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De Artificiali Perspectiva or Anamorphosis (The Brothers Quay, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

DEAD TO THE WORLD (Ross Gibson, 1990)
From its striking opening sequence of (seemingly) casual observations from a bus window, Dead To The World looks, feels and sounds different from any Australian film we've seen. It bravely and succes… Read more

Deep Dive (Sarah Watt, 1990)
A sensual animation with wonderfully rich colours and a flow that is close to perfection. You can almost breathe the salt air as a woman goes diving at a sea bath. (AT) ... Read more

Don't Be Afraid (Vera Neubauer, 1990)
Beautifully photographed in black and white, this evocative depiction of Brixton youths constantly plays with the viewer's prejudices and tips them on their head. The lives of the characters - their … Read more

DOOMBEACH (Colin , 1990)
The Children's Film Unit gives children the chance to learn filmmaking skills. Doombeach began with an improvisation based from some recent news items. ... While his mother is having a baby, a social… Read more

Door (David Anderson, 1990)
An intriguing world of doors and keys, using animation and pixillation, leads to the "end of snivilizations as we know it " A dialogue between a man and woman about meaning and reality. Another anima… Read more

Duo (Stephen Warren, 1990)
Push comes to shove comes to hug as two male figures do the dance of love, to choreography by Sydney Dance Company star Paul Mercurio. (P K) ... Read more

E.G. (Virginia Hilyard, 1990)
"As the storm passes, the camera descends and moves over textured landscapes, the potential of which we can only guess. A complete understanding of the terrestrial forms is denied, yet the intimate e… Read more

Earthbound (Jeff Jaffers, 1990)
After months of waiting, and with his escape window now verified, Eric Slate is leaving this earth for his homeland, his data collecting mission here complete. Yet to achieve this goal, Eric needs th… Read more

ECLIPSE OF THE MAN MADE SUN (Amanda Stewart, Nicolette Freeman, 1990)
When did we stop worrying and learn to live with the Bomb? Eclipse explores how we were persuaded to believe that the bomb was not the destroyer, but our protector. Nuclear energy too, we were assure… Read more

Eden (Maryella Hatfield, 1990)
The mythical abode of bliss and pleasure, or the scene of massive destruction of the landscape for the purposes of the export woodchip industry? ... The film takes us into the primordial beauty of th… Read more

Feral Television (Damien Ledwich, 1990)
In this animation televisions are wild and noble creatures living an idyllic lifestyle in their natural mountain habitat. They graze freely, entertaining each other until they are rounded up and herd… Read more

In celebration of the its 15th anniversary last year, the National Film Board's Women's Unit; Studio D, chose 16 women from dozens of applications to make a film reflecting "what was on their minds a… Read more

For a Better Life (Nicolina Caia, 1990)
A simple, sensitively observed story about a man who receives news of his brother's death, and how he deals with his grief. It features an engagingly understated performance by Luciano Catenacci, vet… Read more

In 1936, 3200 American men and women joined Spain in its fight for democracy against Franco's fascist uprising. For many of them the Spanish Civil War was the first - but certainly not the last - bat… Read more

FREEZE, DIE, COME TO LIFE (Vitali Kanevski, 1990)
The resilience and resourcefulness of childhood defy enormous odds in this remarkable first film by 55-year-old Vitali Kanevski. With funding to shoot a ten minute film, Kanevski returned to the Sovi… Read more

From Flores (Stephen McCallum, 1990)
Based on a Canadian short story, narrating the tale of a fateful boat trip, this very expressive film eschews the staple themes of animated films (the vendettas of anthropomorphic animals, political … Read more

FULL MOON IN NEW YORK (Stanley Kwan, 1990)
WHERE WOULD a Hunan restaurant run by a Cantonese serve Peking Duck7 Only in New York, so that is where young Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan went to shoot Full Moon In New York, a tale of friendship… Read more

Get Real (Nicola Woolmington, 1990)
George is a fifteen year old addicted to junk food, videos, truancy and general slothfulness. He is a concern to his teachers, a joke to his classmates and the seat of high hopes to his devoted Greek… Read more

Getting Ready For Later (Lexy Lovell, 1990)
This is a striking film about the damaging fears parents transmit to their children. The story is told by a young boy, Sonny, in impressionistic vignettes - three that take place in 1952 and the four… Read more

Going Up (Gary Pollard, 1990)
Going Up is "the birth of the skyscraper', the construction of a New York city skyscraper as a work of art. This is a breathtaking time-lapse film which captures the hard hat's intimate relationship … Read more

GOLDWIDOWS: WOMEN IN LESOTHO (Don Edkins, Ute Holl, Mike Schlomer, 1990)
The film's title is taken from the name given to the women whose men work as migrant labourers in the goldmines of South Africa. The men (from Lesotho, a small mountainous country surrounded by South… Read more

GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990) (Joe Dante, 1990)
“The movie is smarter, wilder and more unfettered than the original Gremlins.” - New Yorker ... The Gremlins go to Manhattan in this brilliantly hyperbolic follow up the 1984 classic, which also … Read more

Grrr! (Heinz Boeck, 1990)
A textured assemblage about hurtling through inner space. Jagged apprehensiveness that surrounds emotional reflection-pieces everywhere. ... Read more

H-2 WORKER (Stephanie Black, 1990)
From the first pan across a palm-studded Jamaican landscape, Stephanie Black's feature length documentary. H-2 Worker, is stunning in its tone of calm, steady determination. H-2 Worker is a portrait … Read more

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