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LIFE IS SWEET (Mike Leigh, 1990)
Mike Leigh's latest delivers all that we have come to expect from this unique filmmaker, and then some. It's at once raucously funny while often blindingly insightful, a natural development upon his … Read more

Life's Great Adventure (Luis Da Silva, 1990)
Howard thought it was just like any old arcade game. He was wrong. Dead wrong. He receives a token and instructions to go to a certain house and that is where a life and death game begins. ... Read more

LISTEN UP (Ellen Weissbrod, 1990)
Listen Up (subtitled The Lives of Quincy Jones), is an informative and invigorating portrait of an unusual American success story, the rise and rise of black musical genius Quincy Jones. Filmmakers C… Read more

LIVING & DYING (Claudia Acklin, 1990)
Claudia Acklin's complex and intelligent documentary examines the passionate life and turbulent times of Swiss television personality Andre Ratti, who caused a sensation on July 2nd 1985 with his sta… Read more

Living Rooms (Nicole Ma, Amanda Ma, 1990)
An experimental narrative concerning two Asian sisters. In the future, as an old woman, Ann is reflecting on her life. The memories flash back in time to major crisis; the 30th birthday party given t… Read more

Llaw (Penelope Buitenhuis, 1990)
This short film develops a personal response to the deconstruction of the Berlin wall. Employing television newsreel imagery and stylized dramatic sequences, a kind of mirror image of the wall's demi… Read more

LOCKED UP TIME (Sybille Schonemann, 1990)
Not surprisingly, a flood of new documentaries about the New Germany and the horrors of the old, have surfaced over the last twelve months at the Leipzig and Berlin Festivals. Undoubtedly the finest … Read more

LONELY IN AMERICA (Barry Alexander Brown, 1990)
A comedic gem which reflects the universal immigrant experience as it explores the conflicts between old world values and the prerogatives of a younger generation, Lonely In America marks the directo… Read more

Look Out (Dina Zvi Riklis, 1990)
From a rooftop m the village of the occupied Gaza strip, a lone Israeli soldier observes the house across the street The prattle of the radio switching cheerily from the joys of bazouki music to news… Read more

LORD OF THE BUSH (Tom Zubrycki, 1990)
This new film from Tom Zubrycki (Kemira - Diary of a Strike, Friends and Enemies) was made for ABC and Channel Four television. Set in Broome the film is a study in the late '80s ambivalence over que… Read more

Love Life (Richard Tuohy, 1990)
A quietly paced narrative film about Steven finding his way out of the cold. ... Read more

Luc Learns Slowly (Jen-Louis Gonnet, 1990)
A young-boy-meets-girl story set in the woods. Somehow she remains elusive. Is this a dream or transfigured reality? A charming piece of vivid whimsey. ... Read more

Lunch (Michael Dwass, 1990)
This film started as a series of still photographs that were used as the basis for the drawings. About 2,500 drawings are included in the 5 minutes of film. Although this film is animated it is exper… Read more

LYRICAL NITRATE (Peter Delpeut, 1990)
Lyrical Nitrate is a compilation of film fragments dating from the period 1905-1915. They originate from the collection of films of Jean Desmet, the first film distributor, which is currently being p… Read more

Ma: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji (Taka Iimura, 1990)
The early sixteenth-century Japanese garden in the Zen temple of Ryoan-ji, in Kyoto, is considered a masterpiece of the Karesansui or "dry landscape" style. Slow-moving images of the garden are inter… Read more

Macha's Curse (Rose Bond, 1990)
An Irish tale of the shift in social allegiance from mother-clan to father-king. The pregnant goddess Macha, to save her boastful husband, concedes to run a race against the King's horses. Created in… Read more

Madonna (Laki Sideris, 1990)
Morning is that terrible part of the day when all thoughts run erratic, when all memories become confused and when the pillow, like a mother's loving arms, cradles your head and shelters you from ano… Read more

MAN WITHOUT PIGS (Chris Owen, 1990)
The film captures the exotic spectacle, and at the same time the intense and subtle dynamics of village life through the eyes of John Waiko, a member of the Binandere clan in Papua New Guinea, and Ph… Read more

MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION (Hitoshi Yazaki, 1990)
Ten years ago Hitoshi Yazaki made Afternoon Breezes, one of the finest Japanese movies of the 1980's, a quietly rapturous study of a lesbian infatuation. It has been worth the decade long wait for an… Read more

Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (Randall Miller, 1990)
The story is told from the perspective of an adult looking back to 1962 when he was twelve years old. The main character, Steve, and his best friend, Pete, are in the summer of their lives. The most … Read more

Melbourne Pipers' Tune (Sandy Munro, 1990)
The City of Melbourne Highland Pipe Band are here performing outside the Melbourne Arts Centre. ... Read more

Michelle and Carolyn, Carolyn and Michelle (Darren Davies, 1990)
An afternoon's attempt to capture the spirit of two people; their dreams, their enthusiasm. ... Read more

Morsels (Felicity Browning, 1990)
Homeless people are used to serve the desires of the affluent... ... Read more

Mum's Christmas (William Walker, 1990)
Havoc is wrought as the family gather for the yuletide repast! An hilarious jolt to collective memory. (JB) ... Read more

MY SKY, MY HOME (Slamet Rahardjo Djarot, 1990)
My Sky, My Home is a gentle, thoughtful, humorous film made deliberately to be suitable for adults and for children, and succeeds in doing this. Why then should this film - suitable even for children… Read more

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