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The Burden (Guillaume Bréaud, 1989)
A black French farce in which naughty children try to conceal a corpse in various cumbersome ways. Inevitably the prospect of discovery leads to more complications until only one alternative presents… Read more

Florence, who lives in the city, goes to spend the summer with her pen pal, Melanie, in the country. They befriend an old lady who everybody thinks is a witch. When the old lady's jewels and pet pig … Read more

The Coloured Pencils (Belinda Alexandrovics, 1989)
The Coloured Pencils is an insight into a child's world. Annie, the main character, is an eight year old. ... Annie is poor, unlike the prissy, spiteful Wendy who displays her pristine set of 72 Derw… Read more

The Deadman (Peggy Ahwesh, Keith Sanborn, 1989)
A dead man lies naked, sprawled across a bed. From somewhere there's the oppressive drone of a buzzing fly. A nearly naked woman flees the scene. Peggy Ahwesh's and Keith Sanborn's take on Georges Ba… Read more

THE DECALOGUE (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1989)
One of the most ambitious, monumental and remarkable achievements of filmmaking of the past decade is The Decalogue, Kryzstof Kieslowski's adaption of the Ten Commandments. The project arrives with n… Read more

THE ELEPHANT KEEPER (Chatri-Chalerm Yukol, 1989)
The Elephant Keeper is an exceptionally entertaining and dramatic feature film which is at once an environmental film about the dangers to Thailand's rainforests, an animal film which has all the mag… Read more

THE ELEPHANT KEEPER (Chatrichalerm Yukol, 1989)
The Elephant Keeper is an exceptionally entertaining and dramatic feature film which is at once an environmental film about the dangers to Thailand's rainforests, an animal film which has all the mag… Read more

The Follower (Linda Hassani, 1989)
London, some years after the introduction of Thatcher's "poll tax" is the setting. The country's answer to poverty, homelessness and unemployment is a privatized social welfare scheme. The scheme ope… Read more

The Fruit of Our Labour (Elvira Vacirca, 1989)
Set in the late 1950's, II Frutto Del Nostra Lavoro centers on the life of Lina - the daughter of Italian migrants who live in rural Victoria. ... Pressured into marrying a young Italian farmer, Lina… Read more

THE ICEMAN COMETH (Fok Yiu-Leung, 1989)
These days Hong Kong movies are full of figures from the past transplanted into the present, causing mayhem at every turn. The most hyped product of the genre is The Terra Cotta Warrior, but The Icem… Read more

The Josh Shelter (Anthony L'Huillier, 1989)
Josh, an adopted child, finds family life somewhat lacking and attempts to find solace in books and his hideaway treehouse. His brother bullies him and finally, when he can't stand it any longer, he … Read more

THE KILLER (John Woo, 1989)
THE KILLER is a prime example of the type of filmmaking at which the Hong Kong film industry is most adept. With clear nods at the gamut of film genres from the thriller to the melodrama, writer and … Read more

The Killing of Angelo Tsakos (Kay Pavlou, 1989)
A compelling re-enactment of the still disputed real-life case of a Sydney Greek boy in the outer suburbs who was fatally shot by a local probationary police officer. ... Read more

The Little Things (Melanie El-Mir, 1989)
A couple attempts to deal with an invasion of mysterious little things in their garden. ... "Incorporating a kind of surreal treatment of both the visual and thematic material in my film, I blend hum… Read more

THE LONG WALK HOME (Richard Pearce, 1989)
Powerful films fall into two distinct categories. There is the "all sound and fury" variety intent on pummeling the viewer on the head with "significance". Then there is the other type that forgoes t… Read more

The Long Way Around (Martin Jones, Graham Young, 1989)
A Tati-esque study of a new office block, populated by three security guards, two business persons and the maintenance man Another from the BFl's 'New Directors' programme. ... Read more

The Master of Shiatsu (Ishii Sogo, 1989)
An elderly shiatsu master gives a young woman a massage. A massage so effective it seems to take over the city. ... A new short film from the director of The Crazy Family (MFF '85). ... Read more

THE MATCH FACTORY GIRL (Aki Kaurismäki, 1989)
Humiliation and torment constitute the basic conditions of Iris's life. She is exploited at the factory, where she endures the drudgery of the production line, at home, where her parents hog her sala… Read more

The Minotaur (Raphael Caussimon, 1989)
Something's been done to the signs along the passageways of the Parisian Metro and three million passengers get lost within the confusing network of corridors, that constitute this twentieth century … Read more

THE PLOT AGAINST HARRY (Michael Roemer, 1989)
ALTHOUGH IT WAS SHOT in 1969, The Plot Against Harry was publicly premiered at last year's New York Film Festival, from where it has gone on to become one of the greatest 'discoveries' of the past de… Read more

... ... A low-key drama about a disturbed young man whose reality shifts between the present and the past — specifically the worlds of the great Russian writers Gogol and Dostoyevsky and the de… Read more

The Promise (Rebel Penfold-Russel, 1989)
A touching look at a one-parent family and a trip on Sydney's monorail thrown in. ... Read more

THE QUEST OF JIMMY PIKE (John Tristram, I. James Wilson, 1989)
Art, life, myth and landscape are skillfully blended in this fine film portrait of Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike. Using a journey as narrative device and metaphor, the film takes us into the West Aust… Read more

The Rational Life Film 1-5 (Debbie Lee, 1989)
The filmmaker describes this as "five cryptic vignettes influenced by community service announcements and educational shorts. Neo-moral interludes for the impatiently nostalgic generation". ... Great… Read more

The Tenth Man (Mark Osborn, 1989)
Give twelve minutes of your time to Ted Wilson the extravagantly coiffured, fashionably pallid bohemian beat poet and public television crusader. Take a roller-coaster ride through the junkyard of hi… Read more

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