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Long regarded as North Africa's leading film critic, Ferid Boughedir must now be considered one of the region's leading filmmakers on the basis of this, his first feature, which has already collected… Read more

HARD ROAD (Colin Finbrow, 1990)
Kelly is 13, bored with her working class parents and jobless future, and a regular caller to Childline, where she invents tales of terrible things which never happen to her at home. ... Max is also … Read more

HERMAN (Erik Gustavson, 1990)
Herman is the warm-hearted story of an 11 year-old boy who encounters a stumbling block on the path to puberty premature (and rapid) hair loss. The setting is Oslo 1961, a time when people didn't hav… Read more

HIDDEN FACES (Kim Longinotto, Claire Hunt, 1990)
An Egyptian woman, Safaa Fathay, working as a researcher, and now living in Paris, has been commissioned to work as an interviewer on a film. She goes back to her country to meet the internationally … Read more

High Flyer (Erik de Goederen, 1990)
It's Emiel's 10th birthday. He doesn't feel like celebrating, so he hides away in his tree house. His parents try to persuade him to come down but the situation escapes them.. ... Read more

His Master's Ghost (Steve Jodrell, 1990)
A vacation music camp, an old country estate, a mysterious caretaker who can fix his eye on the students and make them play like virtuosos and the unexplained death of a musician who loved Beethoven … Read more

HOLLYWOOD MAVERICKS (Dale Ann Stieber, 1990)
Maverick: 1. An unbranded animal: esp: a motherless calf. 2. An independent individual who refuses to conform with his group. - Webster's Dictionary ... Upon receiving the American Film Institute's L… Read more

Homage to the Yaghans (Anne Chapman, 1990)
Only a handful of the Yaghan people are now alive, the last of the Indians who inhabited the southern tip of South America. These brave sea-faring people could survive the hardships of a cold and hos… Read more

Homeboys (Judy Hecht Dumontet, 1990)
Homeboys is about the young members of street gangs in Los Angeles. The junior leagues, who are failing in school, dropping out and forming gangs that mimic the activities of the older, more violent … Read more

HOMEWORK (Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, 1990)
... ... This latest offering by one of Mexico's most prolific and outrageous commentators is a single shot — one angle, one com­position. The result is anything but one note; rather, the el… Read more

Hunter (Robert Frank, 1990)
Curious drama/mystery/documentary from veteran filmmaker-photographer Robert Frank. Made in the Ruhr region in winter '89, Frank was given an entirely open commission to make a film that captured the… Read more

HUNTERS & BOMBERS (Hugh Brody, Nigel Markham, 1990)
... ... In the Nitassinan forests of Quebec it is illegal for the Innu Indians to set foot on their tradi­tional land. An area that once provided them with food and shelter is now a bombing range… Read more

IN THE SHADOW OF THE STARS (Irving Saraf, Allie Light, 1990)
Like A Chorus Line, In the Shadow of the Stars goes behind the scenes, discovering among the choristers of the San Francisco Opera the aspiration of singers who want to be soloists and who dream of b… Read more

Introduction to the End of an Argument (Elia Suleiman, 1990)
In the 1950's, the French leftwing political artists-philosophers known as the Situationists invented a raw (and illegal) form of the 'com­pilation film' — gathering fragments from mainstre… Read more

Jack's Bicycle (John Moore, 1990)
An extraordinary opening image of children playing in the street of a poor neighbourhood leads into a simple but effective tale of a boy's quest for a new bike. Stylishly directed, with a tough edge … Read more

JU DOU (Zhang Yimou, 1990)
Zhang Yimou has followed up his delirious Red Sorghum (a 1988 Festival highlight) with another quintessentially Chinese tale of desire and its traps. ... Ju Dou (played by luminous Gong Li, Zhang's r… Read more

Justine' Film (Jeanne Crépeau, 1990)
The bitter-sweet pangs of unrequited love are deftly and delicately suggested in French Canadian's Jeanne Crepéau's film. A refreshing wry tale of a modern girl with a timeless problem. Our heroine … Read more

Kamen Sud (Rikki Kalbe, Barbara Kasper, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

La Nouvelle (Christophe Vassort, 1990)
Subtitles are not required for this satire on news tattling in a small community. The dialogue, if not the shaggy dog ending, would dismay Disney. (F.F) ... Read more

LAND BILONG ISLANDERS (Trevor Graham, 1990)
A narrated advocacy documentary about the struggle of the indigenous people of Murray Island (Torres Straits) for land rights. It has been very recently completed by the Melbourne based team which pr… Read more

Lardux (Christian Pfohl, Marc Boyer, 1990)
The continuing misadventures of Lardux. Wacky absurdism in stop-frame style. ... Read more

Le Bechose (Samuel Zlatoff, 1990)
Two boys receive a free gift in a gum packet, a powder that says 'add water'. At home one of them adds water and the result is a fast growing blue creature...but what is it? ... Read more

Le Coupeur D'eau (Philippe Tabarly, 1990)
Inspired by a Marguerite Duras story, this speechless tale of the demise of an impoverished family evinces the bleak pessimism and cool purity of a Bresson film, rather than the humanism and warm sen… Read more

Let Me Rescue You Before Someone Else Does (Doerthe Jansen, 1990)
A respectable public servant fantasizes himself as a hero, driven to save the soul of a woman from the claws of prostitution. At the suburban massage parlour however, it's business as usual. This is … Read more

Letter From Childhood (Patricia Cartier-Millon, 1990)
The amazing and involving story of a young Algerian woman with mutiple sclerosis, Letter from Childhood uses a mixture of ethnographic observation, reconstruction and personal reminiscence to tell it… Read more

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