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My Place (Manuela Alberti, 1987)
My Place is a video 8 documentary exploring certain personalities around a discotheque-club in Maroochydore, Queensland, circa 1987. The treatment is naive, the film has the look and feel very much o… Read more

Nature Morte (Lantiand Outi Pitkanen, 1987)
An exercise in transformation ... Read more

NEW YORK FRAMED (Simon Field, Keith Griffiths, 1987)
Fascinating documentary, punctuated by evocative footage from every conceivable New York story as depicted by several generations of visual artists, which manages to show 'how film is used in a varie… Read more

Nice Coloured Girls (Tracey Moffatt, 1987)
"Nice Coloured Girls is an experimental film dealing with European men's first confrontations with Aboriginal women 200 years ago This is juxtaposed with some present day Aboriginal women's urban rit… Read more

One Step Beyond (Naoto Yamakawa, 1987)
A power-station blows up. Two men and two women run out. An employee tries to convince them of the non-danger of the disaster. ... 'No Jean-Luc, not a child of Marx and Coca-Cola. More like a residen… Read more

An enthralling look at a footnote to Hollywood history, this is essentially a straightforward overview of the phenomenal rise and fall of the American independent film production company B.B.S., the … Read more

PAINTING THE TOWN (Trevor Graham, 1987)
In 1937 YosI Bergner, a 17 year old Polish Jew, arrived in Melbourne seeking refuge from anti-semitism and fascism in Europe. He became an inspirational figure among a community of painters seeking t… Read more

Pallisade (Laurie McInnes, 1987)
"Nocturnal" fantasy about a man, a bronze metallic Buick Century and the massed machinery of the Sydney City Council cleansing department. ... Read more

Pleasure Domes (Maggie Fooke, 1987)
A reflective essay on the imposition of meretricious images upon landscape Narrative as a state of mind; landscape as an ice cream sundae. From the beach at Nice, to St Kilda Esplanade Selected for c… Read more

Présence Feminine (Eric Rochant, 1987)
A young woman barges into the home of a ... man she doesn't know a friend has given ... her the address. With her she brings two ... mysterious suitcases. ... Winner, French Cesai, Best Short Fiction… Read more

Private Island (Mark La Rosa, 1987)
35 Summers & Private Island are to be screened with Heart, Beating in the Dark ... Read more

Push (Osamu Tezuka, 1987)
Another of the whimsical gag shorts, this one about the futuristic society of machines at the eternal service of the isolated human being. The repeated ' thank you - come again' phrase orients the fi… Read more

Red Shoes (Andrea Sadler, 1987)
This Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale is retold within a contemporary ambience of urban gloom and emptiness — the snowlined city square allows for jagged contrasts in the black and white phot… Read more

RED SORGHUM (Zhang Yimou, 1987)
Former cincmatographer Zhang Yimou makes an impressive directional debut with this lush rural epic based on renowned Shangdong author Mo Yan's short story. Set during the Sino-Japanese war in the bar… Read more

Reds Dream (John Lasseter, 1987)
This film reveals what philosophers and poets have long wondered what do unicycles dream about on rainy days? Rcd, relegated to the discount section of a big-city bicycle shop, dreams of running off … Read more

RIGHTS AND REACTIONS (Phil Zwickler, 1987)
This explosive one hour documentary gives air to various positions on a topical, contentious issue the legal and civil rights of lesbians and homosexual men. Against the mounting concern and irrevoca… Read more

Rock ‘n' Roll High School (Catherine Lowing, 1987)
The art life, it's just another way of saying the great life. ... Read more

Scenes From the Life of a Washbasin (Harold Hamrell, 1987)
From the moment a young couple move in and raise a family, to die time of old age and the end of life, this film is about the experiences of ... a wash-basin. - (CK) ... Read more

Shot-Countershot (Peter Tscherkassky, 1987)
An ironical commentary on Christian Metz's attempt to formalize the language of film, exploiting an instant of a Hollywood Western. Eureka: “I was swimming in a pool, suddenly it went 'Bang!' and t… Read more

SIGNED: LINO BROCKA (Christian Blackwood, 1987)
Following last year's screening of Christian Blackwood's look at obsessive film random and star imagery My Life for Zarah Leander, we now present his latest documentary account of similarly cine-cent… Read more

SNAKES AND LADDERS (Mitzi Goldman, Trish FitzSimons, 1987)
In a public library, Sophia discovers an antiquarian volume called Snakes And Ladders. Through its pages she meets nine women between the ages of 16 and 92 who talk about their personal experience of… Read more

Snub TV (Brenda Kelly, Peter Fowler, 1987)
An alternative MTV music magazine produced in London for a US cable network (!) Snub TV features interviews with musicians, indy record company reps, D.J.s, record producers etc. and clips you won't … Read more

Something Happened (Roy Andersson, 1987)
This should be seen as a fragment of a larger, uncompleted project meant to contribute to the AIDS debate. Begun in'86 and called off in '87, the National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden, havin… Read more

STAND AND DELIVER (Ramon Menendez, 1987)
Independently produced as Walking on Water as an American Playhouse project, Stand and Deliver, emerges as neither exploitation dross nor action fodder despite the ambiguous title ... Rather it is a … Read more

Steps (Zbigniew Rybczynskii, 1987)
A group of American tourists visit a Russian-like Disneyland wherein they physically interact with the famous Odessa Steps sequence from Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin. The scenes of tourists were … Read more

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