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Juke Bar (Martin Barry, 1989)
A funny tale of frenzied, pixillated puppet insects who smoke cigars, dance and wield power tools. The insects enter a juke box and prove they really know how to have a party, however, the juke box i… Read more

Just Hold Still (Jem Cohen, 1989)
Essentially a compilation work made up of numerous short pieces, described by Cohen as: Where Documentary Collides. Music Video As Independent Film. Birds As Punctuation ... The project compiles shor… Read more

Kakadu Man (Michael Balson, 1989)
A film about the jewel of Australia's national parks, Kakadu, and about the teachings of Bill Niedjie (Kakadu Man). ... Kakadu Man is Bill Niedjie's story, a story of the land, looked after for thous… Read more

Kieslowski (, 1989)
An interview with Polish filmmaker Krysztof Kieslowski about his films, Short Film About Killing and Short Film About Love and the monumental Decalogue project. ... Read more

KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE (Hayayo Miyazaki, 1989)
Kiki's Delivery Service is an allegorical tale of the joys and sadness of puberty told via a young witch's coming of age. Just the idea alone is intriguing: young witches have to learn about human ex… Read more

Kitchen Sink (Alison McLean, 1989)
Far from the social realist domestic drama, this film is a wicked and witty shocker and teaser. With a mere 14 minutes of black and white footage, a New Zealander demonstrates how to hook and rivet a… Read more

LAST WINTER (Aaron Kim Johnston, 1989)
William lives with his family on a Canadian farm in the 1950's, and shares a bed with Grandpa Jack, sometimes they even share the same dreams. ... When his parents decide to move to the big city for … Read more

Le Moi Doute (Stephane Bergouhnioux, 1989)
"Video, ephemeral, erases memories and Man's life." A French satire on Godard, The Nouvelle Vague and Wenders, full of witty word play, and reflections on love, life and the months of the year. - (GW… Read more

The Leningrad Cowboys do not enjoy a great deal of success or talent. The boys are used to playing Russian songs written for an all-male choir. What they lack in talent or marketability, is compensat… Read more

Life On Earth As I Know It (Penny McDonald, 1989)
A daggy delight and refreshing antidote to Australian cinema's "rites of passage" sub-genre. Droll, unaffectedly deadpan narration accompanies some unexpected glimpses into the situation of a young w… Read more

... ... This first feature from Tony Buba, Pennsylvania's filmic poet laureate, is a delightful, unconventional, autobiographical tour de force. ... ... ... Called 'the Faulkner of Allegheny County t… Read more

LIVE FROM BRITAIN (Andy Lambert, 1989)
A critique of post 1979 Britain, Live From Britain explores the ideological construction of "the future" and of "tradition" in the maintanence of bourgeois hegemony. Rituals of popular culture, toys,… Read more

Londra No Sex (Antonio Tibaleli, 1989)
A challenging doco scanning the arena of lesbian S&M, offering glimpses into the professional and personal worlds of a club entertainer in London's Soho. Pungent and provocative. ... Read more

LONGSHOT (Lynne Herchmann, 1989)
That question mark is no typographical error - Longshot is an eerie documentary style video that meshes fiction and reality so seamlessly you'll not be sure where one ends and the other begins. The r… Read more

Looking for Langston (Isaac Julien, 1989)
The life and wotk of Langston Hughes during the renaissance of jazz and blues in Harlem in the 1930s and 40s ... The poetry of Essex Hemphill, Bruce Nugent and Langston Hughes is featured with jazz a… Read more

LOVE IN PROGRESS (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1989)
In Love In Progress, Giuseppe Bertolucci has drawn a delightfully amusing portrait of the young. As in his previous films, Bertolucci's facility in creating credible and fascinating women characters … Read more

Love in Vain (Andrew Webb, Dorian Lazar, 1989)
Vanity, veins and hopelessness, all mixed up in an Australian short about a young couple who are themselves mixed up in drugs, prostitution and jealousy. Stunning Wenders-inspired colour and black an… Read more

MAGNUM STORY 3, THE (Patricia Wheatley, Rosemary Bowen-Jones, 1989)
Part III of The Magnum Story brings Magnum into the 80s, a time when television and shrinking magazine markets had the agency, apparently, in a state of perpetual crisis. In particular, the film char… Read more

MAKING 'DO THE RIGHT THING' (St Clair Bourne, 1989)
As the title suggests, St Clair Bourne's documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Spike Lee's acclaimed feature Do The Right Thing. ... While 'making of...' movies invariably serve me… Read more

MAN NO RUN (Claire Denis, 1989)
For her second feature film, Denis departed from the meditative tone of her debut, and plunged instead into the noise and energy of a band on the road. Acclaimed Cameroonian act Les Têtes Brulées (… Read more

Mars Ad (Spike Lee, 1989)
Spike Lee directs a TV spot for "Air Jordans". ... Read more

MELANCHOLIA (Andi Engel, 1989)
“YOU WAKE UP ONE MORNING and you know you're lost." An expatriate German approaching middle age in the comfortable niche he has built as a London art critic, David Keller (Jeroen Krabbe), is alread… Read more

Melbournesque (Nick Ostrovskis, 1989)
Synopsis not available Read more

Monuments Far and Strange (David Cox, 1989)
"Lost forever in the vortex of Eastern European anxiety, our puppet hero Hector languishes in scene after scene of contrived torment. Antiquity is thus his total realm, his self... ... This is the fl… Read more

Although Wim Wenders produced what are arguably amongst the most original and important films of the past two decades there has been no detailed study of his work on film until now. ... Paul Joyce an… Read more

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