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Films In 1986

Two friends are linked by a tragic event in their past which leads to an inevitable confrontation. An impressive film debut with a confidence and vision that marks Buralli as a talent definitely worth watching. ... "Saccade attempts to explore the boundaries betweenmemory and remembrance - the ... Read more
Samba To Slow Fox penetrates the surreal world of ballroom dancing... and treads the light fantastic... a world of costume, mask, sequins and fantasy. In this case, the greatest fantasy of all - to be outright champions. This brilliantly colourful documentary enters the world of these wholly ... Read more
Directed and co-written (along with leading players Franke and Levy) by Helmut (not the actor) Berger, this fast, funny, furiously paced romantic thriller has been favourably compared to Beineix's Diva, but trading that film's slick Parisian sheen for a more naturalistic Berlin grittiness. What's ... Read more
In 1986, Melbourne Film Festival guest Robert Mugge presented four of his musical films. This year. Mugge is represented by his portrait of the jazz sax player Sonny Rollins. Part One of the film was shot at Opus 40, a sculptured rock quarry in upper New York State where Rollins performs with his ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
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Shadows in Paradise borrows its title from an Erich Maria Remarque novel about wartime refugees. It is an attempt by director Aki Kaurismaki at a realistic love story with scenes taking place in the rear rooms of supermarkets, in bingo halls and garbage trucks. ... Kaurismaki has fashioned an ultra ... Read more
The legendary performance by Otis Redding ('The King of Soul) from the famous Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967. ... Read more
A sort of 'automatic' narrative style, courtesy of Raoul the Cat. Combinations of idiom and sound begin to convolute the image and the world, until a time of crisis arrives. ... Read more
A lyrical drama about a girl's obsession with living underwater. ... Read more
Subtitled "A meditation on the possibility of romantic love in the South during an era of nuclear weapons proliferation also a comedy". ... A cinema verite style road movie in which the filmmaker attempts to retrace the route taken through the South by General Sherman during the Civil War. ... Read more
Garry & Nicko. in a gritty story of thick realism, find themselves in Melbourne where their typical mateship comes under strain when Garry 'finds a girl' and 'gets a job'. ... Read more
A sort of Dogs In Space, Simptoons, The Movie recounts the experiences of a group of artists sharing a dwelling as told through the eyes of one of the house cats. My first animated cartoon. ... Read more
Ray Milland wants to get rid of Grace Kelly .He blackmails Anthony Dawson into doing it Angle Dickinson kills her would-be killer by sticking ... scissors/ knife into his back. Christopher Plummer frames Libbi Bennson for murder.Greg Miller the wife s lover and pan-time private eye solves the crime. Read more
Sara Driver's first feature floats between the natural and the surreal, taking on the landscape and logic of a dream. ... Set between New York's Chinatown and Soho districts, it presents a puzzle involving a computer typesetter and a Chinese manuscript that she has been hired to translate and ... Read more
A crazy view of family life and family games played out over one evening. ... Read more
A satirical glance at sub-cultural coupling amongst the cacti. ... Read more
A look at the world of the Australian artist Peter Tyndall. A video gallery of the artist's development. ... Read more
Told from a child's viewpoint, shot in luminous black and white and reminiscent of the early work of Antonioni, Spaventapasseri is the story of two Italian families snaring a Melbourne house in the late sixties. One family has recently arrived from Italy, while the other is well established in ... Read more
A delightful narrative about the escalation of a young Catholic boy's obsession with Josef Stalin, which is propagated by the conservative and austere environment of New Zealand in the 1950s. Stalin's Sickle could well be a generic relative of last year's popular By Bread Alone. ... Read more
The trial of the Baader-Meinhof gang, the most notorious terrorist gang in Europe in the early 1970s, took place at the Stuttgart-Stammheim prison between 1975 and 1977 On trial were Andreas Baader. Ulrike Meinhof. jan-Carl Raspe and Gudrun Ensslin. A fifth member of the group, Holger Meins died at ... Read more
A video piece, made by a composer from his traditions, which applies the sensitivities of chamber music and environmental sound interaction to the making of a video composition. ... Read more
An ambient video derived from a video installation. ... Read more
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