficient in all areas of her life) and her daughter. Her daughter has a wish to explore the passionate… Read more

HALF OF THE SKY (Manuel Gutierrez Aragon, 1986)
Half Of The Sky, directed by Manuel Gutierrez Aragon (Demons In The Garden), is one of the most highly praised Spanish films of recent years. It blends a tale of working class ambitions with old worl… Read more

HANDSWORTH SONGS (Black Audio Film Collective, 1986)
A film essay on the contours of 'race' and 'civil disorder' in contemporary Britain. Filmed in Handsworth and London during the riots of 1955, and using extensive archival material ranging from scene… Read more

Hematlied (Gabor Ferenczi, Can Togay, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

... ... It will be a pity if Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer comes to be known for the controversy it has sparked rather than its qualities as a piece of filmmaking. As Caryn James in The New York … Read more

HOME OF THE BRAVE (Laurie Anderson, 1986)
Laurie Anderson, a performance artist who has achieved the task of "crossing over" to a larger audience, has now made her first feature film. Photographed around New York and in front of a live audie… Read more

Home to Algiers (Cyril Collard, 1986)
The story of a passion between Jean and Farid, thwarted by incomprehension opposite ... cultures and impossible departures And finally in their inevitable persecution. ... Read more

HONG KIL DONG (Kim Kil-in, 1986)
"With excellent wire-work and a lot of sword play and spraying blood, it's no wonder that Hong Kil Dong was selected by a group of DPRK defectors as the number one North Korean film of all time."&nbs… Read more

Humdrum (Til and Ruben Dellers, 1986)
This evening Theo and his friend from work have gone to the pub. It is filled with the same old faces behaving in the same restrained fashion, talking over the same old things. Suddenly Theo stands u… Read more

I Need a Man Like You to Make My Dreams Come True (Kalli Paakspuu, Daria Stermac, 1986)
The construction of female sexuality from a male perspective has been the favoured target of feminists since the women's liberation struggle began, ... launching a definitive attack on the male visio… Read more

I Need You (John Gillies, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

IBUNDA (Teguh Karya, 1986)
'Mother, ... The book that you have already read, ... I now begin to read ... Newly, on the first page ' ... (epigraph to Ibunda from a poem by Rik A. Sakri) ... Ibunda [Mother] is the most recent fi… Read more

IN AFRICA FOR A SPELL (Ilan Flammer, 1986)
A modern ethnological documentary of a journey through Africa with commentaries by psychiatrist Dr Nakang Na Nbog and traditional healer Yol Yol. The ontological and imperial conflicts of western int… Read more

Iron Heart (Mary St. James, Anne Wilson, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Ironland (Llurex, 1986)
Waves and rocks rocks and waxes. ... Read more

Island Stories (Nigel Rolfe, 1986)
A sad song with an Irish accent. A tear jerker set In the midst of parody. ... Read more

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