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TABATABA (Raymond Rajaonarivelo, 1988)
... ... Tabataba is a film debut; not only for forty-year-old director Raymond Rajaonarivelo, but for his country, Madagascar. In his first feature film, Rajaonarivelo deals with the 1947 Insurrectio… Read more

TANNER ‘88 (Robert Altman, 1988)
... ... In what may be the best work of two illustri­ous careers, the ever-innovative Robert Altman joined forces with Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau, to create a presidential candi­date, J… Read more

THANKS GIRLS AND GOODBYE (Sue Maslin, Sue Hardisty, 1988)
"I often think [for] the best part of our lives we are enjoying just feeling so much alive and yet so many people [are] dying. A bit of a paradox, isn't it - Gloria Gear (ex A.W.L.A) ... Thanks Girls… Read more

The A Ha! Experience (Julie Zando, 1988)
A young woman, on the brink of sexual awakening, is shocked by the presence of her mother in her bed. This image haunts her, and the imagined presence of the mother's body provides the backdrop for a… Read more

The Big Lunch (The Marine Biologists, 1988)
Well known in Super 8 circles for the films they've made both individually and as a team, Sydney based The Marine Biologists (O'Brien, Frost and Meyers) with the increasing assistance of Catherine Lo… Read more

The Black Ship (Alain Lévy, 1988)
A modern French allegory about childhood and illness. Beautiful cinematography and childlike understandings mix the reality of a boy dying with the hopes and dreams of his young brother who must save… Read more

THE CAMELS (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1988)
Typical of Giuseppe Bertolucci's best previous efforts (An Italian Woman, Secrets, Secrets) this quirky modern fable exudes an idiosyncratic, offbeat charm. The scenario, which features a pleasing am… Read more

THE CITADEL (Mohamed Chouikh, 1988)
... ... In the rugged little Algerian village of El Kalaa, life is divided into male and female society. The men have as many wives as they can afford; the women have as many babies as they can, and … Read more

THE EYE ABOVE THE WELL (Johan van der Keuken, 1988)
A couple of years ago, distinguished filmmaker Johan van der Keuken and his wife and collaborator Noshka van der Lely visited Kerala, a coastal province in southwestern India. There he conceived and … Read more

The Gordian Knot (Ira Zarijatnins, 1988)
The not so funny topic of sexual harassment is attacked in a humorous fashion by this short cut-out animation from Germany. A woman is unsuccessful in defending herself from molestation by men until … Read more

The Great Rubber Man (Sauli Rantamacki, 1988)
The conqueror is back to fight the good fight. 'Loving is caring', says the Great Rubber Man. ... Read more

The Last Supper (Joseph Donghia, 1988)
An Italian family after a funeral Indifference, machismo and repressed sexuality lead to an unravelling of dreams which holds the key to an old woman's death A psychological detective story. - (CK) ... Read more

The Lounge Bar (Don McGlashen, Harry Sinclair, 1988)
A lonely bar. A girl, A country and western singer in the comer. Who needs anything more to relive the violent past? A post-modern black comedy. ... Read more

THE NATURE OF THE BEAST (Franco Rosso, 1988)
'Haverston Beast Strikes Again' is the headline which catches 14-year-old Bill Coward's eye as his father and grandfather scour the paper for news of further redundancies Bill becomes obsessed by the… Read more

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking is based on the enormously popular series of books by Astrid Lindgren. Separated from her father when their ship capsizes at sea, Pippi moves into the Villa V… Read more

The Pond (Richard Saunders, 1988)
A raw and energetic study of the break down of the relationship between a 14 year old girl and her mother, mirrored by the destruction of the outside environment. Both are trapped by the slings and a… Read more

THE RONGGENG DANCER (Alam Surawidjaya, 1988)
... ... Nyi Ronggeng is probably the most remarkable fiction film ever made about popular culture and folk traditions in Indonesia. It sets its story among the members of a Ronggeng dance troupe, and… Read more

The Room (Joëlle Bouvier, Régis Obadia, 1988)
"In a room, a woman dreams about weariness. expectation and the rising of desire..." Emotive and enlightening, communication achieved through the nuances of movement. ... Read more

The Sea Urchin (Sally Anderson, 1988)
An astonishing film, richly and densely textured, from a remarkably talented British film student. The unfolding narrative of the troubled relations between three women — one young, two older &… Read more

The Soulful Shack (John Roberts, 1988)
A witty, touching comment on celebrity. A film about the magic of music and the magic of the moment. ... Read more

THE THIN BLUE LINE (Errol Morris, 1988)
... ... The Thin Blue Line is both the recreation of the brutal murder of a Dallas policeman in 1976, and a passionate argument for the case of a man wrongly accused of the murder. While making an un… Read more

The Third Wheel (Adam Bernstein, 1988)
A bomb inside a baby, a fanatical anti-abortionist, his pregnant wife and a psychopathic hitchhiker, all in a car, on a drive that takes longer than expected. A juxtaposition of fears, ideotogies and… Read more

The Trap (Amy Kravitz, 1988)
The Trap is an experiment in Chiaroscuro — the interplay between light and shade. Constructed from what appears to be charcoal (or pastel) on paper, it gains momentum through subtle editing and… Read more

THE WORLD IS WATCHING (Peter Raymont, 1988)
An enormous amount of news and current affairs media is never analysed on film, and the public is left to wonder how events actually happened to get reported. ... In this brilliant film on reporting … Read more

THE YEN FAMILY (Yojiro Takita, 1988)
... ... The Yen Family reinforces and extends a trend in contemporary Japanese cinema whereby wealth and its effect upon traditional and human values, especially as exemplified by the family, have co… Read more

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