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This is a History of New York (The Golden Dark Age of Reason) (Jem Cohen, 1988)
A "history" of New York City from Prehistoric Times through the Space Age, illustrated entirely with documentary street footage. ... The filmmaker made a wide-ranging study of radically different wor… Read more

TJOET NYA' DHIEN (Eros Djarot, 1988)
... ... Tjoet Nya' Dhien was the wife of the Acehnese rebel leader, Teuku Umar; she was also his chief strategist and political mentor. Teuku Umar was killed in battle in February 1899. For eight yea… Read more

TJOET NYA' DHIEN (Eros Djarot, 1988)
TJOET NYA' DHIEN was the wife of the Acehnese rebel leader, Teuku Umar, she was also his chief strategist and political mentor. Teuku Umar was killed in battle in February 1899. For eight years after… Read more

Trevor Island (John Taylor, 1988)
A continuation of The Huge Adventures of Trevor, a Cat. Trevor's family decide to take up residence upon a tropical island. To found the first caravan park. A sedate lifestyle, however, is not Trevor… Read more

Unusual Ground Floor Conversion (Mark Herman, 1988)
An author rents a flat on the ground floor of an apartment building. Why are the previous tenants so upset? ... Days later - a glance out the window... ... Read more

Venetian Ghost (George Barber, 1988)
Ludovico Manin, the last Doge of Venice, is sent to live with a superficial couple on Venice Beach, California (instead of Venice, Italy). Slight bureaucratic bungle. This process sets off a combinat… Read more

Volatile Memory (Gretchen Bender, Sandra Tait, 1988)
A woman's nervous system has been replaced by computer microchips in an operation performed in her childhood. The experiment begins to malfunction. She will die unless her programming is adjusted. A … Read more

Walkshort (William Toefper, 1988)
From New Zealand duo The Front Lawn, an original and entertaining short that is not so much a narrative film as a film about narrative and narration. Composed simply of a chain of encounters in the s… Read more

War (Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer, 1988)
A devastating puppet-animated parable from Estonia. ... Read more

War Story (Randelli, 1988)
Although War Story is in some respects an intensely personal videotape, it is true to say that my task would have been impossible without the practical assistance and advice offered by others I can o… Read more

Whereupon We Drive Off (Detlev Buck, 1988)
Give ten minutes of your time to tar. From the Berlin Film School. ... Read more

White Woman (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1988)
She hides in little cracks. She is able to get herself in behind the edges of doors. She can squeeze herself into these maze-like crevices and go in and in, further and further inside so that no-one … Read more

Wishful Thinking (Jill Scott, 1988)
Wishful Thinking is a five part mini series for television, full of surreal and amusing adventures. It is a stereotypical look at our selves through the digital eyes of two female replicants from Pla… Read more

Work of Iron (Celia Canning, Nery Catineau, 1988)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Your Opinion Please (Heddy Honigmann, 1988)
Bonni loves Wiltem. Willem loves himself, and the company of others, but not Bonni's. Bonni wonders what a girl has to do to attract a man. She asks for our advice. A comedy. ... Read more

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