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Looking for Spacethings (John Armstrong, 1986)
Jason and his dopey companion go looking for a thing from outer-space. Meanwhile, a search party for the pair goes astray and Gonzo munches on a shoe. But sooner or later the spaghetti has got to be … Read more

Loose Corner (Anita Thatcher, 1986)
An adventure to an impossible place the other side of the Looking Glass. A challenge to perceptual assumptions and a regressive journey into pre-symbolic realms! ... Read more

Love Della (Graeme Wood, 1986)
Who was Della Ray? A mythic portrait. ... Read more

Made in Italy (Various, 1986)
An anthology of the best independent Italian video clip productions from the Bolognese electronic rock of the Stupid Set, to the refined dance music of N.O.I.As; from the ambient atmospheres of the C… Read more

MAGIC HOUR (Frank Abbot, 1986)
A dramatic documentary contrasting the reality of street life with TV m a contemporary British city. There is a frantic collision ol images as scenes of power pleasure and play compete against each o… Read more

Making Biscuit (Sharon Laura, 1986)
An animated documentary that revealingly examines a women s factory culture. Made by ex-factory workers the film juxtaposes still images (reminiscent of the automated processes of factory production)… Read more

Man: A Passion Playground (Atom Egoyan, 1986)
While a woman orates on the excellence of the masculine gender, a field of males cheer and chant their appreciation in unison. ... Read more

Masterpeace (Four Frames, 1986)
A scratch video on the theme of peace. ... Read more

Media Vita In Morte Sumus (Dedo, 1986)
Behind a screen of colourful symbolic forms scenes are played wherein life and death appeal to be struggling with each other. The music swells to baroque heights and all ends in darkness. ... Read more

Metrovision (Yann Piquer, 1986)
A nightmare journey on the Paris Metro from Mimesis to Abstraction. ... Read more

Miles of Music (Ray Argall, 1986)
Part of the series POP MOVIE. MILES OF MUSIC is a rock tour with a difference. Teenage Rockshow takes live rock music to outback towns, high schools and aboriginal settlements. This film shows the mu… Read more

MIXED BLOOD (Paul Morrissey, 1986)
Rita la Punta is a Brazilian drug dealer who has made her home in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She recruits Hispanics under the age of 15 as they are too young to be prosecuted for murder. She m… Read more

Mountains of Memory (Mao Kawaguchi, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Muybridge Revisited (George Snow, 1986)
Muybridge Revisited consists of re-animation of Muybridge loops, cut with experimental videographics of the people and buildings of Fulham, processed with a 'Pluto' computer programmed by George Snow. Read more

MY LIFE WITHOUT STEVE (Gillian Leahy, 1986)
A discourse about romantic love obsession and abandonment. The film traces a year in La's life alter she has been rejected by her lover Steve A monologue composed of her diary pilings bits of books a… Read more

My Socks (Martin Gressman, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Night Movie (Gur Heller, 1986)
First film by young student of Film Department at Tel Aviv University tolls of dramatic encounter between an Israeli soldier on reserve duty and an Arab boy one dark and troubled night in the back st… Read more

NIGHT OF THE PENCILS (Héctor Olivera, 1986)
With this gripping, disturbing account of the kidnapping, torture and ultimate disappearance of six high school students in the early years of the Argentine military regime's "dirty war" against subv… Read more

Night Thriller (Alessandro Furlan, 1986)
Through the hunt for a mad killer, a private detective ends up discovering the truth. By playing with the conventions of the genre, this tape becomes an amiable tribute and homage to thrillers and th… Read more

Nightangel (Jacques Drouin, Bretislav Pojar, Alexeiff-Parker, 1986)
A man prone to daydreaming suddenly loses his sight Overnight, the world becomes a frightening place. Luckily, an angel watches over him. ... Read more

Nightmare Angel (Susan Emerling, Zoe Beloff, 1986)
Jack and Diana Weston's lives are intruded upon by Dr de Freis, not long after their car accident. Dr de Freis is a chronicler of car accidents who attempts to verify the psychological changes which … Read more

NO PICNIC (Philip Hartman, 1986)
Philip Hartman, co-founder of the Great Jones Cafe, wrote and directed this story of turmoil and chaos in the life of Macabee Cohen, former rock musician, now supplier of records for jukeboxes. Like … Read more

Oh! (Ute Aurand, Ulrike Pfeiffer, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

ONE LOOK AND LOVE BREAKS OUT (Jutta Bruckner, 1986)
"Romantic wishes are so gigantic that they are unable to express themselves, they are mute. The film encircles them through the staging of pantomimed sketches, in fragmented compositions made up of m… Read more

One Potato Moor (Bruce Currie, 1986)
A potato-headed scarecrow, stuck out in a paddock. bemoans the fate that assails him "It's not a good place to be this, nowerdays... the pig wants to eat my big fat potato head " He's right. It does.… Read more

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