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THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIS WIFE FOR A HAT (Christopher Rawlence, 1987)
Doctor P, a distinguished singer, visits a ... neurologist. He is suffering from a profound ... visual agnosia. He can see but he cannot ... recognise. At the doctor's consulting room, he ... mistake… Read more

The Midnight Train to Kathmandu (Mehmet Raif, 1987)
A non-narrative film filled with stunning and memorable images. It is an evocative filmic journey. ... Read more

The Nihilist's Double Vision (Sydney MacCartney, 1987)
One of several mini-features intended as support in theatrical exhibition. Some believe minis may become a new genre. Others claim they will be a means of justifying yet more advertisements of equal … Read more

The Other Dimension (The Video Paint Brush Co, 1987)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE PEOPLE'S ACCOUNT (Milton Bryan, 1987)
In 1985 a black woman was shot by the police in Brixton. A few weeks later another died in her home in Tottenham when the police "unlawfully" entered to search the property. As a result of these two … Read more

The Revenge of the Sons of the Desert (Alexander Marshall, 1987)
A loving tribute to Laurel & Hardy by a 'set of odd, charming, curious, misplaced cherubs' who get together every two years from all over the world to celebrate these two great cinema comedians. ... … Read more

The Ride (Cathy Vogan, 1987)
A simultaneous projection of film and video with an original music score by the director. Stunning wallpaper. It all started with a rushed meal. ... Read more

The Ship That Never Returned (Nigel Atkinson, Nick Clark, Huw Davies, 1987)
Harry Whitehouse is the last Principal Keeper of Bardsey Lighthouse, on the North Wales coast. The lighthouse is scheduled for automation. In chronicling his departure the film also discusses the ero… Read more

The Short and Curlies (Mike Leigh, 1987)
In between serving cough pastels and contraceptives at the chemist's, Joy dreams of the perfect man. Over at the hairdresser's, Betty has the same pre occupation for herself and her daughter Charlene ... Read more

THE SOUND AND THE FURY (Jean-Claude Brisseau, 1987)
Life ... is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying I nothing' - William Faulkner ... Bruno is fourteen, small in stature and innocent. Having just moved into the neighbourhood, h… Read more

THE STRIKE (Peter Richardson, 1987)
What would happen, asks The Strike, if Hollywood bought the rights to the story of the miners' strike? The most recent (and most ambitious) Comic Strip protect takes on the movie establishment, sendi… Read more

The Ventriloquist (James Clayden, 1987)
For years ventriloquist Harry and his wife Louise have played out a strange ritual in which the central character is a dummy named Max. Louise decides to end their guilt-inspired game. The dummy must… Read more

The Way Things Go (Peter Fischli, David Weiss, 1987)
Inside a warehouse a precarious structure 70-100 feet long constructed from various items is set into motion via a chain reaction So begins a story about cause and effect, mechanism and art, improbab… Read more

Three Wide Angles (Anthony Foot, 1987)
It's often said that 'three's a crowd", however three elements, three legs (tripod) three angles etc. offer the lowest common standard of stability. ... Three - The Passenger (trailer) ; My Son is Ba… Read more

Set during the horrendous fire bombings of Japan in the lead-up to the atomic bomb drops, Tombstone For Fireflies follows two children orphaned in the Kobe attacks - a girl (Setsuko) aged 5 and a boy… Read more

TRAIN OF DREAMS (John N. Smith, 1987)
... ... Train of Dreams is technically unassuming (it was made for a pittance) but accomplished — the gritty style invariably serves the equally gritty content, which amounts to an even-handed … Read more

Transatlantique (Bruce Krebs, 1987)
A tragic love story set on an ocean liner ... Celebrated French filmmaker Bruce Krebs' latest charcoal animation was in competition at Cannes 1987 ... Read more

TV Buster (Anita Assal, John Hudson, 1987)
A TV set possessed by the devil provokes a drama in a couples home ... Read more

UNDER SATAN'S SUN (Maurice Pialat, 1987)
The controversial winner of last year's top prize at Cannes, the Palme d'Or for Best Film, Maurice Pialat courts critical and popular acrimony with each film intent on forging his own creative path i… Read more

Underground (Geoff Stern, 1987)
Travelling by tube will never be the same again! Underground takes you through a day in the life of the London underground system. Filmed in 16mm black and white with a specially composed soundtrack,… Read more

Untitled (Nick Ostrovskis, 1987)
A re-photographed film. Sections in slow-motion, super impositions, re-photographed family photos and slides. ... Read more

Valtos (Patrick Keiller, 1987)
A long term patient in a psychiatric hospital contemplates the inevitability of chance and mars the small but relentless dislocations that threaten this fragile existence ... Read more

Paul Cox uses the letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo, written between 1872 and his death in 1890, to tell the artist's story and explore the sites of his inspiration. It is a documentary… Read more

WAITING FOR THE MOON (Jill Godmilow, 1987)
Of the legendary relationship between Gertrude Stein and Alice Boyd Toklas, Thornton Wilder, wrote that "Alice was merely the dragon protecting the treasure." Waiting for the Moon develops from the e… Read more

Waterwork (Tony Hill, 1987)
A sculptural film which explores the space at and just below the surface of a swimming pool. The film plays with orientation, weightlessness and particularly the surface itself, that peculiar boundar… Read more

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