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It's All True: Four Men on a Raft (Orson Welles, 1986)
In 1942, after completing principal photography on The Magnificent Ambersons and before beginning Journey Into Fear, Orson Welles began shooting three episodes for an anthology film to be titled It's… Read more

JACK LEVINE: FEAST OF PURE REASON (David Sutherland, 1986)
Jack Levine, one of America's leading Social Realist painters, is outspoken, articulate and brilliant. His satirical work has caused controversy for years. Sutherland (director of Paul Cadmus. Enfant… Read more

JIMI PLAYS MONTEREY (D. A. Pennebaker, 1986)
In 1967, D. A. Pennebaker pioneered the rock documentary with Monterey Pop. The Monterey Festival, a precursor to Woodstock, introduced Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to the American public. Hendrix, … Read more

Joseph Beuys At Europort (Babeth, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Jungles (Tim Grutchy, 1986)
All of the Zip Collective tapes feature audio , visual and graphic components to create repeated patterns of sound, vision texture, abstract colour and synthetic montage effects. ... Read more

JUST LIKE WEATHER (Allen Fong, 1986)
The original idea behind Alien Fong's lust Like Weather was to make a film about marriage. He became intrigued with a young couple (Christine Lee and Chang Hung-nin) who had been separated three time… Read more

KANGAROO (Tim Burstall, 1986)
D.H. Lawrence's novel KANGAROO was based on his persona! experiences in Australia in 1922. ... Richard and Harriet Somers decide to leave England and the ravages of post-war Europe for a freer and mo… Read more

Karkador (Peter Callas, 1986)
Computer-generated images trace the words of a song by the Japanese pop group 'P-Model'. The words are about a man peering into a mirror and experiencing deja-vu. ... Read more

Kelimba (Peter Tscherkassky, 1986)
Images fall in and out of abstraction and fluctuate to the rhythms of Greek folk music, creating an exotic dance on the screen. ... Peter Tscherkassky, 10 mins, 1986, 16mm (S-8 blow up), Col/B&W, Sou… Read more

Kenny's Love (Rowan Woods, 1986)
"Kenny is a simple man whose life revolves around football, hot dogs and imaginary girlfriends. But most of all he prides himself on his independence. This is threatened by his sister, Margie Picasso… Read more

L'ansia Letale (Leonie Bodeving, 1986)
A young girl in the bloom of life is set in primarily violent images and surrounded with romantic music. Part of the stream of desire finds its way to commerce - tempted by the goods it offers. ... Read more

La Mirada De Miriam (Clara Riascos, 1986)
The film is a mixture of dramatized and documentary sequences. Miriam is a woman living in a suburb of Bogota who is especially fond of children and who founded a kindergarten that is now subsidized.… Read more

La Neige (Kouichi Tabata, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

La Siesta (Yann Piquer, 1986)
Nature communes with Man. ... Read more

Landscape (Stefan Schwiertert, 1986)
Abstract forms dancing in space. ... Read more

LAPUTA: SKY CASTLE (Hayayo Miyazaki, 1986)
Laputa has similar heroic themes to Nausicaa, this time centred on a young boy (Pazu) and girl's (Sheeta) quest to discover their heritage and unleash mystical powers bestowed upon them. More gender-… Read more

LAST DAY'S WORK (Brian McKenzie, 1986)
One of the first films to be completed by a recipient of the AFC's Documentary Fellowships. LAST DAY'S WORK chronicles working life in six different workplaces. ... Five days of work, one day of goin… Read more

Le Dauphin (Stephan Sachs, 1986)
Le Dauphin is about an imaginary journey, reflecting the yearning of the vision towards the 'object' and the picture'. Vision itself is marked with cliches during the search for the original and an u… Read more

Le Pape A Lyon (Frigo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Les Arcandiers (Manuel Sanchez, 1986)
Three young men living in Nevers provide an answer to their poverty and boredom by stealing the body of the revered Bernadette Soubirou from the local chapel. Ten days later they receive an unexpecte… Read more

LETTERS FROM A DEAD MAN (Konstantin Lopushansky, 1986)
Letters From A Dead Man, shot before the Chernobyl disaster and released soon afterwards, has been dubbed the Soviet Day After. Variety noted that it was as intense as the American film, but much mor… Read more

Like Paradise (Sasha Wonders, 1986)
The look of the image in this black and-white Russian tape appears to be quite simple. A registration without manipulation of an outing with three men: they swim In a lake, picnic on the grass, play … Read more

LILY TOMLIN (Nicholas Broomfield, Joan Churchill, 1986)
Joan Churchill and Nicholas Broomfield, the husband-and-wife documentary team, have been working together since 1974. After dealing with subjects like teenage California prison (Tattooed Tears) and w… Read more

Lin E Katazan (Edgard Navarro, 1986)
Parable on discrimination against Asians, based on a chapter of the book Fazenda Modelo by Pedro Buarque de Holanda. ... Read more

London 1986 (John Gillies, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

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