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L'Eternelle (Patrick Mimouni, 1988)
The story of Daniel Desire, a clerk in a factory in the port town of Seyne-Sur-Mere. Married, with a young child, Daniel Desire' lives a simple, honest life and is liked by his fellow-workers. ... Th… Read more

LA LECTRICE (Michel Deville, 1988)
A stylish frothy 'light read' of a film, La Lectrice recounts the adventures of a young woman who rents her services as a professional reader to to bourgeois clients ill-disposed to doing their own p… Read more

LANDSCAPE IN THE MIST (Theo Angelopoulos, 1988)
Two children, a girl and boy, wander the high­ways of northern Greece, searching for the father who has abandoned them, trying to reach a Greco-Germanic border that doesn't even exist. The viewer… Read more

LET'S GET LOST (Bruce Weber, 1988)
Everyone asks me why I made a film about Chet Baker. Why a film about about 'love and fascination' and jazz? It all started many years ago when I first meet Nan. After one bottle of wine during our f… Read more

Let's Play Prisoners (Julie Zando, 1988)
The tape examines the relation between power and love. Power is a substitute for love, or love is feigned when a subject feels that she has lost power. Conversely, powerlessness is a strategy for att… Read more

Life at Ma's (Stewart Carter, 1988)
Ma runs a hamburger stall outside Melbourne's Flinders Street Station. Life at Ma's uses cinema verite with a personal touch from the filmmaker to depict one night at the hamburger stall. ... The cam… Read more

LIFE IS STRANGE (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1988)
Dario, a psychologist working in the public health system, lives an uneventful day-to-day routine comprising his work, his fiancee, his future inlaws. ... One day he meets Mario, his one-time high-sc… Read more

Living Room (David Caesar, 1988)
Why do people live where they do? Do they have a choice in the way they live? What does 'home' mean? Living Room is not about the politics of housing, hut reveals unique cultural aspects. ... David C… Read more

LOVERBOY (Geoffrey Wright, 1988)
In the fine Australian tradition of Love Letters From Teralba Road and Backroads, Lover Boy is a powerful short-feature that runs not a second too long or too little. By any standards this is an impr… Read more

Make My Day (Lis Aroney, 1988)
The shifting base of power between two working girls and their clients are scrutinised. A parlour piece really, combining pointed dialogue with a remarkable theatricality. ... Read more

Making a Baby (Karl Staven, 1988)
He wants to make a baby. She isn't very interested in the idea. He decides to go ahead on his own, and unleashes some of his baby-making potential. - (JS) ... Read more

MAPANTSULA (Oliver Schmitz, 1988)
Theatre and stage director/writer Thomas Mogonane has gathered a cast of experienced black television and stage actors for Mapantsula and probably the films greatest strength lies in its ability to d… Read more

Milk and a Cup of Tea (Ester Haskell, 1988)
Sort of green and hot and sticky with plenty of bush tucker. Two white fellas end up amongst the tropical languidity of Melville Island. They learn, as Momma Blanche says "You mob got no dirty, filth… Read more

MIRACLE MILE (Steve De Jarnett, 1988)
4.05 am. Outside Johnnie's Coffee I Shop on Los Angeles' Miracle Mile a public phone rings. When Harry lifts the receiver he is about to trigger the beginning of the end. Of the world. ... This seemi… Read more

Mock Gravity (Franco Marinai, 1988)
Mock Gravity is a physics theory that describes how two objects that are in each other's shadow are attracted to each other. ... This experimental film represents the force of attraction between pain… Read more

MONTALVO AND THE CHILD (Claude Mouriéras, 1988)
IN HIS FIRST FEATURE-LENGTH FILM, director Claude Mourieras deliberately eschews two of the cardinal tendencies of contemporary mainstream filmmaking. He shot this lyrical film, based on the choreogr… Read more

MORGAN'S CAKE (Rick Schmidt, 1988)
... ... Made on a shoestring — and a very small shoestring at that, the . $15,000 budget recommended by Rick Schmidt in his book 'Feature Film making at Used Car Prices' — Morgan's Cake i… Read more

Mr. Benevolent (Chris Windmill, 1988)
The biography of Alan Bond is told by three of his admirers. Stars: Greg Fleet, Anthony Morgan ... Read more

MY FATHER LIVES IN RIO (Ben Sombogaart, 1988)
Nine year old Liesje lives with her mother and writes letters to her father, who she believes lives in Rio de Janeiro, but who is actually in prison. Liesje wants to visit him in Rio and she saves up… Read more

My Little Sister's Got a Motorbike (Anne Parislo, 1988)
'... there is women motorcycle riders, but no such thing as woman bikers' - A male biker ... Shot in black and white, and with almost no indicators of the 80s, this film allows you to slowly slip int… Read more

MY NAME IS BERTOLT BRECHT (Norman Bunge, Christine Fischer-Defoy, 1988)
... ... Bertolt Brecht arrived in Los Angeles on 21 July, 1941, with his wife, 16-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. The little-known story of his brief time in exile in the USA is documented in … Read more

NEW CHINESE CINEMA (Tony Rayns, 1988)
Written and directed by the festival's longstanding Asian Cinema consultant, Tony Rayns, this is a comprehensive overview of the truly cultural revolution which is taking place in the Chinese cinema … Read more

ON THE BLACK HILL (Andrew Grieve, 1988)
Based on the novel by the late I Bruce Chatwin, On The Black Hill is a chronicle-like portrait of rural life in the Welsh border country. Set against the major events of the 20th century, the film is… Read more

Passiona (Louise Hubbard, 1988)
At her cousin's birthday party, 20 year old Cathy (Alice Gamer) meets Mr Wright (David Swann), the teacher on whom she had a schoolgirl crush at age 13. Seven years older but not yet wiser, Cathy is … Read more

Perfect Image (Maureen Blackwood, 1988)
A film with a healthy irreverance for images of women and images of being black. Two actresses constantly change persona, humorously exploring questions about self-worth. They, along with a chorus of… Read more

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