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Balloon (Ken Lidster, 1991)
In a dark void of abstract shapes, a young girl and lier red balloon meet a sinister figure Delectably animated combination of stop-motion models and drawings (AL) ... Read more

Beach Story (Lori Spring, 1991)
Two women — mother and daughter — sun-tannmg on a beautiful beach, on vacation together Seems idyllic, but what's wrong with this picture? Beach Story evokes through images, sounds and no… Read more

BIX (Pupi Avati, 1991)
Director's Note: "Bix (portrayed by Bryant Weeks, a young American actor 'discovered' in screen test No. 449 out of 450) is a homage to a mythical figure from my youth. ... I met Bix Beiderbecke by c… Read more

BLOOD IN THE FACE (Anne Bohlen, Kevin Rafferty, James Ridgeway, 1991)
In this shocking close-up of America's white-supremacist movement, the members of the American Nazi Party, the Klu Klux Klan, and the Aryan Nations are chillingly relaxed, even genial, as they speak … Read more

Bossanova Blues (Kieran J Walsh, 1991)
This film depicts the lifestyle of three Irish youths living m England It is a lifestyle com­mon to many young Insh people hvmg in Eng­land today The story was influenced by the cases of the … Read more

BREATHING UNDER WATER (Susan Murphy Dermody, 1991)
Why on earth has humankind set the stage for its own extinction? Why bring a child into a world threatened by the horror of nuclear war and massive environmental destruction? These are the answers so… Read more

BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY, A (Edward Yang, 1991)
"This film is so uncommonly good that Yang's other very impressive works pale beside it." - Chicago Reader ... Often spoken of in terms of ‘genius' and even ‘one of the greatest films ever made',… Read more

BROTHER'S KEEPER (Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

Bulgare (Fritz Feick, 1991)
Set to the haunting strains of Schuberf's "Quin­tette A Cordes En Ut Majeur", Feick's acclaimed him takes us on a startling cinematic odyssey through New York City at night as a young boy strays … Read more

Bulle (Sebastian Dellers, 1991)
The small town of Bulle provides a backdrop to this poignant postcard from contemporary Switzerland. The silent gaze of Turkish immi­grants in limbo, fires lit in protest at the Swiss nuclear ind… Read more

Capital P (Stephen Barnes, 1991)
A small boy wakes in the night needing to pee but is afraid to go to the bathroom... ... Read more

Cat's Cradle (Liz Hughes, 1991)
Dad, clad only m his underclothes, lies stiffen­ing on the Kitchen table Once dressed, he begins his last journey to join us, the mesmeRIzed audience, m the dark flicker of the cin­ema A glit… Read more

... ... During the McCarthy era, Dr Evelyn Hook­er took on the moral majority and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to prove, through a pioneer clinical study, homo­sexuality was nei… Read more

CLOSE TO EDEN (Nikita Mikhalkov, 1991)
There are few signs of modern society on the vast, rolling steppes of China's inner Mongolia. The uninterrupted greens and yellows of the gently slopmg hills meet the endlessly blue horizon. Here dir… Read more

CLOUD HEAVEN (Nikolai Dostal, 1991)
... ... There are no food queues in Cloud Heaven; no demonstrations against a tyrannical despot, nor even the slightest hint of a 'people-power' coup. The Russia of Cloud Heaven is far more mundane a… Read more

... ... Provocative, engaging and scrupulously researched, Color Adjustment: Blacks In Prime Time is a film that examines the relation­ship between prime-time television and Ameri­ca's racial… Read more

Coping With Cupid (Viv Albertine, 1991)
Three blondes from another planet land on earth to investigate the mysteries of romantic love. A colourful post-feminist comedy with pseudo - documentary leanings and great wigs. ... Read more

COWBOY AND MARIA IN TOWN (Les McLaren, Annie Stiven, 1991)
Cowboy is a reformed rascal - an urban bandit come clean. His self-styled rock 'n' roll act on street corners earns him just enough money to get by. With his Chuck Berry style and white suit he attra… Read more

Crash of the Titans (Richard Smith, 1991)
Africa is the continent that saw the birth of humanity. It has also been ruled in equal measure by an animal of gargantuan proportions. An animal that is now losing the battle to live in the very lan… Read more

DAMNED IN THE U.S.A. (Paul Yule, 1991)
... ... This ambitious British documentary takes an unusual and refined look at the most recent and controversial cases of censorship in the United States. A number of senators are seen on their crus… Read more

Dante's View (Richard Newton, 1991)
A short film built up around the sinister glare of the filmmaker looking into the camera. Coarse and abrupt, it is effective in its capacity to sustain a peculiar confrontation with the audience. (SC) Read more

Dead Roads (Heinz Boeck, 1991)
The landscape was never indifferent. The barbed-wire fence has snagged the skyline. The bath water is tepid. And every night when you lie down you fall flat. ... Read more

DEADLY CURRENTS (Simcha Jacobovici, 1991)
... ... The Intifada, Israel's occupied territories. This is a world of Israeli soldiers, Palestini­an child-warriors and CNN news crews, with politicians and rabble rousers on both sides. ... ... Read more

Deadly Deception: G.E., Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment (Debra Chasnoff, 1991)
General Electrical "Bring Good Things To Life " But does it really? Deadly Deception juxta­poses General Electric's rosy commercials with the true stones of those whose lives have been devastated… Read more

Dexter on Vacation (Arthur Elgort, 1991)
Dexter On Vacation records the last perfor­mance of legendary saxophonist Dexter Gor­don aboard the S S Normandy during the 1988 Floating Jazz Festival "When Dexter stood in my studio and pla… Read more

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