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MR CANTON AND LADY ROSE (Jackie Chan, 1989)
Hong Kong superstar, Jackie Chan, whose films combine breathtaking action, amazing stunts and self effacing humour, tries a change of pace with Mr Canton and Lady Rose. Based on a Damon Runyon story … Read more

Myself When 14 (Ivor Cantrill, 1989)
High contrast, black and white negative was rotascoped, yielding highly coloured animation drawings. Integrating the original black and white negative and positive on an optical printer, complex patt… Read more

New York Special (Emma Freud, 1989)
A special report from the world's number one media city. The Media Show talks to film directors, journalists and television producers; magazine editors and movie stars talk about what it's like to li… Read more

Next (Barry Purves, 1989)
From nought to Shakespeare in 300 words - Next features an empty stage, one actor and the complete works of the bard. It's quite an audition?! ... Made for the Lip Synch series, Next signals Aardman'… Read more

Night After the Revolution (Reza Allamehzadeh, 1989)
Internationally, humanists recoiled from the death pronouncement by Ayatollah Khomeini on Salman Rushdie. This confronting documentary begins with footage of Iranian protests in Amsterdam surrounding… Read more

Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy (Tracey Moffatt, 1989)
Night Cries is the latest experimental work by the talented Aboriginal filmmaker, Tracey Moffat. This breathtakingiy visual film, set in an abandoned and decaying homestead in the middle of the deser… Read more

Night Out (Lawrence Johnston, 1989)
In this hard-edged film, a homosexual is savagely bashed in a public toilet block and taken for a nightmarish car ride by four hoons "out for a good time" while his lover is interstate. ... Lawrence … Read more

No Problems (Jackie McKimmie, 1989)
Mercy Steele remembers her close-to idyllic childhood in rural Queensland in the twenties. Images of the landscape, abundant foods and fruits interspersed with reconstructed snatches of the way thing… Read more

Old Mother Witch (Mark Chodzko, 1989)
An elderly woman, living next door to a young boy, becomes the object of ridicule. Her quarrels with the neighborhood children are heightened by the mood of the Halloween season. When the boy and his… Read more

Once As If A Balloon (Sabrina Schmid, 1989)
The basis for this animation are photographs taken on one day in 1961, representing the filmmaker's own childhood, specifically "the event of being tossed in the air as a one year old". She describes… Read more

One Complete Revolution (Noel Richards, 1989)
In a stylish exhibition of innovative computerised animation, One Complete Revolution parades the signs of the times. What starts out as one man's mythical walk proceeds to a gallop through the realm… Read more

One Man's Instrument (Max Bannah, 1989)
A conventional "Disney style" animation about the way a farmer lives with his bananas and copes with a changing environment. ... This film raises important metaphysical questions - eg: could God be a… Read more

OVER THE THRESHOLD (Christine Lloyd Fitt, Yoshiharu Tezuka, 1989)
Over the Threshold is about intermarriage between Japanese and Westerners. The filmmakers are a husband and wife team who met during their studies at Britain's National Film & TV School in London. Th… Read more

Pancake (Alan Clayton, 1989)
Family pancake making never was so crazy. First a pancake gets stuck on the ceiling then it gets stuck on a kid's head. The doctor's eat it off. ... Read more

PEAUX DE VACHES (Patricia Mazuy, 1989)
IN HER FIRST FEATURE FILM as director, Patricia Muzay brings a tense and menacing atmosphere to this story of the confrontation between two brothers, Roland (Jean-Francis Steventn) and Gerard (Jacque… Read more

Pesto: A Death Sentence (Steve Robinson, John Nicholl, 1989)
She was young, beautiful and had so much potential, Jane's tragic death from a pesto overdose leads an investigative reporter to ask burning social questions, amongst them — is Italian food rea… Read more

Picture Start (Jeremy Parker, 1989)
This inventively conceived and executed movie outlines the various figures and symbols which pertain to, and emanate from, a particularly cinematic sort of "leader". The amusing battle against all od… Read more

PLAY ME SOMETHING (Timothy Neat, 1989)
... ... Waiting for a delayed plane tn the airport on the Hebndean Island of Barra, where the landing strip is a cockleshell beach and the timetable is dictated by the tides, passengers are treated t… Read more

Raymond's Mission (Nick Donkin, 1989)
In this delightful clay animation, Raymond is selected by the Intergalactic Peace Council to journey to Earth and seek out the leaders of the people. He arrives in New York City, the date is 1958. Be… Read more

RETURN HOME (Ray Argall, 1989)
NOEL, IN HIS LATE-THIRTIES, is a ... successful insurance broker in Melbourne ... who returns to the Adelaide suburbs of his ... childhood one summer; to stay with his brother, Steve, his wife Judy a… Read more

REUNION (Jerry Schatzberg, 1989)
REUNION could be seen by many as a ... familiar subject, but it contains new ... insights into the genesis of a tragedy for ... Germany and the world. ... Harold Pinter has fashioned an intelligent .… Read more

Rife on Earth (Clare Callinan, 1989)
Rife On Earth is about animals, the environment, aggression and the struggle for power and money. A powerful animation set to the memorable soundtrack "We Care A Lot". ... Read more

ROADKILL (Bruce McDonald, 1989)
“THE CLASSIC NOTION of a road ... movie," says debut director Bruce ... McDonald, "usually has someone going ... on the mad for the slimmest of reasons, meeting a variety of characters and then hav… Read more

Roimata (Riwia Brown, 1989)
Roimata, a young Maori woman from the East Coast, travels to the city to meet her half sister Girlie. Introduced to gang members, the scene is set for confontation when Kevin, a young Salvation Army … Read more

Ruthven: A Poem of Life & Dettol (Bruce Myles, 1989)
Ruthven Railway Station -11 miles and 12 tears from the hardly living heart of Melbourne, Princes Bridge, ... The monotony and the loneliness of the Station Assistant's day turns into a sort of dream… Read more

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