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Films In 1990

Twenty years of painstaking research has now unveiled the time, the environment, the climate, the habitation and the cultural setting of the Man of Tautavel. The Tautavel Grotto in France is an extraordinary relic of human prehistory. This film presents a fascinating account of the latest ... Read more
This timely and fascinating account is the first Soviet film investigation of the mystery of the famous Swedish diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg, who was credited with saving the lives of an estimated 100,000 Hungarian jews during World War II. ... Director Alexander Rodnyansky, set out to expose in ... Read more
In the port of Valparaiso, an old and sick marine, Don Arnaldo, lives in self-imposed exile with his son, Fatty. From his bed, he can see and control every movement in the apartment by using mirrors hung on the walls of his room. ... His son, more submissive than obedient, desperately wants his ... Read more
A strong allegorical re-working of the ancient myth of the Phoenix. ... Read more
Uli Schüppel was still a student at the Berlin Film Academy (DFFB) when he conceived this project - the documentation of a US tour by internationally recognised Australian cult figure, Nick Cave and his band of underground legends, The Bad Seeds. Schüppel's plan was to record the routines behind ... Read more
At the Saturday matinee of his favourite thriller "The Secret Code", twelve year old Sid learns that his mate Janet wants to beat him up. Should he punch her or kiss her...or buy a one way ticket to Palukaville? ... A light-hearted look at American cultural imperialism in an Australian wheat town. ... Read more
Unapologetically indebted to its stage origins, The Station turns a three actor drama into an involving film with plenty of laughs thrown in. ... Stage actor and director Sergio Rubini makes an eye-catching debut as director. Domenico (Rubini) is stationmaster of a sleeping trainstop. On one cold ... Read more
Who is Eve Savage and is she talking to you? Will Raven find true love with the boy from the laundromat and become a rock star as well? Will Nancy's mother finally get some dress sense? ... Jacquelin Perske's crisply directed comedy of teen angst has an hilarious script. With great performances by ... Read more
The film is about the lack of communication between two neighbours living in the inner city. A young woman is minding her own business in her terrace house, when a ball flies in the window from the neighbour's kids' ball game and hits her in the face. ... When she refuses to give the ball back ... Read more
A tantalizing "show and tell" narrative game about sexual identity is played out by one young and one older man in a manner both formally subtle and disturbingly frank. (P K) ... Read more
How could it be resolved? There is no solution, no answer - no conflict. It is here, it is here. A facile facade of indifference looks back and asks: Are these faces? Are these faces? ... Read more
The Wounding portrays the subtleties of the mother-daughter bond and how a mother's alcoholism impacts upon her fifteen year old daughter's fragile sense of identity. The story transpires over the course of a single evening when a family party turns to violence. The young girl's private desires are ... Read more
A comic tale about Helmut Kohl whose main problem is his name - it's the same as the German Chancellor's. Helmut's other problem is the name Simone which the more he tries to forget, the more he hears. Pristine and offbeat with plenty of - dare we say? - "past modern" jokes. ... Read more
Moving documentary about an elderly Russian woman who has been working in isolation on an industrial mountain site in Estonia for more than 40 years. In spite of a hard life of manual labour she still believes in God and human kindness. ... Read more
Jim Garrard's "Touch My Lips", offers an internationally ludicrous take on obsessions. A woman who once kissed Elvis Presley finds he has ruined her taste for other men, except Elvis imitators (see also Legends) ... Read more
"To be carried from one place to another, to be affected by strong emotion, to be sent to a penal colony". By definition this is the territory which Transportations explores. The dizzy heights and murky depths of romantic love (LJ) ... Read more
After The Unbelievable Truth became one of the sleeper hits of last year, director Hal Hartley is back with another biting, provocative comedy of suburban middle America. With Trust Hal Hartley assesses the current states of the American nuclear family and proclaims its path in a downward spiral ... Read more
After Ruth's father forces her to wear a dress, instead of her usual jeans and Doc Martens, a deeply buried memory begins to surface - her father's sexual abuse of her. ... In the absense of her mother who is away on a journalistic assignment, Ruth burns the dress and leaves home. ... She travels ... Read more
Filmmaker Sue Marcoux and her identical twin sister Michele live 3,000 miles apart, don't have rhyming names, never dress alike and have a history of conflict. After not speaking to each other for a year, Sue invites Michele to a twins convention in Twinsburg, Ohio, where every year over 2,500 ... Read more
Sothebys July 1988 sale of contemporary Soviet art made US $3million and was a watershed in the opening of Soviet art to the West. Artists who were once hanassed by the KGB now have to face the unfamiliar world of the Western marketplace. ... Filmed right on the spot , USSR Art captures the ... Read more
A throbbing animation to a Brazilian beat. ... Read more
... ... With Understanding Bliss Bill MacGillivray returns to the emotional terrain and sheer filmmaking passion of Life Classes, bring­ing forth a new story about the power art has to transform experience and sometimes rescue us. Elizabeth is an English professor from Toronto, a rather earnest ... Read more
A film which takes its substance from the lapse of time between Japan's military defeat and its industrial expansion. It attempts to makes sense of the underlying tensions associated with this expansion, as well as those which reside beneath the current relationship between Japan and the USA ... Read more
Five years ago, when Go Takamine made his first feature, Paradise View, the world was not quite ready for the "New Okinawan Cinema". Now Untama Giru leaves us no choice but to lie back and take an interest. ... This ia a gloriously indolent fantasy, an Okinawan folk-myth set in 1969, just before ... Read more
A spirited and witty spoof, re-staging the hysteria of the American suspense thriller in terms of its formal and narrative cliches . (FF) ... Read more
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