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Coffee and Cigarettes (Jim Jarmusch, 1987)
The American Steven and the Italian Roberto meet for the first time in an offbeat cafe for a conversation overr coffee and cigarettes. ... Read more

COO-EE (Graham Chase, 1987)
In 1915 a group of men from the small town of Gilgandra in mid west NSW organised a march to Sydney, 550km away, recruiting volunteers enroute to sign up and fight for their country at Gallipoli. Thi… Read more

Copie Filme (Pascal Remy, 1987)
Seven photocopied stories Quick Inventory (Inventaire Rapide), SB's Been at it Again (Superbiscoto Fait des Siennes), The Fly (La Mouche de Chez Jean), The Long Wait (Une Longue Attente), A Real Punc… Read more

Cops and Docs (Ian Haig, 1987)
A survey of opening credit sequences/theme music of TV series that deal with maintaining the status quo, upholding justice, uncovering truths, saving lives. From Dragnet to Miami Vice and back again. ... Read more

Synopsis not available Read more

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS (Pieter Verhoeff, 1987)
Scripted by director Verhoeff and Jean van de Velde from an ironic, satirical bestseller, this is a formally adventurous gamble that has paid off. Essentially a study of life in an apartment block in… Read more

Critical Years (Gerald L'Ecuyer, 1987)
From the analyst's couch, the terminally tragedy-prone Chip Dexter tries to find the root of his grown up insecurities in his childhood horrors. Meanwhile, his analyst, played by Ann Magnuson, Doyen … Read more

Crust (John E. Hughes, 1987)
The argument continues... two hybrid characters pursue... the crust ... Read more

Damsell in Disdress (Sharon Shostak, 1987)
Which dress addresses the occasion for this damsel? ... Read more

Damsels Be Damned (Wendy Thompson, 1987)
Fairytales have never been less Grimm. Jest (or gests) and jousts in Wagga Wagga parallel contemporary women's encounters with Patriarchy (or should that be Tapriarchy) in the guise of a tap-dancing … Read more

DAUGHTER OF THE NILE (Hou Hsiao-hsien, 1987)
In the last few years Hou Hsiao-hsien's films, (A Summer at Grandpa's '84, A Time to Live and a Time to Die '85 and Dust in the Wind '87) have reflected the considerable critical attention coming to,… Read more

Deep Red Instant Love (Rik Lander, 1987)
Frank is a lonely and purposeless young man until he meets Mr Lord, the charismatic supermarket manager, who employs him to do the lord's work amongst the baked beans and weekly specials. ... An econ… Read more

DIDN'T YOU KILL MY BROTHER? (Bob Spiers, 1987)
From the pen of Alexei Sayle, and no doubt inspired by his hit 'tune' of the same name, this is a radical remake of Bicycle Thieves, with Sayle playing both lead parts - a pair of twins ... Sterling … Read more

DISLOCATION (Huang Jianxin, 1987)
The follow up to Huang Jianxm's very successful first feature Black Cannon Incident, is a decidedly different type of film, that even those familiar with the new developments in Chinese cinema may no… Read more

DRAGON FOOD (Jan Schütte, 1987)
"A modest enterprise of surprising impact, Jan Schutte's first feature film may remind veterans of the refugee stories by Erich Mana Remarque. The difference being that Remaique was writing about exi… Read more

Dream Running (Kanai Katsu, 1987)
"Today dinner plates of the Japanese family are occupied by the plasuc food sold m supermarkets In cinemas it's ail the same This is the stams quo of Japan, a wretched economic giant I myself, being … Read more

Euripides' Movies (Gad Hollander, 1987)
Swarthy, fledgling writer Euripides travels to England with the intention of having his screenplay Medea turned into a movie. A great idea, though the film bureaucracy won't accept it. Full of self d… Read more

A compilation of trends movements and fashions across Europe (including ads by Fellini and Zeffirelli). ... Read more

Eve and Marilyn (Eve Arnold, 1987)
In Eve and Marilyn, Arnold spotlights her relationship with Marilyn Monroe, whom she photographed possibly more than any other photographer over a certain period. This film raises fascinating questio… Read more

Everyman (David Boone, 1987)
Synopsis not available Read more

Facades (Paul Winkler, 1987)
Facades: "The frustration of mankind at traffic lights" - standing in the thick of traffic in any main city trying to cross a street is a daunting task. Traffic and tension can be enormous. The filmm… Read more

Faire La Fete (Anne Marie Mieville, 1987)
A film in which women come to question notions of identity at their window sills. ... " one window - a world with a child and at another window - a world without a child." A. M. Mieville ... Read more

FAMILY VIEWING (Atom Egoyan, 1987)
One of the most talked about films of the year at international festivals, Family Viewing> is as extraordinary and surprising as it is original. Egyptian born, Canadian bred writer/director Atom Egoy… Read more

FINE FRAGMENTS (Tim Grutchy, 1987)
Documentation of a performance of short vignettes featuring music, dance and multi-visuals transformed by video. ... Read more

FIRERAISER (20th Century Vixen, 1987)
A drama-documentary which sets out to explore the role played by Sir Arthur (Bomber) Harris in the history of bombing. Intercutting drama, documentary and archive footage, the film examines the relat… Read more

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