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Queimada (Ralf Hertwig, Markus Wernig, 1990)
This film deals with the most disastrous environmental problem ever caused by man - the destruction of the tropical rain forest. Queimada transposes this topic in an abstract and symbolic way. There … Read more

RESIDENT ALIEN (Jonathan Nossiter, 1990)
Marginal victim, superstar, homosexual icon, dandy; which ever way you wish to describe him, Quentin Crisp remains one of the greatest and most fascinating British inventions of the last millenium. D… Read more

Rodney and Juliet (Fane Flaws, 1990)
The most pathetic love story ever (re-)told. Rodney still loves Juliet, Juliet wants him dead... ... Read more

Rose (Jann Turner, 1990)
A film of delightful nuance and characterisation. A housewife makes a shocking discovery about her husband. In search of guidance she rings a professional in the field of love a call girl who arrives… Read more

Rubber Face (Gordon reid, 1990)
Director's Note;" Some days you just feel like this". A graphic animation on facial expressions. ... Read more

RUBY AND RATA (Gaylene Preston, 1990)
Gaylene Preston, a past Festival guest with her last film Mr Wrong, is still going strong and we're pleased to welcome her back with the beguiling Ruby and Rata. ... 83 year-old Ruby (played by the t… Read more

Sadako and the Thousand Cranes (George Leveson, 1990)
Based on the true story of Sadako, who was born in Hiroshima after the Atomic bomb and developed leukaemia. In Japanese mythology, by folding 1000 origami paper cranes a wish will come true. Sadako f… Read more

Sally's Beauty Spot (Helen Lee, 1990)
Centred around a large, black mole, Sally's Beauty Spot ruminates on the notion of blackness. Obsessed with the blemish on her body, Sally (the filmmaker's sister) tries scrubbing, washing and hiding… Read more

Sanctus (Barbara Hammer, 1990)
This film is compiled by Barbara Hammer from X-ray footage shot in the 1950's. The striking skeletal view we are shown allows the camera to rest on movement and gesture with-out covering the skin, se… Read more

Schrodinger's Cat (Paolo Pistolesi, 1990)
"It is autumn, a man dies. No-one sees. The soul, confused, travels through reality, driven by the desire to make its death known. New year's day brings this rarefied fable to an end." The filmmaker … Read more

Sea of the Stars (Doris Unger, 1990)
A tale about a moon town and its eccentric residents. ... Read more

SENSO DAUGHTERS (Noriko Sekiguchi, 1990)
Senso Daughters begins as an account of Japan's "forgotten", or Great Asian War and slowly evolves towards its real theme - the hidden history of women in war. Faced with official secrecy and denial,… Read more

Short of Breath (Jay Rosenblatt, 1990)
Sequences from TV shows, operating theatres and old movie are combined and altered to create new narratives. Cinema of the absurd skillfully crafted from found footage. (S.C.) ... Read more

SIMON SMALL MOVES IN (Staffan Gösestam, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

Sink or Swim (Su Friedrich, 1990)
Friedrich's latest film, Sink or Swim, about her difficult relationship with her father, is both precise and wonderfully suggestive, at once readily accessible and dense with allusion, in less than a… Read more

Skin (Colin Campbell, 1990)
Obsessed with bodily matters, this is a sensual and eerie fake documentary about women with AIDS directed with visual verve by Colin Campbell. ... Read more

SKY TRACKERS (John Power, 1990)
Mike's Dad, an astronomer, is transferred from England to Tidbinbilla satellite tracking station, Canberra, and Mike comes too. He meets Ali and her sister Fiona, whose mother is a scientist at the s… Read more

Sledgehammer (Stephen Johnson, 1990)
With a little help from The Brothers Quay and Peter Gabriel's record company, Stephen Johnson and the Aardman team put together this ground-breaking pop clip that still stands as a high point in the … Read more

Small Blue Thing (Mark La Rosa, 1990)
Thoughts and feelings of a girl as she prepares for her sixteenth birthday party. ... Read more

SONG OF CHAO PHAYA (Prince Chatrichalerm Yukol, 1990)
Sang, Prang and Tubtim (husband, wife and sister-in-law), jointly crew a barge that brings sand down the Chao Phaya river to Bangkok. Arriving in Bangkok, the dissatisfied wife, Prang, goes ashore to… Read more

SONG OF CHAO PHAYA (Chatrichalerm Yukol, 1990)
Sang, Prang and Tubtim (husband, wife and sister-in-law) jointly crew a barge that brings sand down the Chao Phaya river to Bangkok. Arriving in Bangkok, the dissatisfied wife, Prang, goes ashore see… Read more

SONG OF THE EXILE (Ann Hui, 1990)
Song of the Exile is a film that Ann Hui has wanted to make for years, a panoramic account of a troubled mother-daughter relationship that spans some twenty-five years. It is inspired by Hui's own li… Read more

SONGOLOLO VOICES OF CHANGE (Marianne Kaplan, 1990)
Filmed in South Africa in late 1989, Songololo offers an exciting glimpse of the changes now taking place in that country. Avoiding the temptation to rehearse once again stories of the horrors of Apa… Read more

Beside a heaving sea of crumbling pack-ice, two men swaddled to the point of immobility in layer upon layer of skins and furs, do battle with lances ten-feet long. A boy crawls with uncanny speed alo… Read more

STAN AND GEORGE'S NEW LIFE (Brian McKenzie, 1990)
It's Stan's 40th winter, and he hasn't yet achieved anything he can be proud of. He still lives with his parents, working in the barber shop like his father before him. Business is not exactly boomin… Read more

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